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Brand Guidelines

Marco Ordaz

Introduction Bio: Christian Yerich displays his creativity by producing his own music.This creativity is shown under his alias of KLAXX a very edgy name that matches his style of music very well. His music consist of many different kinds of Electronic Dance Music. His styles in EDM can range from Electro House to Dubstep and even throwing in his own produced Trap music. Apart from producing music he also focuses on re-editing various songs under the same genre from other popular musicians/producers.

The Guidelines shown in this booklet are to show how KLAXX should be shown to the world. With every tour or album the guidlines may vary and will include their own guideline booklet.

Please contact Marco D. Ordaz if you have any questions regarding the guidelines. Contact Information: Phone Number: (949)514-1201 Email:

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Brand Promise Brand Promise: The Klaxx brand will match the creativity of the music that it will represent. Always staying modern and making sure to appeal to the audience Klaxx is reaching out to.

Usage Our Klaxx logo was selected to be used because it gave and edgy appearance with lots of attitude. The angled strokes that make the two “X”s at the end cross over the “A” and keep the logo very balanced.Patterns are also very easy to combine with the logo itself.

Our second Klaxx logo or small logo is used to have a symbol without using the name of Klaxx. With this the Klaxx name can be put into smaller areas. Using this emblem gives another spin on the patterns that we are able to use.

Variations & Elements Logo Variations The Standard logo is to be used as much as possible. There are certain situations where color may change.


The Standard logo is the most used logo it must go on a white background. This is not visible on a dark background.


Black Background

The Gradient logo is used when the logo is not the main focus on the design. This is more of a background pattern that must be on a gradient background so it is not distracting but still leaves the presence of KLAXX.

If we encounter a dark or black background this is the variation of the logo that must be used. We flip the black to whit and take the white stroke off of the middle section of the “L” and “A”. This variation can not be used on a white or light background.

Variations & Elements Logo/emblem Variations The Klaxx emblem or small logo has many variations to be used in multiple areas. Standard

The Standard emblem is to be used on a white back ground and only in medium or large areas. ( will not look good in small areas)


Single colored

The Standard/Gradient emblem is to be used on a white or gradient background. Should only be used in medium or large areas.

The single colored logos are to be used in small areas. The red and black colors may be used on white backgrounds. The white colored may not be used on a white background

Color Requirements: These are the only colors to be used. Color Palette

C: M: Y: K:

65% 57% 57% 35%

C: M: Y: K:

R: 79 G: 79 B: 79 C: M: Y: K:

0% 100% 100% 0% R: 237 G: 28 B: 36

75% 68% 67% 90%

R: 0 G: 0 B: 0

C: M: Y: K:

0% 0% 0% 0%

R: 255 G: 255 B: 255

Restrictions The colors of the logo may not be changed. Only the colors shown in the logo variations may be used.

Size Requirements: All parts of logo are made to be based off the slanted lines. This is the factor in the size and scale of the logo.

Restrictions The size and scale are strictly not to be touched. Any distortion of logo will effect the over all elegancy of the logo.

Backgrounds Strict backgrounds are to be used unless the background is put by another party. (artist lists for event etc.) Backgrounds that are to be used are as follows.





Klaxx guidelines  

Corporate Identity IVC 2014

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