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Innovate: Consoldate Level 5 Marco Persichillo



WATER BRIEF Can you imagine life without safe, clean water? For nearly 748 million people worldwide this is a day to day reality. –Wateraid

Research Ideas Expirmention Presentation Workshop

One of the greatest global challenges we face is the supply and accessibility of fresh clean water and the depletion of natural fresh water reserves. Without clean safe water for drinking, cooking and cleaning, people are exposed to the risk of water related disease. The time it takes to collect water, combined with the negative health impacts of using dirty water, effectively prevent many peoples’ ability to work or get a basic education. How can we prevent this global crisis from spiralling further and look after our planet’s precious resources in a sustainable and responsible way?





The average shower lasts eight minutes, much longer than previous studies suggested- using almost as much water and energy as the average bath. An eight minute shower uses 62 litres of hot water, compared with an average bath’s 80 litres (Kinver, 2011). With the worlds ever growing population, and major concerns regarding sustainability as a whole, the planets natural resources and more specically ‘Water’, can not be taken for granted any longer. It maybe that water is so readily avaiable to us who live in the UK that it is easy to forget the reality that water is actually a limited resourse and must be preservered when ever possible. All life as we know it would not exist with out it.

We decided to target young adults living in the UK who have likely just left home and learning how to be responsible for themselves. It is at this stage in their lives where they are still very much open to change but also mindful of real world problems. If a possible solution is presented to them that is fun and engaging there is a good chance they would give it a go. The obvious choice of user would therefore be University students who are commonly regarded as being scint, and would do well to consider any way possible to save money. By encouraging these young adults to take shorter showers they are not only saving money but more importantly reducing the amount of unnecessary water waste.




WaterAid WaterAid is an international organisation whose mission is to transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalised people by improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. WaterAid has teams in 37 countries across the world, working with our partners to transform millions of lives every year by improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. Everything we do is about getting safe water, sanitation and hygiene to everyone everywhere by 2030. We deliver services and make change happen.

Every minute, every day, people suffer and lives are lost needlessly because of a lack of safe water and sanitation.






I believe that change comes from persuasion, in our case it needed to come from ether something funny and engaging, viral, or a more personal approah like an app that could potentially give you guidance on how to save water or encourage you to change your life style. However after some deeper research we found this approach to be dry and rather boring.

Snapchat’s discover app was particularly interesting as a idea, it allows you to quickly tap in and view brief short news clips or information graphics on the latest real world problems. This was really cool because its a medium that constantly moving and is a great viral platform to spread user friendly information on how you can make your difference or donate to water aid perhaps. .





We then decided to dive deeper into the world of viral marketing / campaigns, we already knew about the ALS ice bucket challenge as this we considered to be our main inspiration however more specifically snap chats campaign ‘one last selfie’ was great because it shows the power of social media in design, over its life time it generated ÂŁ2 million for WWF.

It all started by us investigating into a range of areas that we thought could help raise awareness and allow the user to make a difference to the global water crisis. Firstly we looked into how viral campaigns could pave the way for massive change. The impact of social media, with the examples of the ice bucket challenge, harlem shake both being youtube sensations, in the case of the ALS ice bucket challenge it raised millions world wide for a greater cause. This was very interesting to us and a area well worth pushing.

We set out to to make a difference, therefore we decided that social media is our answer to mass change.



April Showers April showers one of our first ideas, which later stuck around to be the final idea, however we didn’t simply land upon that one idea with simple ease. Our initial ideas revealed around some form of social, viral media to spread awareness as well as empower people to make a difference. One idea was to have a pop up shop/tent that would allow people to shower outdoors at university across the country, this later evolved into a more broader version that would feature everyone, everywhere. The idea of having something psychical that people could easily use was key ! But we needed a way to keep it simple, having a whole massive set up tent simply wasn’t not viable.





Pack R&D With the idea of a pop up shop or event not really being an option, we decided to go back and think about the user. How can we make something that empowers somebody but requires very little but also allows them to join in with April Shower wherever you are. This lead us to the ‘resource pack’ something the user can purchase from water aid after donating, that comes with everything you need for the shower challenge, a timer, shower cap and a soap bar. This then allowed us to generate multiple ideas and sketches on how exactly we want to pack to look and function, we always wanted to keep sustainably in mind when it came down to the packaging.



Coming to the conclusion that we wanted to use funky shower bags as the container for the items we set out on designing a few comical ideas for the shower caps, this would only add to the crude aspect of our whole idea of getting people outdoors to shower in the rain, its early something your going to everyday so why not make it even more silly where possible. We just want it to be something you share and do with your friend for a laugh whist also making a difference. After so difficult divisions on the viability of the designed hats we brought and tested some shower hats, sort of like the ones grannies use, honestly quite possibly one of the most stupid things I’ve seen when Perry and Tristan put them on and got outdoors to help us test. We also brought some mini hour glass timers to test out, size wise they fitted into the pack nicely. The soap bars were difficult to get around as everyone seemed to have a logo on which obviously wasn’t optimal also finding a real environmentally friendly soap bar was too much of a challenge for the test so it resulted in us using walks basic soap.


Before we prepped for the viral video shoot where we get Perry and Tristan to shower outdoors we needed to make sure we were 100% happy with the resource packs. This meant we went through about 4-5 different designs before coming to our final two designs, one being the tag line, ‘when I’m naked the shower gets turned on’ the other being ‘I don’t sing in the shower, I perform’.






The decision to keep the phrases comical came from our test, using other tag lines like Done. 60 seconds, yes it gets across the point but you don’t need this anyway as people buying the pack know full well what they are buying into as its a viral online video, but also having phrases ‘like every drop counts’ are simply boring and corporate, that was simply a no.






Location Location Location

Now with the packs being compete it was time do some location planning, me and Steve we torn between 3 different angles on the front court yard, the blue background was nice as it would have fitted with watered however in the shot it didn’t look like it was actually outdoors, this assumption lead us to do it with some greenery in the backdrop, trees and grass were the keep at this point. We were also testing the timer being in shot for the video, as a nice touch that would mean you could see how much time was left of the 60 second challenge.





Its shooting time, before we started the shoot we asked a bunch of people to stand around and engage with the April Showers challenge, whist Tristan and Perry got changed into swimming gear, it was up to me and Steve to get the set prepped we waited for a rainy day however it wasn’t quiet raining enough so Steve used the back garden hose on the very corner of the shoot so that he was not in frame. Once I had lined up the shot, it was time ! After all it only took them 30 seconds to actually wash let alone one whole minute but all in all the shoot worked great. Next we had to put all the footage we had into aftereffects and make our promotional piece for Creative Conscience.

Lights, camera , action





Over the next week we spent all of our time in After Effects, slowly putting all of the videos together. Primarily I did all the after effects editing, where as Steve was more of the content creator. Each drawing in the video was created by using his iPad Pro, we also recorded the voice over ourselves, featuring Steve as the voice. It was then upto me to edit all these pieces in aftereffects, I decided to take to lead in aftereffects as between the two of us I knew more about the software, through the process I would feedback to Steve and we would slowly tweak it together.




The final cut came

around quickly as the deadline for Creative Conscience closed in. After getting feedback from multiple tutors, we spent the final two days re-recording audio, over the life of the video, Steve recorded the script 3 times which obviously meant reediting 3 times, which was painful but worth it.







Architecture Collaboration The workshop collaboration required us to create a interoperation of a place or thing, but in a abstract way, we could not use realism to portray this place. I worked in a team of 5 over two days we had to make this piece. We decided to go with ‘hyper market’ after idea generating, we stumbled across the idea of using a maze to reflect the busy crowded nature of a hyper market, somewhere that is easy to get lost in and somewhat over whelming. In the end our final piece reflected all these ideas, however it has deeper meaning too, the bombardment of colours reflects the branding and marketing overload you find in massive shopping centres or hyper markets, as well as the piece being very long and only in one direction, this reflected the idea behind once you enter the hyper market you cannot simply leave you have to follow the advertising journey.





Reflection. The project

The Wateraid #Aprilshowers project has been I feel my best yet, the process was good, for this project we actually got little more experimental with our ideas and actually engaged into a audience, got to grips with our user and pushed the boundaries potentially out of our comfort zones. The finished submission to Creative Conscience was near perfect, i think the only critical mention I can give it was the end drawing, it could be replaced with a real image or a moving time lapse straight from watered themselves as this would put across the image nicer. I’m happy with how 2nd year has ended, bring on 3rd year.

What I’ve learned

I think throughout the last two months this unit has lead me on a journey that has helped me improve three main aspects, teamwork : its pushed me further into understanding how a team will work, also how ideas can bounce from one to another. Two : Time management has been more important than ever, constantly setting myself personal goals throughout has helped massively generally I now feel more on top of my work. Three : Perseverance, you have to persevere sometimes, not giving up is curial to my work now, especially when working with Steve the constant never giving up, nudging each other on to greater success has been so important, as very little personal motivation when working alone can hold me back.

Strenghts & Weaknesses

A major strength during this project has been constant critical reflection between me and mr Steve, always bouncing thoughts of each other only makes our work stronger if I don’t like something we will have to try and sell the idea to me if that doesn’t work we try another method, its the same from my view. Sometimes we both agree sometimes we don’t but thats part of being in a team you sometimes have to compromise or slowly work together to agree. A personal weakness of mine is not always knowing how to phrase a discussion, not always being the most outspoken can had me some disadvantages, however to over come these being in a smaller team or duo helps me greatly as this is when I have the ability to have an equal say, this is yet another reason as to why the past two projects working in a duo have been my best units of work at university.

‘You will never have a partnership where everything just works instantly perseverance is required’. Level 5

Level 5 has been overall a fan static year, I’ve enjoyed it far more that 1st year, the teaching has been more engaging, my personal ways of working have improved by being in the studio generally everyday 10-4 which really helps you improve you design ways. This year more than anything I’ve learned that working in a duo really works for me, I’m not sure if its possible in 3rd, as if its not I fear this will be my greatest weakness working alone however I’m sure I can further improve in that area for level 6.


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