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Date of Birth: November 8th, 1986 Place of Birth: Trelew, Argentina Nationality: Chilean

Kayaking is no doubt one of the most important things that ever happened in my life. It is the way I met many of my best friends and it is also the source of many of my accomplishments. Kayaking is definitely my biggest passion. It is something I will never give up doing just because of the importance it has in my life and because I just simply love it. The joy I feel every single second I am in my boat, sharing good times with friends, floating down the river is something I will never give up or forget.


I started whitewater kayaking at the age of 17 years old on theFutaleufu River in southern Chile. Most of my career as a paddler I spent it in this river working as a full time raft guide, safety kayak and video boater. During all the time I spent in the Futaleufu I always heard good stuff about Canada so at 22 years old I decided to follow up with my career and keep chasing my dream of becoming a better kayaker. In 2009 I decided to move to Canada for college and to explore some of the Canadian whitewater, surf some of the biggest waves and become one of the best wave riders in the world.

I feel my kayaking has improved very rapidly within the past two years in all disciplines, not always being able to kayak as much as I would love to but even that. I put twice as much effort everytime I am in the water. I think I have the skills and the strength to keep getting better and better and that when you set a goal in your mind and you are positive about it, there is nothing that can stop you ! so my goal right now is to keep pushing my kayaking, the sport I love, my passion to the next level.

As an all arround kayaker my game plan from now on is to travel arround the glove looking for more whitewater. I want mainly be travelling to places where I will be able to compete in the most famous and demanding events and as I travel push the sport in all directions, Creeking (Harder and steeper creeks) Freestyle (surf the worlds biggest and most perfect waves aswell as hole riding), Downriver, Extreme racing and slalom. I want to complete some expeditions and share my passion with the rest of the World .



Whitewater extreme racing and racing in general has definitively grown on my kayaking in the past two to three years. In 2012 I was able to compete in around 10 races around the Glove: Canada, USA, Europe and Chile. This last one back home was no doubt the highlight of last year. Getting me a spot to compete in The second edition of “ The Whitewater Grand Prix “ . Then what is got me really fired up for the future years are the results I’ve been getting in this 2013 season. I already earned myself a spot for the 2014 Whitewater Grand Prix back in Canada throught the Ottawa XL which is something is got me really focus for the 2014 season.

I’ve come to realize that competition is a part of kayaking that is very healthy for my career as a paddler. Whitewater Kayaking events always come along with lots of exposure (Photo, video, interviews etc.) and its even better if you are a top athlete getting top rankings that is as a number one factor, now the second good thing about competition is that as you move towards your next race you can get a lot of paddling done along the way.

whitewater world series

results I have accomplished in the past years by year and country



- 5th place downriver race out of 70 competitors– Futaleufu River Festival. - 3rd place Freestyle kayak – Futaleufu River Festival.


- 2nd place downriver race out 69 competitors - Futaleufu River Festival. - 2nd place Freestyle kayak – Futaleufu River Festival.


- 5th Place, Palguin race, Pucon, Chile.


- 2nd place LLancahue Bajo extreme race. - 1st place Trancura race Pucon. - 12th place Whitewater Grand Prix.


- 2nd Place Down river race- Futaleufu River Festival “Futafest”, Chile. - 4th Place C1 Canoe Single - Trancura river, “ Binational of Slalom Chile “, Pucón, Chile. -1st Place C1 teams - Trancura river, “ Binational of Slalom Chile “, Pucón, Chile.



- 15th Panamerican of Freestyle on the Ottawa River.


- 22nd place on the 2011th Level Six Capital Cup – Feature : Champlain wave. - Safety and Video boater for the 1st Edition of the Whitewater Grand Prix – Canada. - 2nd Place - Downriver race - Rouge Challenge held by Kayak pour la vie, Quebec.


- 2nd Place - Rouge Challenge - Quebec, Canada. - Hell or High Water IV - Ontario, Canada.


-16th Place downriver race ( Judges lost my time ) - Hell or High Water - Petawawa river, Canada. - 6th place overall - Ottawa XL - Down river racing and Big wave freestyle, 2014 Whitewater Grand Prix, Qualifier, Ottawa River, Canada, Earn myself a spot for the Grand Prix. - 1st place - Neilson Creek Race - Teams of 2, Neilson River, St Raymond, Quebec, Canada. - 5th Place - Cheakamus Race - Cheakamus river, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. - 2nd Place - Callaghan Creek Race - Callaghan Creek, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.


- 70th Place Adidas Sickline.


- 10th north Fork Championships, Idaho - USA - 14th Raquette Race - Whitewater King of New York - 6th Place Beaver Race - Eagle Section - Whitewater King of New York.


- 5th Place on the lower five rapids - The North Fork Championships - North Fork of The Payette river, Idaho, USA. - 25th Elite Division - The North Fork Championships - North Fork of The Payette river, Idaho, USA. - 4th Place Raquette race - Whitewater King of New York - Raquette River, New York, USA. - 3rd Place Eagle Race - Whitewater King of New York - Eagle section of The Beaver River, New York, USA.



exposure -Facebook Athlete Page

- Unsponsored Posts that go from 1000 to 8000 views

- Vimeo account

- With videos that go from 1000 to 5000 views

- Futaleufu River – Video guide – Kayak session - Demshitz the movie – Demshitz - Whitewater Grand Prix tv show - Tribe Athlete ( Tribe Alliance ) - OPS Athlete (Ottawa Paddle Shack ) - H2o paddles Team Member - Whitewater - Best of the week – Kayak session - Barely Legal the movie by Airborne Athletics - Whitewater Grand Prix 2012, Chile

info E-mail: Phone: 613-264-7488 Blogspot: Vimeo: http: //

Thank you for your time and for considering my Application, have a nice day . Cheers

Marcos Gallegos Neira (2013 Paddler Profile)  

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