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“But we, little fishes, after the example of our ΙΧΘΥΣ Jesus Christ, are born in water…”- Tertullian(On Baptism)


Who Is Cause Fish- Depends on who is asking To Our Community…

To Our Clients…

We aim to introduce efficiencies to assist “short-term missions” to be an effective tool in fulfilling God’s purposes.

We are an online community with the ideal of making the world a better place. We provide exploration with substance. Volunteerism with a soul. A Journey in faith. A purposeful travel.

We serve to… Build the Kingdom of God by enabling field missionaries to more effectively attract resources Communicate with their stakeholders Execute their mission. 2

What Do We Do For You- We help‌ ‌match your needs with the best available resources 1. Put the missionary on the ground in the driver's seat of ministry in his country by allowing them to post projects they want and the personnel they need. 2.

Make the system more efficient by increasing exposure which will allow partnering interested groups/personnel with the project they are passionate about.

All while using technology to drive efficiency 3

•I KNOW I want to do a mission •Needs to narrow down my choices” •Looking for specifics •“I know what I am looking for” 4


Match Making- Get People Who Want What You Have Passion and Focus = Better Missions If people want to visit a specific location


Give them what they are looking for: • Cost • Similar Age Group • Duration • Interests


Matching skills and desire with requirements and need

Web 2.0 Integration- Leverage Existing Tools Easily Engage to your customers in a way they understand

Hassle-free registration using, so your members can log-in to your Cause Fish-powered community using their Facebook account credentials. Profile pics, status updates & more are "pulled" in safely and securely from Facebook, making it easy for new and existing users to sign up and stay logged your your community. You into can post status update in Cause Fish to Twitter, retrieve your Twitter timeline on your profile page and if the number is not embarrassing, you can show how many followers that you have.

Build Interest In Your Center By Getting People Talking. A group made up of members who share the same interests, they will surely make an engaging bunch.

BY Blogs are a good way to keep new visitors coming back to your site for more! And in Cause Fish, your members can have their very own blogs, post entries directly from their profile pages.


Forums- Community communication Build Dialog, Offer Assistance, Answer Questions

Honest Feedback- Have an idea, share it.

Enable more people to find the information without asking- What shots do I get? Do I need a Visa? Grow Body of KnowledgeWhat is it really like? Where is the best place to eat? How do BY I get cell phone coverage? Leverage and interact with the community 7

Event Management- Your Event Your Way Powerful built-in Event Management that helps you keep track of your events

A meeting at Starbucks won't go well with 40 people coming along. And a backyard party with 2 friends won't be a lot of fun. Easily expect or limit how many people Not all events are created equally. We give you an absolute control on your event. Is it private or open to all? Allow guests to invite their friends? How many seats are there? It is all up to you. Just enter the address and Google will automatically find the map and display it. Need a hardcopy? Print your events beautifully with the built-in 'Print event' feature. You will never get Venue lost. changed? Again? Don't worry, with our built-in email notification, you can keep all the participants up to date with all the changes. Plus, they can give suggestions through the event's wall. Invite a few or a whole bunch of your friends. They in turn will respond with RSVP system. Now you will always know how many pizzas to order.

Set an event anywhere in the world and it'll display in the Google maps. Manage your members, set an invite number limit or even send out invitations so that they can RSVP to your event. 8

Cause Fish Presentation to Envision Leadership  

Who is and What can they do to help short term missions