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5 Tips for Creating a Bedroom Oasis

Your bedroom is your sanctuary… It’s where you come to unwind, relax and enjoy the quiet moments of life. In the following presentation, with just 5 tips, we’ll help you make your bedroom the oasis you deserve to have.

The Dilemma

Tip# 1: De-Clutter Computers, cell phones, gym equipment, televisions, knickknacks, all of these things can prevent you from a restful night’s sleep. Get rid of the clutter in your room to create a peaceful, relaxing space. A de-cluttered room can also reduce dust and other allergens that may affect your wellbeing.

Tip 2#: Color Combination Color coordinate your walls, bedding and furniture to fit your personality and the mood of your bedroom. Choose deep colors like violet and maroon for a cozy warm feel. Choose colors like green, white and lavender to make a room feel open and airy.

Tip# 3: Lighting

Bedroom lighting is not only vital for ambience, but to maintain a proper sleep rhythm. Instead of using lights that flood a room with illumination, use a combination of table and floor lamps with dimmer switches to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Tip #4: Day to Night Transition Make sure your bedroom can transition from day to night. Invest in high quality curtains and draperies that block light when you need to sleep and be pulled back when you need natural light.

Tip #5: Accessorize

Instead of keeping distractions in your room, add small accessories like plants, candles and pictures that’ll help you unwind. Keep these items simple and elegant to create a comfortable and inviting environment.

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Marc Pridmore, CEO & Executive Designer

5 Tips for Creating a Bedroom Oasis | Your bedroom is where you come to relax and recharge. It’s your priva...

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