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INTRODUCTION “Ecko is the Reflection of the Rhino in You” Since its inception in1993, Ecko Unlimited has been influencing street fashion, Giving rise to the hip-hop culture, graffiti art and subculture trends associated with urban wear. Its rhinoceros logo has since been a recognizable label in street fashion and the rhino empire has since continued to grow from its humble beginnings of six t-shirts, spray cans and graffiti art. This is your introduction to their new sports brand, Ecko Extreme – Same Rhino, Same Flair, Same Quality…

Table of Contents

1.0 Brand Research 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5

Abstract Brand Objective Target Market Creative Brief SWOT Analysis

2.0 Creative Concepts 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5

Toolbox Mood Boards Logo Development Print Ads Web

3.0 Style Guide 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6

Logo Design Color Textures Typography Imagery Application

4.0 Design Solutions 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 4.7 4.8

Social Media Print Media Television Website Product Placement Direct Mail Conclusion References


BRAND RESEARCH 1.1 Abstract 1.2 Brand Objective 1.3 Target Market 1.4 Creative Brief 1.5 SWOT Analysis

1.1 Brand Research

Brand Research

“A look at whats new with Ecko Unlimited”

In researching various brands and companies within the apparel sector, Ecko Unlimited stood out from the rest within the urban, hip-hop fashion industry. From six t-shirts and spray cans to the great empire it has become now, this company is sure to spell success in such a competitive industry. However, to stay on top of trends, Ecko unlimited is willing to make some changes to their brand while remaining genuine to the brand’s loyal customers. The founder feels that the company should still target young audiences, but wants to offer its forward thinking consumers and sports enthusiasts a line that they can wear while making a statement. The brand will target diverse audiences within various age groups and sports enthusiasts who want to wear the brand and feel a sense of individuality and toughness while still feeling comfortable. Many, including famous celebrities, who in turn will capture worldwide audiences, will wear the new sports line as well. The infamous Rhino will continue to stomp of the grounds of the fashion industry,but with its new sports line called Ecko Extreme. There will be a change in color scheme for the line representing a rugged look that in turn will be pleasing to the eye. The company will introduce its brand using various forms of media, giving accessibility to the brand to diverse audiences worldwide, while also raising the awareness of rhino extinction.

1.1 Brand Research


Brand Research

1.2 Brand Research

Objective The objective is to add a sports line to the urban hip-hop brand specifically targeting diverse markets using various forms of media to meet the needs of forward-thinking consumers. These changes will reflect the company’s position, remaining consistent with the company’s values that have been established in the past and staying true to their graphic identity that has allowed the company to become and infamous label. Ecko will be able to keep its loyal customers satisfied while gaining the business of new and diverse target markets that will find the brand suitable for their needs. The brand will continue to be a recognizable brand and continue to stay on top of the apparel industry and separate their brand from the rest with their newly added sports line.

The Ecko Extreme brand will target diverse audiences in various age groups who want to wear the brand and feel a sense of individuality while still feeling comfort. The casual sports line will be worn by many including famous celebrities, which will in turn capture audiences. The brand will target various markets including sports and fitness and compete with other urban wear competitors in an industry where trends change frequently. Ecko Extreme will gain popularity with young men and women, older adults and fitness and sports enthusiasts with distinct needs.

1.3 Brand Research

Target Market

Creative Brief

1.4 Brand Research

Positioning: Ecko Extreme, a sports line under Ecko Unlimited meets the needs of audiences worldwide. Ecko is one of the only urban hip-hop apparel brands introducing a sports line to the target market. With this said it, Ecko Extreme will focus on become a strong winning brand and succeed in a competitive industry.

Key Tenets Extreme


Campaign Project Objectives:


The campaign objective is to focus on their promise to meet the needs of audiences worldwide providing a look that is comfortable, sporty, and casual. Targeting diverse markets worldwide, especially fitness enthusiasts, Ecko Extreme will be the brand to trust to give you individuality and allow you to make a statement. Ecko will allow you to feel the strength while wearing your “Tuff Skin”

“Wear Your Tuff Skin”


1.4 Brand Research

Creative Brief S.W.O.T. Analysis

1.5 Brand Research



• Pioneer brand in the urban hip-hop apparel

• Needs to catch up with competitors

• Gained success from humble roots

• Lack of evolution with culture and trends

• Flexibility in affordable prices and diversity

• Competition is intense in the fitness

in brands

apparel sector

• Only hip-hop apparel company to own a sports line

Opportunities • Gaining and keeping loyal customers by demonstrating its uniqueness • Evolving into fashion sector • Providing cutting edge designs in sports wear • Flexible and affordable prices • Targeting audiences worldwide

Threats • Competition will evolve and continue to target audiences similar to Ecko Extreme • Regain and keep profits to become a leader in the fashion apparel sector • Gaining trust from fashion enthusiasts who are followers of the competition

1.5 Brand Research

Ecko is the Reflection of the Rhino in You‌


CREATIVE CONCEPTS 2.1 Toolbox 2.2 Mood Boards 2.3 Logo Development 2.4 Print Ads 2.5 Web

Toolbox 2.1 Creative Concepts

This toolbox is a compilation of creative elements considered and used for the final creative actions, materials and inception for this campaign. Various type, images and logo styles were used in the completion of this rebranding process for Ecko’s new clothing line Ecko Extreme.




Wear your tuff skin...

The mood boards used to represent material used for Ecko Extreme will enable the client to get an idea of what the brand is about and give the audience the “look and feel� of the company. Various photography, color palettes, typography, patterns, and textures give the overall feel of this campaign. The mood boards all represent individuality in an extreme form, conservative form and more subtle form. Nevertheless, they all played an important role in the design for the brand.

2.2 Creative Concepts


2.3 Creative Concepts

Logo Development The original Ecko logo uses a pictorial mark with a standing rhino with the word mark Ecko Unlimited. However, I wanted to “keep the genuiness” of the brand and did not want to change it drastically. Therefore, the final logo still uses the infamous rhino pictorial mark, but in motion to depict the action in sports. The word mark now changes to Ecko X, to represent Ecko Extreme. The “X” consists of two arrows, which intersect into each other also showing motion. The bar over the typeface represents weights that are used in weight lifting and fitness. The design’s color attracts the attention of the viewer because it represents coolness, security, confidence and individuality.

Rough Draft logos for the new Ecko Extreme sports line.

Final logo and tageline

2.3 Creative Concepts

Final 5 Draft choices

2.4 Creative Concepts

Print Ads Ecko Extreme print ads are geared to promote the toughness and individuality of the brand and the statement it will make when you wear it. The goal is to target and convince audiences worldwide that the clothing line comes from a successful brand and that they can expect the same quality, affordability and service. The ads are meant to draw the attention of the reader and to entice the viewer to want to purchase based on what they see.

Rough Sketches for Ecko Extreme print cover and magazine spread.

Ecko Your Own Flava This tagline will draw in the reader because each individual has a unique style that they will like to express in their own individual way.

2.4 Creative Concepts

Rough sketch for Ecko Extreme sports magazine ad.

2.5 Creative Concepts

Web Application Ecko Extreme’s web will focus on simplicity and image display that focuses on the sports line and the target audience. The navigation on the web will also be simple and user friendly. The brand colors and logo will be incorporated throughout the site and video and music links will be accessible to consumers. Customer service will be priority and accessibility to areas within the site will be kept simple and user friendly.

Rough sketches of Ecko Extreme sports website application.

Web Interface wireframe

Web Interface menu bar web application a look at logo placement, the menu, drop menu and color scheme.

2.5 Creative Concepts

web application prototype menu, color scheme, links, copy and image area.


STYLE GUIDE 3.1 Logo Design 3.2 Color 3.3 Textures 3.4 Typography 3.5 Imagery 3.6 Application

3.1Style Guide


3.1Style Guide

Ecko has built upon their brand and they have established a well recognizable logo, it is always good for business to make small changes here and there in order to stay with the trends and sometimes redesigning might take place, however, the Ecko Extreme logo plays a very critical role in the marketing of the brand and will keep the infamous rhino logo. The color was changed and a signature was added to distinguish the “look and feel� of the line of clothing.

LogoDesign Surrounding Space

3.1Style Guide

Space around the logo should always be taken into consideration and should be applied and maintained at all times. The clear space is displayed by using the “X” as a marker to illustrate the space where no other type or graphic images or elements should appear.

Specifications Ecko Extreme depicts a pictorial mark on their brand and a sequence of cognition, which is the rhino that has become a recognizable image. “The image itself may allude to the name of the company or its mission, or it may be symbolic of a brand attribute” (Wheeler, 2013). It also includes a word mark with distinctive font characteristics. This is very important to the company in order to carry on tradition while differentiating itself from the rest using their infamous rhino pictorial mark. This is what makes Ecko stand out from the rest. Everythingis visual and must be pleasing to the eye and recognizable to the brain.

3.1Style Guide

Color Palette Color

3.2 Style Guide

“Color is used to evoke emotion and express personality� – Alina Wheeler Color is a very important element in the subject matter of a logo. A logo cannot represent a brand without color. Color and consistency are key elements in representing a cohesive look and feel for Ecko Extreme. The colors chosen to represent Ecko Extreme for their sports line symbolize confidence, security and individuality. Black represents the conservative side of the brand while it goes well with any other color. Blue represents strength, importance and confidence, while gray represents the security and the stability and the feeling of a balanced existence in life. White represents the coolness and simplicity of the brand. Overall, the colors representing Ecko Extreme convey the toughness in you.

3.2 Style Guide

Textures Textures

3.3 Style Guide

Elements of art, such as textures are used to give a two-dimensional feel to the work of art. Textures for Ecko Extreme are being used to complement the designs used for the brand, but not overpowering the design. The textures representing Ecko Extreme are being used to complement the brand while allowing the viewer to feel the uniqueness of the brand and what the brand is about.

3.3 Style Guide

The rugged textures such as the brick wall, graffiti art, the chain link fence, the crumbled paper, the stucco wall and he cracked wall are representations of the urban, hip-hop look, allowing the viewer to feel the two-dimensional effect of the brand and the ruggedness and the toughness it represents.

Typographic Usage Typography “Typography has one plain duty before it and that is to convey information in writing with style” (Arfa, 2010).

3.4 Style Guide

Ecko Extreme’s corporate typeface is one that identifies and represents the brand’s identity clearly. Typography is one of the elements of success in any form of communication and therefore a very important element in Ecko’s brand to convey the correct information to the viewer. Typefaces from the Avant Garde font family are being utilized for a more subtle look, while other fonts such as Imagine, EL & Font, Magic Marker, Paint Cans, Sear Font or Electrical could possibly be incorporated as well.

3.4 Style Guide

AvantGarde -Book Bold / AvantGarde Gothic LT ExtraLight/ Avant Garde Font Family


3.5 Style Guide

The images chosen to represent Ecko Extreme should compel the viewer to want to read the content. The images will engage the customer while establishing the reputation of the company and its brand. Images used for Ecko Extreme will evoke emotion about the brand and establish and promote a connection between the reader, the viewer, the target audience, and Ecko.

3.5 Style Guide

Application Application

3.6 Style Guide

The following are examples of merchandise displaying the brand mark. Target audiences or consumers will be capable of wearing their “Tuff Skin� and sporting accessories.

3.6 Style Guide

Apllication Outdoor Advertisement Advertising on billboard’s vehicles and bustops

3.6 Style Guide

to promote the new Ecko X (Extreme) sports line.

Indoor Advertisement Advertising through televison and monitor’s and campaign display’s with Ecko X

3.6 Style Guide

advertisement, marketing and promotions.


DESIGN SOLUTIONS 4.1 Social Media 4.2 Print Media 4.3 Television 4.4 Website 4.5 Product Placement 4.6 Direct Mail 4.7 Conclusion 4.8 References

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Eckox project book 10 3 1  

Project book 10.3.1 update still in progress pending 4.0, references and final changes.