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VIRGIL DENMANN Born: 5 january 1854 Died: 6 january 1953

•A Quiet Man• Virgil Denmann is the last of the Denmann clan that originally made their fortune in tobacco during the founding of the thirteen American colonies. Virgil is named after his grandfather, William Virgil, who moved his family to Georgia to begin cotton farming—which boomed before the American Civil War leaving the Denmann family with great wealth and power. His brother, Calvin, passed away serving in the army during the Great War, leaving debts from his gambling habits to his brother. Smartly investing the familymoney in his brother’s debtors companies, Virgil turned despair into profit. After the death of his second wife, Emily, Virgil kept to himself, preferring the peace of the country, and the ocassional company of his kin.

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The Strongroom  

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