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Intro One of the great things I have found about working at Weidmüller is that there always seems to be a wealth of new and innovative solutions being introduced. In this issue, our Electronics section features the benefits of our new TERMSERIES 1 and 2 changeover contact relays and solid-state relays. In addition, we have a powerful new line of PRO-H power supplies, with ATEX and Class I Div. 2 approvals and applications designed for use in hazardous areas and the high performance sector. We also describe how our new PRO-M DC/DC Converter has been introduced specifically for industries such as shipbuilding, wind energy, process and automation. Our dedicated portfolio of systemised marking solutions comprises markers, printers and software. Our wide range of labelling markers all comply with the basic requirements as stipulated in IEC 60204-1:2005 for operating your facility safely and correctly. Now our amazing MetalliCard Metal markers and co-ordinated customised labelling system enable you to print on aluminium or stainless steel tags, as well as our standard MultiCard plastic markers. We also take a look at the choice of different industrial printing systems, along with our M-Print® PRO software which enables you to design, print and order your marking materials quickly and efficiently. Our Device Connectivity section focuses on our OMNIMATE Power touch-proof BUL10.16 pitch female header, providing touch proof protection for the contact blade, an important factor when considering high-power connectors. We also review our OMNIMATE Signal universal device feed-through connector and our OMNIMATE Signal PUSH IN wire connection for wires up to 1.5mm2. Let’s connect. Lesley Young Editor


7 Printers




PRO-H Power Supplies



PRO-M DC/DC Converter


Software (M-Print® PRO)



9 - 10 OMNIMATE Signal

5 Markers


6 MetalliCard



ELECTRONICS TERMSERIES – The All-rounder 1 and 2 Changeover contact Relays and Solid-state Relays In a broad variety of industrial sectors, selecting the correct interfacing relay is one of many frustrations, along with limited space on the mounting rail when there is a necessity for a smaller electrical cabinet layout. In the machine building industry, for example, there is a need to condition a variety of signals of different voltages in production lines: signals are transferred between the machine and handling system. These signals can be in the form of an output from the control cabinet to the handling system, to start or stop a conveyor belt, for example, or they can be in the form of an input from the handling system to alert the control system of an error. This can result in a wide range of control voltages being present, requiring a large number of interface units. With the development of our TERMSERIES relay and solidstate relays, we have used these practical requirements as our highest benchmark. Depending on the application, you can choose the product with the fixed-voltage input or with the multi-voltage input, which is a unique feature of this thin 6mm terminal block format. Our practical design is reflected in the high-quality design, without any sharp edges and a large number of variants with screw and tension-clamp connections.

Unique multi-voltage input Whether retro-fitting machines or in plant construction: with the multi-voltage input from 24 V to 230 V UC, the input signals are always optimally matched to your automation application. Always the best overview A distinct status display is available through an LED that completely illuminates the ejector, so that even in installation conditions where visibility is an issue, visible indication is assured. Clear marking The unique legibility of all labelling is assured in different mounting positions and this, together with different voltage variant colour identification, reduces the danger of an incorrect connection. Custom-fit cross-connection These cross-connectors are especially impressive because of their ease of use, good visibility and universal inter-connectivity – also across partition plates. Even the screw and tensionclamp variants can be cross-connected to each other. Any desired combination Variants with single or dual CO contacts have the same form and can be cross-connected with each other. Well-designed handling of cross-connections Cross-connectors can be easily cut to length with premarked indentations between each pole. The addition of a tab improves handling, eliminating the need to grasp the contacts.


ELECTRONICS PRO-H Switch-mode power supplies for the process industry and high end automation systems It is especially important within the process industry to ensure the continuous operation of the plant. Any downtime in production can result in high costs and complicated maintenance procedures. This means that great care should be taken when selecting an appropriate power supply. Although modern switch-mode power supplies such as our PRO-M range can offer excellent reliability and configuration options, the demands from the process industry can exceed even the specification of these power supplies. The powerful new line of PRO-H power supplies, with ATEX and Class I Div. 2 approvals is designed for use in hazardous area applications and the high performance sector. High power reserves, a wide operating temperature and high MTBF values (Meantime between Failures) are all features which confirm its credentials. Solutions are available to fit control voltages from 12 V/24 V to 48 V. A two-channel setup with 100% active load sharing can also be implemented with an optional redundancy module - this serves to increase your operational reliability. Parallel connection option The power supplies can be connected in parallel in order to increase the power capacity. A redundant system with 100% load sharing can be set up using the optional redundancy module (active load sharing). ATEX approval PRO-H switch mode power supplies have ATEX and Class I Div. 2 approvals – so they can be used in hazardous areas throughout the world. Robust PRO-H has an MTBF of up to 1.8 million hours and is reliable in a wide temperature range of -25°C to +70°C. Signalling The device status can be read either by a potential free relay contact or a transistor output. Remote on/off The remote ON/OFF function provides a selective switch on/ switch off of 24 V-supplied machinery equipment. This option increases energy efficiency in idle mode.

PRO-M DC/DC Converter PRO-M DC/DC Converter is ideal for shipbuilding, wind energy, process and automation industry sectors In a broad variety of sectors there is a requirement to provide electrical isolation or to provide compensation for voltage fluctuations. Floating-earth systems are used in shipbuilding and are slightly different to normal wiring schemes in that the neutral is floating; it's not connected down to the hull of the boat. This is to prevent the hull being eaten away by corrosive action. In floating-earth systems, such as emergency battery back-up systems used in the ship building industry, it is important that the control voltage is isolated from the battery voltage to provide a stable 24V DC supply to the onboard control equipment. Our new PRO-M series DC/DC converter has Class III protection, which means that there is no requirement for, and no possibility of, connecting an earth. This means that the housing is isolated from both the input and output, making it ideal for use in the applications above. The DC/DC converter has been approved to Environmental Category C, EMC 1, which means it is also approved for installation in bridge applications. The benefits include an above-average performance specification, high resistance to shock and vibration, a narrow design, an operating efficiency of over 91% and a status signal provided for remote monitoring. These features make the PRO-M series DC/ DC converter a well-rounded solution for use with 24 VDC supply voltage. Monitoring capability The integrated alarm outputs allow you to monitor the status of the 24V output voltage, for example, by a PLC or DCS system. Adjustable output To allow for long cable runs, the output is adjustable from 22.5 to 29.5V. Securely attached The metal snap-on foot ensures that the converter is highly resistant to vibration and shock. Space saving The DC/DC converter uses less space in the electrical cabinet because it can be mounted side-to-side within a width of only 60mm. Rugged The DC/DC converter operates reliably across a wide temperature range from -25°C to +70°C. Worldwide use The converter is suitable for a wide range of uses throughout the world because of its international approvals, CE, cULus, cURus, GL and TUV certification.



Systemised marking For optimised processes Through continuous development we have produced a unique and complete labelling solution consisting of software, markers and printers – so we can now offer the right marking solution for each of our products and for those of other manufacturers. Our harmonised product line is a systemised approach to labelling that provides you with a solution for all identification needs in and around the electrical cabinet.

Markers A wide range of different markers for many applications The labelling and markers within an industrial facility must be professional and standardised: this is a basic requirement for operating the facility safely and correctly and in line with IEC 60204-1:2005. Weidmüller offers systemised marking which provides you with a custom-tailored line of products that can optimise your work flow. MultiCards: • Terminal markers; A wide product line with variants for all Weidmüller connectors and for products from other manufacturers. Simplified servicing and speedy troubleshooting. • Wire markers; Always the right fit: open or closed, available in many colours, with halogen-free materials. Wires are arranged in a neat, professional manner. • Cable markers; Many different sizes and colours available. Also available in variants which can be fastened using cable ties. Secure fit when working with large outer diameters. • Device markers; Markers with adhesive, snap-on, screw-on or rivet mounts – including accessories (holders or tag rails). Permanent labelling for devices and facilities.

Shrink sleeves and labels: • TwinMark shrink sleeves; Heat shrink markers for labelling and insulation of wires; can be printed on both sides. Perfect when space is limited. • Textile labels; Device markers made from flexible cotton cloth: suitable for straight, angled and many other surface profiles. A thick layer of glue provides excellent adhesion. • Polyester labels; Equipment labelling, ratings plates or wire markers: in various colours, packaged in rolls or in A4 sheets. The perfect material for the best printing quality. • SPS labels; Non-adhesive labels packaged in rolls or A4 sheets: for customised labelling of SPS controllers. For Siemens SIMATIC 200S, S7-300, S7-400.



MetalliCard Metal markers - A highly resistant and co-ordinated labelling system Up until recently, ovens or similar equipment were required for labelling metal markers. With our new MetalliCard, we are now able to offer an innovative customised labelling system that allows you to print on aluminium or stainless steel tags, as well as our standard MultiCard plastic markers. This is an extremely versatile solution for labelling in the electrical cabinet, with just one printer, one software program and one type of ink. You no longer need to hire an external agency for expensive and timeconsuming engraving or punch-outs. This complete system is very customisable – our M-Print® PRO software can be used to create your custom marker layouts. In addition, you can save an enormous amount of time with the smooth data transfer from your CAE system. Benefits: • One system for everything; MultiCards and MetalliCards in one application.

Features: • Update kit; Our update kit for the PrintJet PRO allows you to print on MetalliCards with the same ink as usual.

• Customised design; Colour printing on metal tags.

• Pre-treatment; The MetalliCard tags are ready to use in just a few minutes after a brief pre-treatment with primer and thermal fusing.

• Optimised use of resources and up-to-date; as needed with direct use.


• Universal inlay; The universal inlay is designed to accept eight different tag types and is particularly suitable for printing small batch jobs.


Printers A variety of industrial printing systems to fit your requirements We can supply you with the right printer depending on your needs: compact, onsite or with colour printing. Ink application method: • PrintJet PRO; Our PrintJet PRO is a remarkable solution. It features razor-sharp quality, excellent wipe and scratch resistance, is impervious to external influences and delivers a unique colour print - which makes it the benchmark printer for industrial labelling. Perfect for large quantities, it uses an integrated loader which can hold up to 20 MultiCards and up to 4,000 markers and does not require attendance for operation.

Thermal transfer printing: • THM TwinMark; Delivers double-sided 300 DPI print for shrink sleeves: printed with identical or non-repeated data. Two independent printing heads offer better versatility.

• THM Plus S; Flexible thermal transfer printing in 300 DPI quality on a variety of labelling materials. An additional cutting and perforation option for application-compatible cut.

MCP Plus; An A3 plotter for 5 MultiCards or for sheets of labels. Has a safe storage station for plotter pens. Ideal for printing small-scale labelling jobs, partial labels, or remaining quantities.

• MCP Basic; Our compact plotter for 3 MultiCards or sheets of labels. Portable with trolley. Perfect for flexible on-site labelling jobs.

• THM Plus; Produces brilliant 300 DPI printing for labels and shrink sleeves. Safely protected by the metal case. With display and multiple interfaces.

• THM Basic 300; A compact label printer featuring high quality 300 DPI print and multiple interfaces. Perfect for office installations.



Software Creating projects, designing and ordering using M-Print® PRO software You can design, print and order your marking material quickly and efficiently using Weidmüller’s M-Print® PRO software. This flexible software lets you add and edit texts, frames, lines, graphics, bar codes and photos. You can generate standardised labelling for all your applications using only one software solution for all printing systems. Features: • Multi-level terminals; Data sets for labelling multi-level terminals can be sorted according to your needs on all or selected markers only.

• Double-sided print; Double-sided shrink sleeve printing is simplified by being able to view both sides. Both sides can also be synchronised.

Ordering option; MultiCard markers with customerspecific print can easily be ordered using the e-mail address specified in the software - with customised font, size and orientation.

Data interchange; Using the CAE interfaces, data can be imported directly from multiple formats (including EPLAN Electric P8, ZUKEN E³ or CADdy) - which lightens your workload.

• Resistor colour code; The colour-code settings for backgrounds and numbers can be changed and managed with flexible colouring.

• Templates; No risk of overwriting projects as different marker types can be saved as template files for later reuse or modification.

• Circular printing; An attractive and space-saving solution: round markers and labels with circular printing. There is an option for rotating in 45° steps.

• Automatic marking; Consecutive numbering of number and text series. Creating and editing of predefined sequences. A quicker and more efficient workflow.



OMNIMATE Power Touch-proof female header for Power Electronics

OMNIMATE Signal Universal device feed-through connector

Touch-proof protection for the contact blade is an important factor when considering high-power connectors. However, such protection is currently quite difficult to design into standard products because of the physical size of the plug contacts. Weidmüller meets this challenge with the new BUL10.16 female header in 10.16mm pitch. The inverted plug ensures reliable touch protection for the unplugged, live side. This makes the BUL10.16 a perfect-fit solution for board-to-wire connection in high-power electronics. You can also establish board-to-board connections when combined with the SU10.16HP standard male header.

Device feed-through connectors are often used as a wire-towire connection to create pluggable connections through housing walls between devices in an IP20 zone. Weidmüller offers an extremely versatile, yet simple, solution for such applications. Our lockable device feed-through connector is not dependent on the pole count of the connector and can be quickly installed without any tools. You can choose between three standard wire-connection systems to suit a wide range of applications.

The BUL10.16HP completes the OMNIMATE Power family for 16mm² cables. Together with the SUZ 10.16HP it is now possible to realise a board-to-wire (B2W) connection. Benefits: • Cannot be wrongly inserted; Only mating halves with the same pin counts fit together: The connector mating face profiles make it impossible to join connectors with different pin counts together. •

Mating errors are not possible; With inserted coding pips, the male plug can only be connected with its corresponding female header. This reduces installation time and avoids potentially hazardous miss-mating.

• High performance; Three solder pins per pole provide the necessary mechanical strength while ensuring optimum current carrying capacity. •

PCB coding; Gives improved reliability while assembling the circuit board: An integrated coding pin serves as an assembly guide so that the plug cannot be accidentally turned 180°.

Benefits: • Versatile usage options; With three available wire connection systems, these feed-through connectors can be adapted to meet regional requirements in different applications globally. •

Reduced installation costs; The use of expanding rivets for the fixation enables a fast and tool-less fastening of the connectors in the cutout of the device. Additional thread-drilling and screwing is not necessary.

Easy to handle; The Weidmüller through-panel solution does not need an additional frame to fix the connectors in the cut out of a device. This simplifies the preparation of the panel and the mounting of the connectors. As no addition frame is needed, the Weidmüller solution is independent from the pole size of the connector.

Securely attached; An expandable rivet (of the type often used in the automotive industry) is used to ensure that the feed-through connector can be firmly attached to walls of a range from 0.5 to 2mm.

• Customer-orientated solutions; The expanding rivet can be ordered as a separate accessory or pre-attached to the connector.

• Operator safety; Even unmated, the contacts of the BUL10.16 cannot be touched, ensuring appropriate protection during service work. • Continuous operating temperature of 130°C; Allows a higher current at higher operating temperatures.

Combinations WIRE-TO-WIRE








Packing Density 2.0; Smaller devices with increased technical capabilities are being designed for more applications. They take advantage of more contacts packed onto a small surface and a large wire crosssection capacity.

100 %

20 s 16 s 16 s

75 %

18 %

80 %

time saving compared to screw connections 10 s 10 s 7s



50 %

flexible with ferrule

When designing customised device connectivity products for modern applications, it is becoming increasingly important to find the ideal balance between device miniaturisation and increased device functionality. Our new double-row OMNIMATE B2CF Signal connector in 3.5mm pitch has this perfect fit and allows a new generation of more compact designs. This connector is easy to work with, despite the increased functionality being packed into a compact space. The PUSH IN direct-insert wire connection mechanism allows you to conveniently connect the signal wires. Other useful features include: the tool-free locking and unlocking, the touch-safe male header, and the outstanding clarity provided by easy-to-read markers that identify each terminal point.

Direct insertion PUSH IN: the quick, tool-free, intuitive connection mechanism for prepared wires.


OMNIMATE Signal PUSH IN wire connection for wires up to 1.5mm2

Screw terminals

Spring terminals

50 %

time saving compared to tension-clamp connections 3,5 s 3,5 s


Halogen-free and IEC 60335 Halogen-free materials ensure future compatibility and extended approvals enhance the range of use for new device designs.

• Clear frontal marking; Clarity is enhanced with clearly legible markers at each terminal point and unique labelling of the installation position. •

Convincing safety during use; Assured safety during use; with attractive features such as quick wire connections, tool-free locking and unlocking, and touchsafe design.

• Solid PUSH IN contacts; A safe, permanent connection is ensured by the optimised spring steel and specially shaped contact element. •

Large wire cross-sections; You can easily connect wires with cross-sections up to 1.5mm² (when using wire-end ferrules) and up to 1.0mm² (when using ferrules and plastic collars).


Comprehensive system accessories Our matching accessories – including markers, light guides, strain relief and coding – improve operational safety and enable a professional design.

OUT & ABOUT Infrarail 2012, 1-3 May at the NEC, Birmingham Weidmüller industrial connectivity solutions help increase railway revenues Weidmüller staff were on hand at Infrarail 2012 to show and discuss the solutions on offer for the electrical connection, transmission and conditioning of power, signal and data for rail infrastructure and trackside applications, signalling and rolling stock. Our connectors, terminals, enclosures, industrial ethernet, PCB components, overvoltage protection, relays and tools were all on display, including RockStar® HighPower Series and Klippon TB MH Enclosures.

September Exhibitions 2012 Instrumentation and Offshore Systems 5th 6th September 2012 - Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre. The event focuses on services specific to the offshore industry, as well as featuring companies representing processing, power generation, water and waste and marine engineering. We look forward to seeing you on Stand 202. PPMA 25th - 27th September 2012 - NEC, Birmingham. As the UK’s leading processing and packaging machinery exhibition, PPMA features companies providing machinery and equipment for all industry areas. Come and visit us on Stand G67. Let's connect.

Save yourself time - Order online 7 days a week, 365 days a year Online ordering is faster than phoning and more reliable than using a fax machine. No dialling or waiting - and no paper! Our E-shop is simple, secure and convenient and available to all of our Trading Account Customers. Simple: Our online process is straightforward, so you can: • Log in using a customer specific user name and secure password. • Create a Shopping Basket to check price and availability. • Search for and place orders into the shopping basket, using our online catalogue, manual selection and entry, CSV file upload or a standard order template for consistently ordered parts - which can be set up and saved in E-Shop. • Checkout with your purchase order. • Confirm and submit your order which will be received into our system within ten minutes of saving. • Uses secure connection which includes user authentication, message encryption and privacy

Convenient: Our state-of-the-art technology means that you have immediate access to: • Transaction details and searches - including order or order template, complete or open status, date or time period, customer reference (order number), part number, and partial delivery status. • Product availability - the availability field in your shopping basket indicates the date each product is available. • Instant order confirmations. • Order history, status and shipment tracking. • Help screens - guidelines to take you through the process and provide you with contact details.

• If you would like a new E-Shop account, or have forgotten your Username/Password, please email with your contact details and we will do the rest.

Free Surge Protection Seminars We are continuing to run our popular surge protection seminars throughout the year The seminars comprise: a brief look at transient over voltages and their common causes, including high-level information on BS62305 zonal concepts and discussing the questions which you should be asking on every design, install and commission. The pertinent regulations to consider, including BS7671:2008 section 443 and BS7671:2008 amendment 1 section 534, BS61643 SPD testing and BS62305. An examination of different installation examples, including buildings with and without, lightning protection and the levels of surge protection required. To book your place, simply email today.

James Dixon still going strong in AirAsia Renault UK Clio Cup Weidmüller-sponsored James has high hopes for the second half of the season At Oulton Park 2nd - 3rd June, Dixon finished 7th and 6th; securing fourth place in the championship with eight races remaining. The competition continues in August, and James is hopeful of securing his first podium of the season at Snetterton, 11th - 12th August.

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