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The spaceship began falling down suddenly. Dex, captain of the interstellar craft, was absorbed trying to regain control of the spaceship, but the controls didn’t respond to him. Then, there was nothing to do; he knew the crash was imminent. In fact, when they departed from the lunar station No. 7, the captain noticed that the main reactor presented some fault in the release of energy, but he thought that the fault was not so serious and that the engineer aboard, Iskor, could fix it. As the spaceship fell without any control, it made him aware of that he hadn’t proceed with enough caution and his miscalculation took all them to a fatal outcome. Captain Dex made a last effort in trying to level the craft, in fractions of seconds he did it, or, rather, he thought that had done so, but the last thing that went through his mind was to have had to return to the lunar station to repair the fault, and not have started the journey under this condition as he did recklessly. A violent impact burst in on his last thought, and then silence followed quickly in the dense forest where the spaceship crashed. The interstellar craft was of forty five meters in diameter, with three floors -or interior levels, and a special dome for the drive reactor.

The spaceship came from the planet Alpha 1, of the Central Galaxy, located millions of light years from the Earth. It came to the Earth for one exploratory and scientific mission. The crew consisted of three men and three women, the captain of the craft, Dex, the engineer aboard, Iskor, the medical biologist, Gad. Each of them had their respective companion. These were in the corresponding order, Teki, Zakal and Milka. After their long travel through the interstellar space, they had a three-day stay on the Moon, before the destination, the Earth. Their stay on the Moon was very positive because they found the exploration spacecraft, which was returning from its mission on the Earth, and that they would relieve after five earthly years of work at various levels -both scientific and spiritual. Naturally, the fellows, who were already preparing to return to Alpha 1, gave an account to them with respect to the latest events on Earth, and presented reports of their work and achievements during the five earthly years that were on the Earth. These also answered quietly all questions that new explorers had in mind, for they had so much to learn and prepare well for the work over the following next five years on Earth, until

they were relieved by the following mission of new explorers from the planet Alpha 1. None of them could imagine the catastrophe that awaited them on Earth. TEKI got over from the big impact. She was in the cubicle of luminous and energetic purification. This cubicle was completely isolated and reinforced with synthetic padding material and soundproofed. TEKI unfastened the belt from her seat –a bed type. Her body was in pain by the pressure and push against the padded straps that held her to the special seat, but nothing had happened to her. TEKI was in shock by this unexpected impact, the first thing that came to her mind was that a meteorite collided with the spaceship, but she dismissed immediately that idea because the craft was shielded by a protective magnetic field; in fact, she, thinking about all this, went in search of the rest of the crew to find out what had happened. Entering the control room saw a macabre scene, her companion, Captain Dex, was lying on the controls with his head almost separated from the trunk, by his side was Iskor, the flight engineer, and the biologist-medic Gad lifeless, and all of them wrecked by the stellar compass that had dropped over them.

TEKI was startled and in sorrow at the same time, she didn’t know if to despair or carry on with her search just to see if her companions were still alive. Somehow she decided on the latter. She went around the craft, while seeking, her mind was in chaos -this couldn’t explain the casualty. In all desperation, she didn´t lean out of the window of the craft. In the recreational room found her two unlucky companions Zakal and Milka, who lay under the large tube of air conditioning which had sloughed off with a large part of the roof of the Hall. Death took by surprise to her friends playing Pigmel, because the chips were scattered everywhere. Immediately, panic seized her because she thought that if she was still in space she was going to drift, and she recalled then that she wasn’t able to manipulate the controls and guide the craft. Teki was worn out, and her fatigue was more mental than physical one. She wished with all her heart that what she was living was unreal, just a dream. But, her reasoning said the opposite sadly. She fell down to the ground and between the wreckage around wept inconsolably. Teki fell asleep. At least, she escaped for a while from her hard time in this way.

Waking up from her restless sleep -which took only a few seconds, she recalled everything, and felt helpless before what had happened. Once more she didn't know the real reason for the disaster. She was walking slowly toward the control room. She felt nausea as watched again the macabre picture. She approached the dashboard to see what she could do. During the journey from Alpha 1, she kept company with Dex for many hours while he, manipulated and handled the instruments, guided the spaceship through the cosmic space. However, she was never interested in learning how to pilot. Now she regretted not being more attentive and be uncared about the steering of the craft. Suddenly, Teki realized that the lights of the main command of the reactor were switched off and the emergency light was on. This could evidence one thing, and it was, of which she was sure, that the craft wasn’t being propelled by its own energy. On the spur of the moment, she looked through one of the side windows of the craft. She saw branches of trees tapping the spaceship. It meant that they had crashed on the Earth. As for the time elapsed since they had left the Moon, was impossible to have arrived in any other planet in the solar system. Thousands of ideas and thoughts struck her mind. Her brain started to think and plan what she was going to do. There was

no other option she must set contact with the beings of the planet to survive. Having in mind, that after five earthly years, the relay mission would locate her when the mission which she belonged to wouldn’t have got back to the lunar base as it was used to since many thousands of years ago -when the first travelers came to the Earth. On the spaceship there were enough food and water for a long time, but she couldn’t pilot the spaceship to the lunar base, so she couldn’t stay in the wrecked craft. There was no other alternative, just go out and face her destiny.

The woman from the planet alpha 1  

The interstellar ship Dex falls violently to the ground. One of the survivors of the crew is Teki that escapes from the jungle where the spa...