Bogotá, Colombia

Marco Barreto is a designer who has worked on numerous films, commercials, music videos and television throughout the United States and South America.

Marco is a graduate of FSU and holds a master’s degree in Film Production with emphasis in Production Design.

Marco’s deep understanding of the branding process, when applied to movies, is invaluable for the development and conceptualization stages of production projects. His studies in Marketing and Advertising give him the skills to balance strategy and creativity, and make him a valuable asset for the communications plan and post-production process as well.

Marco has worked on the creative team for several projects that have been internationally recognized with awards such as Emmy, Camerimage, the Producer’s Guild of America, Sabre, The American Advertising Federation and The International Advertising Association and has been shown in multiple festivals around the world, including: Sundance, Cannes, Tribecca and Comic-Con.