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M. Teli delegate to Indian Spine Course 2012

On August 26 to 28, 2012 the Instructional Course in Spine 2012 took place in Srinagar, Kashmir, India under the auspices of the Indian Association of Spine Surgeons and Eurospine. 180 delegates were present, most accompained by their families, from all over India. 20% were neurological and 80% orthopaedic spine surgeons. The president Prof Rajasekaran and Secretary Dr Zaveri selected a faculty of both experienced and emerging spine surgeons and invited three members of Europsine to join them. Due to the lenght of the journey and difficulties in obtaining a conference visa for India (unexpectedly, based on previous experiences) only one member of Eurospine could attend: future Eurospine delegates to India are advised to ask for a tourist rather than a conference visa as the latter goes through a time consuming process by local the Ministry of Education. The journey was organised by Mrs Reichert Schild in perfect details and was subsidised by Eurospine. Local transfers and hotel accomodation were perfectly organised and subsidised by the Association of Spine Surgeons of India. The course run smoothly over the 3 days with fantastic interaction by the delegates, case presentations and highest level lectures on reconstructive cervical spine surgery with particular enphasys on trauma, tumor, deformity and stenosis. Degenerative diseases as well as inflammatory conditions were not forgotten. India has now a population exceeding 1.2 billion and a medical doctor to population rate among the lowest in the world. Nevertheless, most top spine surgeons working in the country and present at the Course showed a level of knowledge and skills second to none, due to the enormous exposure to cases and widespread fellowship programs in USA and UK. For the above reasons, India has the chance to become the leading country in spinal surgery soon and Eurospine has an established relationship with

Indian Association of Spine Surgeons that should be kept and reinforced in the future. Dr Teli had the privilege of giving 3 lectures on the above topics and to coordinate one session of case discussion. The social program included visits to the once Royal gardens and fortresses around Srinagar as well as an unforgettable ride on the world famous Dal lake boats. Evenings were spent over drinks, local music and spicy freshly cooked food in great locations around Srinagar. A report from the President Prof Rajasejkaran will follow this one. Our most sincere appreciation goes to Mrs Reichert Shild for her impeccable organisational support, to the President and Secretaries of the Course and to the delegates and people of Kashmir for their hearth-taking welcome and help throughout the event. Yours, Marco Teli


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