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news in brief GE’s Marine Solution for Emission Levels

Digital Measurement and Data Logging

GE has recently launched a series of diesel engines which meet the IMO tier III and EPA tier 4 standards. In order to comply with the latest emissions standards, marine operators can either reduce the NOx emission by means of after treatment of the exhaust gas coming out of the engine or address the NOx formation within the combustion chamber of the engine. GE’s diesel engine emissions reduction technology includes deployment of EGR, high pressure common rail fuel injection, increased peak cylinder pressure (enabled by a dual stage turbo) and an advanced miller cycle.

Hydraulic Data loggers are digitised electronic devices that record data over a period of time. They are generally quite small, battery powered and designed to be portable and easy to use, however, some can be a bit bigger and aren’t a stand-alone piece of equipment, but instead require some software to activate and allow them to be used. Hydrotechnik supply a high quality range of instruments and sensors. They allow you to acquire data that is helpful to find faults when performances drop or before catastrophic failure occurs. In The Netherlands, Hydrotechnik is represented by R&S Hydrauliek.

LGN-powered Icebreaker Delivered


Arctech Helsinki Shipyard delivered a newcomer in the Finnish Icebreaker fleet, icebreaker Polaris. The prototype vessel is designed to serve for at least 50 years in icebreaking, oil recovery and sea rescue operations. Innovative design is used for the vessel’s hull form and propulsion unit arrangement, and the vessel is able to use either liquefied natural gas or low sulphur diesel oil as fuel. The vessel complies with the international IMO Tier III emission standards and special requirement for Sulphur emissions in the Baltic Sea. It is equipped with three Azipod propulsion units rotating at 360°. The icebreaking capacity of Polaris is 1,8m at speed of 3,5 knots.

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