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Sex is defined as "organisms of many species specialized into male and female varieties, each known as a sex." Sexual reproduction is defined as "it that involves the combining and mixing of genetic traits: specialized cells known as gametes combine to form offspring that inherit traits from each parent." However, if we refer to sexual practice, this is defined as "the manner in which humans experience and express their sexuality." With these definitions, any human comes to life having in mind that sex is wicked. On the other hand, any human is also born through sexual reproduction. Nowadays, many specialists in the science field have highlighted the benefits of sex for your health. These stem from keeping your immune system humming to making prostate cancer less likely. In romantic terms, you might read in any magazine or on the Internet that, "Great sex is key to your love life." Seriously, how many of you have thought of sexual practice as a source of energy through which people can interchange energies? Neale Donald Walch, in his book, Conversations with God, says get rid of the absurd taboos and restrictions that harm your sexual energy. He states that the energy underlying sex is the same that underlies life. So sex is your full expression of yourself. It is the most precious gift and the greatest pleasure; apart from being the biggest joy that you can have with your body. Let me introduce this to all of you. You can use your own energy for benefit through sexual practice. The sexual impulsive energy is enormous in its intensity that it can create the most potent change to your life. When passion, which is energy, is working its way through your system and turned into light, then it should be seen by the couple as two energies becoming one, and there fell that both are just a single body. At the time that both of you become one, you will create what you desire, or direct the energy toward what you intend to change. When two energies are merged

during sexual climax, a special portal of energy opens in the vibrational field, which allows life to be created. The energy generated between two or more parties through the sexual act is so powerful in nature that it can open dimensional and energetic portals. In fact, this is what happens to create life. This energy can also reach other realms and allow partners to expand the experience beyond the physical one. Perhaps, after reading the paragraphs above, you might think it works for those who are promiscuous too. The answer is yes if these liaisons have been beneficial or the soul has experienced them and moved on─there will be no problem then. On the contrary, the energy not directed will cling to that person’s aura and transfer to their subsequent partner. Do you take your partner’s karma through sexual relationships? This could be possible based upon the terms you are changing energy. However, if you direct energy created in the sexual relationship, no karma will be taken. In addition, if your energy field is stronger than that of your partner, the karma will not affect you. Despite being presented all these concepts above, you should keep in mind that you must never harm sexual innocence, nor pleasure neither the purity of joy doing sex. In other words, don’t use sex badly, as an instrument of power, or with hidden purposes, or just simply to gratify your ego. Lastly, take into consideration that when you have sex, being in love opens chakras and lets your energy merge with the other person’s, allowing you to direct your energy to your partner in ways that are beautiful and uplifting. As a result, sex should only be used to have the purest joy and highest ecstasy given and shared with another. That is love.

Never forget, love is the most powerful force in the universe, because love is God.

SEX: An Interchange of Energies  

This articles defines sex as a source of energy, and learns about what a person can do with the energy generated during the sexual act. Thi...