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Unit 5

Growing up

Lesson A 2 Grammar be born; simple past (review); time expressions

Where were you born? I was born in Riobamba I wasn´t born in Ambato

Where were your grandparents born? They were born in Zaruma They weren´t born in Riobamba

How long did you live in Tamaute?

We lived there until I was thirteen. From 1990 to 1998. We didn´t leave until 1990. Then we came to Riobamba.

Did you live there for a long time? Yes, (I did). I lived there for two months No, (I didn´t). I didn´t live there long.

When did they come here? They came here about ten years ago. They came when Ana and luis were nine.

Did he move here last month? Yes, (he did). He moved in april. No, (he didn´t). She moved in 1990.

Lesson B 2 Grammar Determiners General All Most Some A few No But A lot of people


All (of) Most of Some of A few of None of A lot of

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