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APRIL 2012

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Esco News | April 2012

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Esco News | April 2012

CEO Letter Dear friends and colleagues: Many thought leaders are questioning the long term viability of the purely capitalist and shareholder value oriented model. Civil discontent seems to be growing in both developed and emerging economies. The owners of Esco also find ourselves reflecting on these themes. What is the larger purpose which business can serve in today’s world? Surely there is more to success than just chasing financial results? While profitability is a vital ingredient in any successful and sustainable business, as it enables companies to invest in creating tomorrow’s jobs and innovations, via what other metrics can business leaders measure the positive impact they have on stakeholders (not just shareholders)?

Lin Xiang Qian, CEO

Even before these topics came into focus, Esco has always been a socially responsible enterprise dedicated to creating shared value for our customers, employees and business partners. We are dedicated to serving the local communities in which we operate. Esco specialists have participated in drafting standards relating to laboratory safety in many emerging economies. Esco regularly conducts seminars to educate laboratory workers on the safe use of its products. A significant portion of the marketing budget is funnelled towards the production of educational materials which are non-commercial in nature. As a privately-owned enterprise with long-term thinking, Esco subscribes to the notion that business can play a vital role in making the world a better place. As always, Esco continues to invest aggressively in our manufacturing, sales & support infrastructure, and in improving existing and developing new products which create value for our customers. Enjoy reading about our latest achievements in this issue of our newsletter. Sincerely,

XQ Lin

Group CEO


Esco News | April 2012

The New Esco Technology Centre

After many years of careful & thorough planning, proper coordination, and a lot of hard work, the Esco Technology Centre is finally open and is in full operation. This new state-ofthe-art facility, still located in Bintan, was designed to be able to support Esco’s future growth in order to create more sustainable products. The new facility enables Esco to have everything under one roof. With an eye towards lean and green, many of today’s best practices have been implemented.

and commercial development engineers can work alongside each other to find new ways of creating sustainable product solutions with less impact on the environment. The semi-autonomous facility allows focused product development from concept to field deployment. It was established to enhance existing products and develop new instrumentation while maintaining state-of-the-art laboratory support for sales and field applications.

The ETC, which makes extensive use of both sunlight and energy-efficient electrical lighting, contains areas where Esco leaders, technology and marketing experts, design engineers,

Pictured: Esco's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility


Esco News | April 2012

Inside the Facility

Together with the shifting of all production functions and offices to ETC, new areas were incorporated such as the Fume Hood Test Lab, designed in accordance with European standard requirements. It is a temperature-controlled room with adjustable supply and exhaust airflow that can test up to 2 large fume hoods at once. ‘This new facility is the culmination of years of hard work by many Esco team members. ETC will provide us with a more conducive working environment in order to improve quality, reduce delivery lead times, develop new innovations, and better satisfy our customers’ said Group CEO, XQ Lin. Pictured: Fume Hood Test Lab

Pictured: Robotic sheet metal welding


Esco News | April 2012

Pictured: Powder-coating Conveyor System

New products Esco has been known worldwide primarily for its world-class biosafety cabinets along with other clean air and containment equipment such as fume hoods and laminar flow cabinets. However, for more than 5 years, Esco has been developing its line of temperature-controlled equipment. This began with the launch of Isotherm® Forced Convection Laboratory Oven and Incubator in 2009. This was followed by the CelCulture® CO2 Incubator in 2010, and the CelCulture® CO2 Incubator with Suppressed O2 feature and Lexicon® Ultralow Temperature Freezer (standard model), both in 2011.

Low Temperature Incubator This year, Esco’s line of temperature-controlled equipment is further expanding with the addition of new models as well as the launch of the new Isotherm® Low Temperature Incubator and the Voyager® Software. The Isotherm® Low Temperature Incubator, or IFC, provides optimum product protection with a temperature range of 0°C to 100°C, commonly used for applications such as BOD determinations of wastewater and sewage, plant cell growth, fermentation studies, among others. The IFC is designed with a forced convection system which allows rapid temperature response rates, improves uniformity, and reduces fluctuation.

Features: • Pre-heat chamber technology ensures that there is stable heating and maximum temperature uniformity in the chamber. There are no exposed heating elements located inside the chamber for maximum user safety. • The auto-defrost feature ensures superior temperature stability and protection of samples. • UV disinfection is made possible with the factory- installed UV lamp. Auto-running disinfection after startup and during testing process is adjustable to meet different requirements. • Easy to service with side access port for temperature validation & mapping, easily accessible electronic components, and diagnostic functions in the microprocessor controller. • Available in 110L and 240L models.


Esco News | April 2012

Voyager The Voyager Software is a PC-based software package which was developed for the remote-monitoring, datalogging, and programming or device configuration of temperature-controlled products from Esco for additional safeguarding of samples. The software allows automatic, continuous monitoring of device parameters, alerts user with alarms when equipment exceeds predefined parameter limits, and allows users to configure the equipment remotely. The Voyager is compatible with the following Esco products:

• CelCulture CO2 Incubator (CCL) • Isotherm Forced Convection Oven (OFA) • Isotherm Forced Convection Incubator (IFA) • Isotherm Low Temperature Incubator (IFC) • Lexicon Ultra-low Temperature Freezer with U-series controller (coming soon!)

Esco has also added new sizes to the Lexicon Freezers and Isotherm Ovens and Incubators: Lexicon® Ultra-low Temperature Freezer models, S-Series controller: • UUS-439A-1 – 439.7L • UUS-552A-1 – 552.8L • UUS-668A-1 – 668.8L • UUS-739A-1 – 793.6L

Isotherm® Forced Convection Oven and Incubator models: • 32L – IFA-32-8 / OFA-32-8 • 54L – IFA-54-8 / OFA-54-8 • 110L – IFA-110-8 / OFA-110-8 • 170L – IFA-170-8/ OFA-170-8 • 240L – IFA-240-8 / OFA-240-8


Esco News | April 2012

New Lowest Noise Bsc In The World

In 2011, Esco launched the NordicSafe® Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet, the quietest MSC in the industry then, with a noise level of 51 dBA. Now, Esco has developed a BSC that even surpasses this achievement, the custom-made Airstream® Max AC2-4L8. Due to the critical nature of the work performed by a leading cancer research institute in Sweden, they have requested for a special low noise biosafety cabinet with higher airflow yet energy efficient, which emits no more than 48 dBA noise level. This challenging requirement has never been met by any existing biosafety cabinet in the world, which typically has 56–62 dBA noise when measured at a distance twice as far, and with lower airflow. The Airstream® Max, AC2-4L8, was thus created by Esco for this customer, building 110 units specifically for this project. At 47.7 dBA, the AC2-4L8 was declared the winner, being the only cabinet able to achieve the required noise level of below 48.0 dBA, whereas the two competing cabinets emits around 56 dBA. This cabinet was then sent to the Health Protection Agency (HPA) in UK and certified to EN12469 standard for Microbiological Safety Cabinets. The Esco Airstream® Max cabinet is the lowest noise biosafety cabinet in the world at a high inflow of 0.50m/s and downflow of 0.40m/s. This translates to the safety and comfort of the user when performing high-risk, contamination-sensitive work inside this biosafety cabinet.

Product Updates • New 8-foot size BSC for Labculture Class II Type A2 and Type B2. • Full 5-year Warranty on Lexicon ULT Freezer, including compressor. • Labculture Class II Type A2, model LA2-8A2 is formally UL listed – click here to view UL listing • Esco Infinity 5ft is now TUV Certified - click here to view certificate


Esco News | April 2012

Esco’s Global Stocking Locations

If you live in the western part of the world and have an urgent need for lab equipment but couldn’t possibly wait 6 weeks for production lead time plus another 4-5 weeks delivery from Singapore, what would you do? With Esco’s stocking locations in the US and UK, you can get your equipment at a much shorter time! And, since the units are in stock, the entire process is cut down to 3-5 weeks instead of 10-12 weeks!

New Global offices Esco has lived up to its tagline “World Class. Worldwide.” by establishing 11 global offices in a span of 3 decades, and this year, 3 new global offices were opened during the first quarter: Esco Japan, Esco Philippines, and Esco South Africa. Esco Japan is located in Osaka which focuses on sales and service to specifically cater to the Japanese market. Operations have begun in early February. Esco Philippines has opened its office in Manila in the same month, providing assistance to local Esco distributors for projects or tenders and offering technical support when needed to both distributors and customers.


Esco News | April 2012

Fast track units are available as well, which will be shipped directly from Singapore headquarters. These are units that are already in production and will take only 2-3 weeks to be manufactured, still having a shorter lead time than usual. Contact Esco for more details on our stocks list and fast track units!

Esco South Africa was set up in Gauteng Province and has opened its office on 1st of March. It offers its services not only in South Africa but as well as nearby countries such as Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, among others.

Esco on the Scene Every year, Esco actively takes part in international exhibits and conferences while its distributors organize end-user seminars and trainings, both being informative and beneficial to its customers and business partners. In the last 3 months alone, 2 of the biggest annual shows were held in which Esco participated: Pittcon Conference & Expo and Arablab, The Expo.

The Pittcon Conference & Expo 2012, the world’s largest annual conference and exposition for laboratory science, was held in Orlando, Florida, last March 12-15 at the Orange County Convention Center. Visitors came mostly from the US and Canada as well as from other countries around the globe. A distributor appreciation dinner was held on the 2nd night of the event where Esco’s CEO, XQ Lin, discussed the company’s vision and plans and provided an update on Esco’s achievements and highlights in 2011 and 2012.

Also in the Middle East, Esco Bahrain put together two end-user seminars in Iran and Oman in partnership with our distributors, Iran Panam and Al Hashar Pharmacy Oman. At the NAVID’S Institute of Fertility in Tehran, Iran Panam conducted the IVF Cabinets and Certification Seminar. It was presented by Owais Yaqub, Esco Sales Technical Manager for MENA and South Asia. Approximately 25 IVF doctors and laboratory staff attended the event. NAVID’S is one of the best privately-owned IVF centers in Iran.

Shortly after, Esco was at the Arablab Expo in Dubai on March 26-29. Most of Esco’s distributors in the Middle East/North Africa region (MENA) visited the booth for business meetings and checked out new products, particularly the temperaturecontrolled line of equipment. Practical service training, products training, and distributors’ meeting were also conducted by Esco staff. The Biosafety & Laminar Flow Cabinet Technology Awareness was held at a hotel in Oman on March 13, presented by Owais Yaqub. The event gathered more than 130 attendees who were mostly from the private health sector and the government sector, particularly the Ministry of Health, where six LB2-4B1 cabinets are installed and running well. For upcoming exhibits, trainings, and other events, contact Esco or click on this link:


Esco News | April 2012

Meet Esco at the following events:

APRIL 17-20, Analytica 2012 New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany

APRIL 21-23, Expo Farma Interphex Mexico Mexico City, Mexico

APRIL 24-27, 7th A-PBA Biosafety Conference Bali, Indonesia

Yes...We are Open

APRIL 25-27, 11th BIOtech Japan 2012 Tokyo, Japan

MAY 8-10, mLab 2012 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

MAY 28-29, Interphex Asia Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore

MAY 29-31, FCE Pharma Sao Paolo, Brazil

JUNE 18-22, Achema Messe Frankfurt GmbH Exhibition Grounds, Germany

JUNE 26-28, P-Mec China Shanghai, China ________________________________________________________

Esco Technologies Pty Ltd Address: Unit 7, Stanford Businesspark, 817 16th Road, Randjiespark Office number: +27 11 314 3184 Email:

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When clean air solutions are important to you, depend on Esco Laboratory and Pharmaceutical equipment for proven safety and performance.


Esco News | April 2012

Esco News_April 2012  

Esco's 2nd Newsletter for 2012

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