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NOTEPAPER December/2/2011 Edited by Marcos.

Marcos Cojab,Cecy Abadi,Jack Emuna & Leon Jasqui


The City of Glass: If you havent read this book, dont waste any mre time and read it, it is never to late!!!

Are you ready for some amazing discoveries, mistirious and exating articles???

the finding of Peter Stillman If you are one of those courios readers,read more on the next page. LIFESTYLE

"Feral Children" Read


Living in the big apple isn’t essay if you pretend to be someone your not: Check out this mysterious and interesting life style story about a writer who pretends to be a detective in this amazing setting of new york. [READ MORE ON PAGE 4]


introduction as to what are feral children, How are they affected by this severe isolation? What can be done to help them? [READ MORE ON PAGE 3]

Business/Finance. Quinn may not be a very good businessman, but he gives a very clear example of those how live by writing, which motivates their soul and sustains them from essential needs. [READ MORE ON PAGE 5] [1]

the finding of Peter Stillman BY JACK EMUNA.

Everything started with a phone call that Daniel Quinn received in the middle of


December #1.

the night, the caller ask to speak with the detective Paul Auseter, but Quinn realized that it was a wrong number and hang down the phone.The next day they called, Quinn insisted of hanging down, Quinn

Thing may not be ass they seem .

insisted to the caller that he had mistaken , but the caller still insisted to talk to Paul Auster. Finally, Quinn agrees to meet his caller assuming the identity of Paul Auster. After talking with the caller, Quinn agrees to help Peter Stillman (son), because his father (Peter Stillman father) affected his sons life by putting him away of the society, isolating him to check if his

lman (father) Quinn had a track on Peter Stil no interest and discovers that this man has

theory of language was right. Peter

theory by on killing his son; Quinn gets to this

Stillman (son) thinks his father is by being

never get verifying that Peter Stillman did

released from an asylum for criminals, he

got close to contact on his son an did never

will try to kill him, that’s why Quinn

that there his sons apartment, this means This will help was no interest of killing his son.

undertakes to protect Peter Stillman (son). First Quinn decides to create psychoanalysis of Peter Stillman (father)

this man, Quinn to control the track on

possible course of action, he started

he is located making it easier to know where and protect and if it is necessary to intervene

reading a book that Peter Stillman (father)

Interest of his client Peter Stillman (son)

wrote, by doing this, Quinn as Paul Auster,

killing his son.

to understand his behavior and the

could understand him better. Also Peter Stillman (son) wife Miss.Stillman told Quinn that his father is arriving on the train station at 6:45, Quinn decides to go to the station to check the entrance and exits. [2]

Feature Article


Feral children are also called “WILD CHILDREN�. These types of human beings are dose young children how live isolated from all kind of civilization, and they never have interact with any human being in their life, so this affects the way they live. This is a life style make feral children lack human behavior, experience of human care, love, s o c i a l b e h a v i o r, a n d h u m a n language. This children are not magically born in the wild, this children in most of the cases, are victims of parent abuse or running away, and as a result they are abandoned in the wild, in a street, in a park or even their have been cases were they have been left in the garbage. Also in some cases feral children are adopted or taken by a animal, and this animal takes care of the feral children as if he was his children.

The legend of Romulus & Remus This legend is based on the two founders of Rome. These two kids were raised by a wolf. So this is a case that shows that feral children have exist since ancient times.

A FERAL CHILDREN may be raised by animals.


These cases are taken very seriously because it is very difficult to change the way a person thinks and lives. For example if someone has live his whole life thinking he is a dog and suddenly you come and tell him he is not, he will feel strange and different and he will think that you are the one being wrong. One of the best solution therapists have developed are some special therapies that consist in adapting the feral child back to society. These therapies consist in making the feral children interact with humans and make them feel that they are part of society, and not different.

Interesting Case: Oxana Malaya was an Ukrainian girl how lived and acted like a dog because of she lived her child life interacting with dog. She even barked and behaved as a dog. All this was caused by the lack of love and care from his alcoholic parents.


Living in   New  York  its  not  always  as  good  as  it   In   City   of   glass   everyone   is   different   and   looks   like   …   Daniel   Quinn   a   man   who   lives   everyone   have   different   ways   of   seeing   life,   alone   since  his  son  and  wife  died,  he   become  a   lifestyles  are  total  opposites  and  no  one   really   different   man;   since   he   got   that   call  from   a   know   how   he   really   is.   Our   idea   of   stranger   to   solve   a   mysterious   case   his   living   in   new   york   is  just   party   all   Can you life  turn  into  a  completely  different  life   night   and   living   free,  as  we  went   imaging being a style.   City   of   glass   will   help   us   know   throw  this  book  we   can  see     that   how   a   detective   can   be   in   his   worst   wrotter pretending it  transmits  us  this   is   other   side   humor,   when   he   has   to   complete   a   to be a detective? of   New   York.   In   this   amazing   ¿?¿ case   in   the   beautiful  city  of   New   York.   story,   that   shares   with   us   an   This   detective   has   a   many   personalities   amazing   setting,   we   can   learn   a   which  if  you  compare  with  New   york   you  can   mysterious  lifestyle  or  a  NY  writer  that   Cind   it   interesting   because,   this   magical   city   soddenly   turns   into   a   detective   and   tries   to   also  has  many  different  identities. solve  a  very  interesting   case   struggling  throw   the  streets  that  this  great  city  offers. NEW YORK CITY










Business/Finance. BY LEON  JASQUI Quinn  the  famous  and  successful   mystery  novels  maker Quinn   is  a   thirty   five  old  year   men   that   lives   in   New   York   City   that   makes   fabulous   mystery   novels   using   his   wri;ng   iden;ty   name   William  Wilson,   he   don’t  only   write   them   he   produce  them   so   he  wins   much  money   to   live  during  a  whole   year   only   for   one   novel.   He   can   make  a  novel  in  no  more  than  five   to   six   months,   He   is   also   is   lassy   because   the   rest   of   the   year   he   spends  res;ng  and  spending  all  the   money   Instead   of   make   more   novels   to   con;nue   earning   more   money  and  become  richer. Where   is   the   ambiEous   old   Quinn   that  wrote  plays,  criEcal  essays  and   a  number  of  long  translaEons?

He decide   that   that   part   of   his   live   has  gone  and  with  that,   also   has   taken   thousands   of   dollars   because   if   he   con;nues   wri;ng   novels,  he  now  could    gain   much   more   money   and   that’s   why   he   use   the   name   of   William   Wilson   in   his   mystery   novels   to   make   them   even   more   mysterious.   Quinn  also  gains   much  money  of   his   royal;es   and   anyone   knows   he   was   William   Wilson   because   his   agent   never   meets   him   and   all  the  money  issue  was  with  him   but   via   email.   In   other   words,   Quinn   could   be   more   ambi;ous   but   his   lifestyle   he   has   in   New   York   City   doesn’t   allowed   him.   He   doesn’t   even   want   much   money  because    his  money   gives   him  a  great  lifestyle  res;ng  six  or   seven  months  a  year  and  with  no   much  luxury  and   with   one   novel   a   year   he   could   get   what   he   want.


Business -MANQuinn may not be a very good businessman, but he gives a very clear example of those how live by writing, which motivates their soul and sustains them from essential needs. But it is very important to remark than also if you are a one of a kind writer grate success and money can come to you. Nothing is impossible and you always have to work on what you like and let motivation come to you even in those hard times as Quinn passes throw the novel.




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