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[looking through] MARIBOR

A photo project by MARCO BONACCOLTO

[looking through] MARIBOR Is a series of photographic documentation developed after a month stay in Maribor, to study and investigate about those common and functional architectural elements that characterize the human habitations: the windows. Structures that allow to open our eyes to two strongly contrasting reality: inner and outer, real and dream, public and private, surface and intimacy, interior and exterior. In the Maribor city center and in other cities around the world, the number of deserted, decaying, and disappearing houses is increasing, broken windows and display windows, and run-down facades can be seen streetside. The city is transformed by new cultural and economic exchanges, the buildings tell the story of urban identity and its inhabitants, and on their walls are shown their stories, their victories and their defeats, their declarations of love/hate to the city, incitement signs to the action or simple exercise of thought, elements that form a particular network of reflections on today world. These stratifications of stories become semi-permanent monuments, walking through the streets of the city is like looking along the corridors of a museum: we allow ourselves to be immersed in what we watch / listen / breathe / touch. Windows are like screens, devices that give us some information on the actual situation of the city. These “screens� usually are flat and rectangular surfaces, often enclosed by a frame and, like a painting or a tv screen, they show us another virtual space, another three-dimensional world inside our normal space. Appear and hide, watch and not be seen: the window is the area of the crossing and rites of passage, portal, frames, holes, through which to observe. Now small or closed with curtains, shutters, blinds, doors and railings, screened and protected from prying eyes, or just drastically walled-up. Now fake, painted or sculpted to restore architectural balance; or covered by posters and graffiti to stimulate new visions. Now open, huge, unfiltered, which allow us to look through and beyond. discovering the inside, the emptiness: our eyes penetrate into skeletal structures, where humans once lived.

MARIBOR [looking through]  

Photo project by Marco Bonaccolto Developed during the artist residency "Guest Room Maribor", 22 November- 22 December 2013

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