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A SUSTAINABLE CURE FOR TUBERCULOSIS The World Health Organization (WHO) declared tuberculosis as a global emergency. One third of the global population is infected, increasing at a rate of one per second on a global scale. The disease is curable, but treatment non-adherence is the major problem. A Stanford Biodesign project, our goal was to design an implantable device to sustainably deliver drugs over 6 months.

Proposed System

TB drugs

Microscopy images of drug + polymer microparticles

Degraded polymer

ROLE Drug & Prototype Engineer

TB drugs and Polymer Matrix

1. Drug delivery system implanted into patient

2. Polymer Matrix degrades and drug is released

3. Drug depot released and polymer degraded

Featured on Mercury News

Patent Drawings



ROLE CAD Modeler

A DEVICE TO DETECT SHOCK CONDITION Each year in the US, 13 million people are at risk of developing multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, a result of shock condition. This costs $15 billion a year to treat. It is the largest cause of death in intensive care units and there is no effective way of knowing its onset. Our goal was to use patented technology to improve the accuracy and precision of shock detection.

Based on patented EZ-IO bone drilling technology

Probe Design


Software & Hardware Design

Experimental Set Up

HOW IT WORKS • Fiber optics probe detects biological molecules • Signal gets amplified • Information displayed in user interface

Conclusions • High accuracy detection of shock condition • High precision provided by immobilized probe • Minimally invasive and real time monitoring

NANOTUBE DESIGNED DNA BIOCHIPS DNA sequencing speed has accelerated and its cost lowered dramatically in recent years. DNA code translates to proteins, which form traits. The study of proteins (proteonomics), is essential to identify function and expression. Our goal was to use nanotubes to create a nanogap in biochip fabrication to serve as a shadow mask in photolitography.

ROLE LabView Interface & Hardware Designer

Software Design with Labview

Hardware Design & Data Adquisition

Digital Portfolio Engineering  
Digital Portfolio Engineering  

This is a collection of my part work in research, engineering, product design, and human-computer interaction.