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Zasqr Mobile Marketing

“Promote, attract, build loyalty in a straight and efficient way�

Shopping Centers, February 2013

56% of internet users got access through smartphones (Spain, 2012)

Representing the 40% of the population 05/03/2013


Mobile Marketing: Facts • Internet users use smartphones more often every day • Smartphones makes interaction easy with shopping centers, products, brands, advertising, displays.. • Smartphones integrates online and offline in a unique and new paradigm

What is Zasqr?

• A mCommerce and mPromotion platform designed to generate traffic to point of sale and make the client be loyal through involving experiences • Reading a QR code or a barcode with Zasqr is possible to get discounts, take part in contests, share photos in a new and social way.

Zasqr turns any off-line element into a “call to action� experience

Creating new contact points with consumers and adding value to the consumer experience 05/03/2013


Scan the code!

To understand how Zasqr can help you, please follow our story by reading QR codes‌

How to engage? The story begins in the street (or in printed advertising) 05/03/2013


A QR code can drive traffic to the shopping center 05/03/2013


The game goes on in the shopping center Scan the code!

Unlike On-line contests, Zasqr gets traffic to shopping center and makes 05/03/2013 it social


Un sorteo para fidelizar, como si se tratara de Facebook‌. 05/03/2013


Scan the code!

Y esto… ¿Para qué me sirve?

…. Connecting consumers to brands

or perhaps a photo contest ..... 05/03/2013


Rewarding the loyalty of shopping center visitors 05/03/2013


Offering new formulas for sampling and promotions 05/03/2013


‌ informing the customer in a easy and different way 05/03/2013


Lead generation, promotion and retention in the mall with the same ease and cost of an online media .... …. Without the development of a microsite for each action …. In 5 minutes

…. In all languages ​needed



A new opportunity for shopping centers Generating traffic to the shopping center through offline activities (outdoor advertising, press advertising)

Taking the shopping experience to the next level by promoting, building loyalty, rewarding, adding value to consumers in a funny, social way in the shopping center.

Some functions •

Photo contest: reading a Qr code you will be able to share a photo and to see photos from other people that are participating.

Scratchcards: reading the code win a prize randomly and immediately.

Participation: review, participate, leave a message starting from the reading of a code.

Form: contests, surveys, sweepstakes ...

Coupons and discounts

Receiving information:, catalogs, brochures, offers, newsletter ...

Zasqr value - Fast and cheap: it’s no necessary to develop a landing page for each promotion, the use of barcodes avoid the packaging problems, stocks breakings …. - Dynamic: the Qr codes and barcodes can change its funcionality at the time, so it’s not necessary to replace them every time a new promotion starts. - Global: every user interacts with their own language.

- Lead generation: tracking information of every read, including the email address of users who read the code. - Easy for users: it’s not necessary to register every time you participate in a promotion. 05/03/2013


“white label” allowed Increase downloading of the APP of the shopping center



12.000 usuarios in Spain are using Zasqr

Prices for shopping centers Number of (different) active codes in a month from 1 to 5

Monthly fee

30,00€ / month


50,00€ / month


150,00€ / month



80,00€ / month

200,00€ / month

For further information and subscriptions

Zasqr for shopping centers  

How to engage, promote and drive traffic to shopping centers with Zasqr

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