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PERCIVAL GEORGE SPENCER Born: 5 November 1904 Died: 6 June 1942

• An American Hero • Born of the late Evelyn and Ellis George Spencer. Percy looked up to his brother, Ellis, in the absence of a father, for strength and guidance. Forever the younger brother, all Percy acquired from Ellis Sr. was a middle name and a gold watch. He never lost the ambition to achieve a lifestyle of wealth and extravagance. This early drive led to a troubled adolescence, which included incarceration. Right after the disappearance of his brother, Percy moved to New York. In being the only remaining Spencer, he took on the responsibility of caring for his brother’s widow as well as the child he called his own. Thanks to a surprisingly fast success in the city, Percy was able to leave a legacy of wealth to support Doris and her child long after his death.

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