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HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTION Information organization and easy access is crucial for learning. What started as a bookmarking problem could potentially affect education and talent discovery.

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What were we born to do? We believe we found a marker on how to discover this: bookmarks. Based on Stanford’s human computer interaction class, we found out a need and set up an experiment to test our hypothesis.

We studied user’s bookmarking behavior, and discovered that: There has to be a better way

We discovered that people had many ways of saving favorite links- emails, notepads, even a separate desktop application- except, no one used the existent feature on a browser. This was our opportunity.

STORYBOARDS Imagine a situation in which you will find yourself... → Learn empathy from the end user.


TALENT: A SEARCH PROBLEM We believe that everyone was born with a talent. However, most people never discover it in their lifetime. The only difference between the 'successful and highly educated' and those who are not, is the lack and misplacement of opportunities. There is a gap in the nature of work. We want to fill it. Like ‘You are what you eat’, our theory is ‘you are what you read’ to find what you love. Spun from the Stanford HCI project, it was time to put our theory to test in the real world

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Data Mining and ArtiďŹ cial Intelligence Using algorithms based on user and community input, a score is determined to predict your interests, passions, and eventually your talents.

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This compilation comes from my human computer interaction, interface/user experience design.