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Biomaterials and Novel Technologies for Healthcare 8-­‐11th October  2018    Scuderie  Aldobrandini,  Piazza  Marconi,  6  -­‐  Frascati   (Rome),  Italy       Conference  Presidents:  Prof.  Mauro  Alini    and  Prof.  Aldo  R.  Boccaccini       Conference  Chair:  Dr.  Julietta  V.  Rau       2nd  BioMaH  Program:     October  8th  Monday     8.30  -­‐  9.00  REGISTRATION       9.00  –  9.30  Conference  Opening  and  Authorities  Greetings   R.  Mastrosanti  -­‐  Mayor  of  Frascati   E.  Bruni  –  Department  of  Culture  of  Frascati   L.  Avaldi  –  Director  of  the  Institute  of  the  Structure  of  Matter,  Italian  National   Research  Council,  Rome       SESSION  1:       Advanced  Biomaterials  for  Tissue  Engineering         Chairs:  A.  R.  Boccaccini,  A.  Tampieri     Invited  Speakers:           9.30  –  10.00       Prof.  Luigi  Ambrosio  (Italy)   Research  Director,  Institute  of  Polymers,  Composites  and  Biomaterials,  National   Research  Council  of  Italy   Talk  Title:  Advanced  biomaterials  for  minimally  invasive  surgery       10.00-­‐10.30     Dr.  Anna  Tampieri  (Italy)   Director  of  Institute  for  Science  and  Technology  of  Ceramic  Materials,  Faenza   1

Talk title:  Bio-­‐inspired  3-­‐D  nano-­‐ceramics  directing  hard  tissue  regeneration     10.30  –  10.50  Coffee  break     Invited  Speakers:    

10.50-­‐11.20   Prof.  P.  Netti  (Italy)     Professor  in  Materials  Science  at  University  of  Naples  Federico  II,  Italian  Institute   of  Technology   Talk  title:  Engineering  viable  and  histological  competent  human  tissues  in  vitro   for  tissue-­‐on-­‐chip  applications     11.20–11.50     Prof.  Alvaro  Mata  (UK)   Professor  in  Biomedical  Engineering  and  Director  of  the  Institute  of   Bioengineering  at  Queen  Mary  University  of  London   Talk  title:  Supramolecular  tools  to  engineer  advanced  biomaterials  to  tissue   engineering         11.50-­‐12.05  GOLD  SPONSOR:  MIDA-­‐BIO  Srl       Invited  Speakers:     12.05  –  12.35   Prof.  Thomas  J.  Webster  (USA)   The  Art  W.  Zafiropoulo  Professor  and  Chair,  Department  of  Chemical  Engineering,   Northeastern  University,  Boston   President,  U.S.  Society  For  Biomaterials   Founding  Editor,  International  Journal  of  Nanomedicine   Talk  Title:    Two  Decades  of  Commercializing  Nanomedicine  for  Improving   Human  Health     12.35  –  13.05   Prof.  Aldo  R.  Boccaccini  (Germany)   Friedrich-­‐Alexander  University  of  Erlangen-­‐Nuremberg  (FAU),     Head  of  Institute  of  Biomaterials,  FAU;     Chair,  Department  of  Materials  Science  and  Engineering,  FAU,   Visiting  Professor,  Imperial  College  London,  UK   Editor-­‐in-­‐Chief,  Materials  Letters,   Editor-­‐in-­‐Chief,  Biomedical  Glasses   Council  member,  European  Society  for  Biomaterials  (ESB)   Executive  Committee  Member,  Federation  of  European  Materials  Societies  (FEMS)   International  Advisor,  Ministry  of  Science,  Technology  and  Innovative  Production,   Argentina   Talk  title:  Doping  bioactive  glasses  with  biologically  active  ions  for  emerging   tissue  engineering  applications   2

13.05 –  14.00     LUNCH     POSTER  SESSION:  14.00  –  14.30       14.30  –  14.45     CNR  Authorities  Greetings   Director  of  the  Department  of  Physical  Sciences  and  Technologies  of  Matter     Dr.    Corrado  Spinella   Director  of  the  Department  of  Chemical  Sciences  and  Materials  Technologies   Dr.  Maurizio  Peruzzini   Director  of  the  Department  of  Biomedical  Sciences     Prof.  Tullio  Pozzan         SESSION  2:       Musculosceletal  apparatus  /  Orthopaedics     Chairs:  M.  Alini,  L.  Ambrosio,  G.  Barbanti-­‐Brodano     Invited  Speakers:     14.30–15.00     Prof.  Elizaveta  Kon  (Italy)     Humanitas  University,  Center  for  functional  and  biological  reconstruction  of  the   knee,  Humanitas  Research  hospital,  Milan,  Italy     Talk  title:  Stem  cells  use  for  cartilage  pathology  –  clinical  prospective     Speakers:   15.00-­‐15.15     Prof.  Gianluca  Vadalà  (Italy)     Department  of  Orthopaedic  and  Trauma  Surgery,  Campus  Bio-­‐Medico  University   of  Rome   Talk  title:    New  approaches  for  stem  cell  mediated  intervertebral  disc   regeneration         15.15-­‐15.30     Dr.  Laura  Mangiavini  (Italy)   IRCCS  Istituto  Ortopedico  Galeazzi,  Milano   Talk  title:    Allogeneic  umbilical  cord-­‐derived  mesenchymal  stem  cells  as  a   potential  source  for  cartilage  and  bone  regeneration:  an  in  vitro  study       15.30-­‐15.45     Dr.  Francesca  Salamanna  (Italy)   Laboratory  of  Biocompatibility,  Technological  Innovations  and  Advanced   Therapies,  Istituto  Ortopedico  Rizzoli,  Bologna   3

Talk title:    Personalized  regenerative  medicine  in  spine  surgery:  stem  cells  from   vertebral  body     15.45–16.00     Dr.  Tiziano  Serra  (Switzerland)   AO  Research  Institute  Davos     Talk  title:  Sound-­‐induced  fabrication  of  complex  organoids  network       16.00  –  16.20     Coffee  break     16.20-­‐16.35     Dr.  Giovanni  Barbanti  Brodano  (Italy)   Department  of  Oncological  and  Degenerative  Spine  Surgery,  Istituto  Ortopedico   Rizzoli,  Bologna   Talk  title:   Biomaterials:  a  good  alternative  to  autologous  bone  for  spine  fusion   16.35-­‐16.50     Dr.  Giuseppe  Tedesco  (Italy)   Deformity  Spine  Unit,  Istituto  Ortopedico  Rizzoli,  Bologna,  Italy   Talk  title:  Carbon-­‐fiber-­‐reinforced  PEEK  fixation  system  in  the  treatment  of   spine  tumors   16.50-­‐17.05     Dr.  Roberto  De  Santis  (Italy)   Institute  of  Polymers,  Composites  and  Biomaterials,  Naples,  Italy     Talk  title:  Reverse  Engineering  of  femoral  condyles:  shift  and  reduction  of  the   tibiofemoral  contact  area  after  meniscectomy     17.05-­‐17.20     Prof.  Giuseppe  Perale  (Switzerland)     Industrie  Biomediche  Insubri  SA,  Mezzovico-­‐Vira,  Switzerland   University  of  applied  sciences  and  technology  SUPSI,  Department  of  Innovative   Technology,  Manno,  Switzerland   Talk  title:  Hybrid  Scaffold  for  Bone  reconstruction  Surgery     17.20-­‐17.35     Dr.  Ulrike  Ritz  (Germany)   Department  of  Orthopedics  and  Traumatology,  BiomaTiCS,  University  Medical   Center  Mainz,  Germany   Talk  title:  A  3D  printed  biodegradable  polylactide  cage  loaded  with  collagen  I   and  stromal  derived  factor  I  for  bone  regeneration  –  an  in  vivo  pilot  study     17.35-­‐17.50 Dr.  E.  Galvano  (Italy)   Istituto  Zooprofilattico  Sperimentale  Lazio  e  Toscana  “M.  Aleandri”,  Roma,  Italy   Talk  title:  Articular  Cartilage  Regeneration  by  tracheal  chondrocytes  in  Equine   Model       4

October 9th  Tuesday       SESSION  3:       Cardiovascular  system       Chair:  A.R.  Boccaccini     Invited  Speakers:   9.00  -­‐  9.30     Prof.  Federico  Quaini  MD  (Italy)   Associate  Professor  of  Oncology;  Director  of  the  Cardiac  Stem  Cell  Center,   University  of  Parma;  Expert  Manager  on  Regenerative  Medicine,  University   Hospital  Parma;  Italy       Talk  Title:  Stem  Cells  And  Tissue  Engineering  for  Cardiac  Repair     9.30  –  10.00   Prof.  Horatiu  Moldovan  MD.  PhD  (Romania)   Faculty  of  Medicine,  Titu  Maiorescu  University,  Bucharest,  Romania   Faculty  of  Materials  Science  and  Engineering,  University  Politehnica  of  Bucharest,   Romania   Sanador  Clinical  Hospital,  Bucharest   Talk  Title:  Application  of  bio-­‐adhesives  in  cardiovascular  surgery       10.00  –  10.30   Prof.  Franco  Rustichelli  (Italy)   Department    Di.S.C.O.,  Università  Politecnica  delle  Marche,  Ancona,  (Italy)   Istituto  Nazionale  Biostrutture  e  Biosistemi,  Rome,  (Italy)   Talk  Title:  The  new  COST  project  BIONECA  connecting  physical  sciences  with   regenerative  CARDIOLOGY  and  NEUROLOGY   10.30  –  10.50     Coffee  break       SESSION  4:    Advances  in  Biomaterial  Strategies       Chairs:  G.  Goller,  J.V.  Rau       Invited  Speakers:     10.50  –  11.20     Prof.  M.  Alini  (Switzerland)   Vice-­‐Director  AO  Research  Institute,  Davos  (Switzerland)   Talk  Title:    Are  animals  studies  still  useful  for  human  translation?  Time  to  re-­‐ think  our  strategies  ...  for  animals  and  for  us!   5

11.20-­‐11.50   Prof.  Dr.  Gultekin  Goller  (Turkey)   Professor  in  Materials  Science  in  Istanbul  Technical  University,  Department  of   Metallurgical  and  Materials  Engineering,  Maslak,  Istanbul   Talk  Title:  Research  Studies  on  Biocomposites       Speakers:     11.50-­‐12.05     Prof.  Iulian  Vasile  Antoniac  (Romania)   University  Politehnica  of  Bucharest,  Faculty  of  Materials  Science,  Splaiul   Independentei  313,  Bucharest   Talk  Title:    New  composite  membrane  materials  for  hemodialysis         12.05-­‐12.20    THERMOFISHER  Scientific       12.20-­‐12.35     Prof.  Angela  De  Bonis  (Italy)     Department  of  Sciences,  University  of  Basilicata,  Potenza   Talk  Title:    Advances  in  laser  processing  for  biomaterial  applications         12.35-­‐12.50     Prof.    Simona  Cavalu  (Romania)   University  of  Oradea,  Romania,  Faculty  of  Medicine  and  Pharmacy,  Preclinical   Science  Department   Talk  Title:    New  evidence  of  eco-­‐friendly  nanoparticles  production  and   applications  in  biomedicine             12.50-­‐13.05     PhD.  Lukas  Gritsch  (Germany)   Institute  of  Biomaterials,  University  of  Erlangen-­‐Nuremberg,  Erlangen,  Germany   Lucideon  Ltd.,  Stoke-­‐on-­‐Trent,  United  Kingdom   Talk  Title:    New  ways  to  fight  bacteria:  towards  the  application  of  therapeutic   ion  release  and  polyester  based  biomaterials  for  antibiotic-­‐free  antibacterial   devices     13.05–  14.00       14.00  –  16.00  

LUNCH BioMaH  2018:  Round  Table  on  the  Technology  Transfer  

A   moment   devoted   to   foster   a   discussion   on   some   aspects   of   the   interaction   among   Public   Research,   Industry   and   Public   and   Private   Investors,   in   order   to   start   new   initiatives   of   collaboration  and  investment  aimed  at  further  development  of  research  and  technologies  of   possible  interest  for  national  and  international  markets.       6

SPEAKERS   Dr.  Barbara  Angelini   CNR-­‐Technology  Transfer  Office   Talk  title:  The  tools  and  methodologies  to  identify  innovation     Dr.  Antonio  Carbone     APRE,  Horizon  2020  National  Contact  Point     Talk  title:  Accelerate  the  go  to  market  strategy  through  EU  support     Dr.  Roberto  Del  Bosco   Communication  Manager  and  Technology  Transfer  Officer  for  M31,  one  of  the  first   Venture  Incubator  in  Italy   Talk  title:  Symbols  and  Transformations  of  Technology  Transfer     Dr.  Alessandro  Piras   De  Tullio  &  Partners  Patent  Expert   Talk  title:  From  Lab  to  market:  IP  as  key  driver  for  technology  exploitation     15.40  –  16.00     Coffee  break     SESSION  5:  Implants  and  Coatings  for  Biomedical  Applications       Chairs:  I.  Antoniac,  T.  Webster       Invited  Speaker:     16.00-­‐16.30     Prof.  Iulian  Vasile  Antoniac  (Romania)   Vice   President   and   Council   Member   of   the   Romanian   Society   for   Biomaterials   (SRB),   Former   President   and   permanent   Member   of   Executive   Committee   of   the   International  Society  for  Ceramics  in  Medicine  (ISCM)   Vice  Dean  of  Faculty  Materials  Science  and  Engineering  and  member  of  the  Senate   of  University  Politehnica  of  Bucharest     Talk  title:  Bioceramic  Coatings  on  Magnesium  Alloys  for  Medical  Application:   Trends  and  Techniques       Speakers:   16.30-­‐16.45     Prof.  Maria  Dinescu  (Romania)   National  Institute  for  Lasers,  Plasma  and  Radiation  Physics,  Magurele   Talk  Title:  Antimicrobial  hernia-­‐repair  meshes  fabricated  via  laser-­‐based   methods     7

16.45-­‐17.00     Dr.  Julietta  V.  Rau  (Italy)   BioMaH  chair,  Researcher,  group  leader  and  lab  head,  Institute  of  Structure  of   Matter,  Italian  National  Research  Council,  Rome,  Italy   Talk  Title:    Innovative  micro-­‐  and  nanostructured  coatings  for  dental  and  bone   implants       17.00-­‐17.15     Dr.  Gabriela  Graziani  (Italy)   Rizzoli  Orthopaedic  Institute  (IOR),  NanoBiotechnology  Laboratory  (NaBi),   Bologna     Talk  Title:    Antibacterial  Nanostructured  Silver  Coatings  Deposited  by  Pulsed   Electron  Deposition     17.15-­‐17.30     Prof.  Yurii  P.  Sharkeev  (Russia)   Institute  of  Strength  Physics  and  Materials  Science  SB  RAS,  Tomsk   National  Research  Tomsk  Polytechnic  University,  Tomsk     Talk  Title:    Antibacterial  and  osteotropic  calcium  phosphate  coatings  on  metallic   implants     17.30-­‐17.45     Dr.  Konstantin  Prosolov  (Russia)   Institute  of  Strength  Physics  and  Materials  Science  SB  RAS,  Tomsk   Talk  Title:  Antibacterial  and  bioactive  thin  RF  magnetron  hydroxyapatite-­‐based   coatings:  microstructure  and  properties     17.45-­‐18.00 Dr.  Annj  Zamuner  (Italy)   Department  of  Industrial  Engineering,  University  of  Padova,  Padova,  Italy   Talk  Title:  Next  generation  titanium  implants:  Vitronectin-­‐derived  retro-­‐ inverted  peptides  enhance  h-­‐osteoblast  proliferation  and  gene-­‐expression       POSTER  SESSION:  18.00  –  18.30      


October 9th  Tuesday       Sala  degli  Specchi       PARALLEL  SESSION  6:       DENTISTRY         Chair:  S.  Sauro       Invited  Speaker:     9.00  -­‐  9.30                    Prof.  Salvatore  Sauro  (Spain)   Universidad  CEU-­‐Cardenal  Herrera,  Valencia,  Spain   Talk  Title:  Effects  of  therapeutic  operative  strategies  combined  with   bioactive/biomimetic  ion-­‐releasing  materials  on  dentine  permeability  and   remineralisation       Speakers:     9.30-­‐9.50     Prof.  Dr.  Horia  Manolea  (Romania)   Professor  at  the  Prostheses  Technology  and  Dental  Materials  Department,  Vice-­‐ Dean  of  the  Faculty  of  Dentistry  from  the  University  of  Medicine  and  Pharmacy,   Craiova,  Romania.     Talk  title:    Biocompatibility  assessment  of  some  experimental  zirconia-­‐based     materials  for  dental  prosthesis     9.50-­‐10.10     Dr.  Massimo  Giovarruscio  (UK)   Endodontic  specialist,  Clinical  teaching  fellow  in  Restorative  Dentistry,  King’s   College  London,  UK   Talk  Title:  Problem  solving  in  endodontically  treated  teeth       10.10-­‐10.30     Dr.  A.M.  Stanciuc    (Romania)   Faculty  of  Biology,  University  of  Bucharest;  Department  of  Cellular  and  Molecular   Biology,  National  Institute  R&D  for  Biological  Sciences,  Bucharest   Talk  Title:    Novel  composite  systems  based  on  natural  compounds  for   periodontal  tissue  regeneration  strategies         10.30  –  10.50     Coffee  break     10.50-­‐11.10     Prof.  Hervé  Tassery  (France)   9

Prof. and  past  head  of  the  Restorative  Department  of  Marseille  Dental  School  at   Aix-­‐Marseille  University   Talk  Title:    The  LIFEDT  concept  in  dentistry  from  fundamental  researches  to   clinical  applications           11.10-­‐11.30   Dr.  Fabián  Murillo  Gómez  (Brazil)   Professor/Researcher,  Department  of  Restorative  Dentistry,  Dental  School,   University  of  Costa  Rica,  PhD.  in  Dental  Materials,  State  University  of  Campinas,   Sao  Paulo,  Brazil.   Talk  Title:    Variations  on  concentration  and  application  time  of  hydrofluoric   acid,  on  ceramics  adhesive  properties  and  tridimensional  structural  integrity.         11.30-­‐11.50     Prof.  Monika  Magdalena  Lukomska-­‐Szymanska  (Poland)   Vice-­‐Dean  for  Dental  Education,  Faculty  of  Dentistry,  Medical  University  of  Lodz   Talk  Title:    How  can  we  see  the  polymerization  shrinkage  stress?         11.50-­‐12.10     Dr.  Andrea  Fabianelli  (Italy)   Visiting  lecturer,  Sheffield  University  and  Brescia  University   Talk  title:  Comparison  through  push-­‐out  test  of  two  different  techniques  for  the   restoration  of  endodontically-­‐treated  teeth         12.10-­‐12.30   Prof.  Liviu  Steier  (Germany),  Specialist  in  Prosthodontics  /  Dental  Materials  and  in  Endodontics.     Talk  Title:  Fluorescence  in  diagnosis  and  treatment  –  state  of  the  art     13.00  –  14.00     LUNCH     PARALLEL  SESSION  7:       DENTISTRY         Chair:  S.  Sauro       Invited  Speakers:     14.00  –  14.30     Prof.    Avijit  Banerjee  (UK)   Professor  of  Cariology  &  Operative  Dentistry  /  Hon.  Consultant  and  Clinical   Lead,  Restorative  Dentistry  at  King’s  College  London  Dental  Institute  at  Guy’s   Hospital  (Guy’s  &  St.  Thomas’  Hospitals  Foundation  Trust).   10

Talk Title:  Minimally  invasive  management  of  deep  carious  lesions  -­‐  the   scientific  and  clinical  rationale.     14.30  -­‐  15.00     Prof.  Giovanna  Orsini  (Italy)   Associate   Professor   of   Dental   Materials   and   Restorative   Dentistry   at   the   Faculty   of   Medicine  of  the  Polytechnic  University  of  Marche,  Italy   Talk  Title:  Frontiers  in  Clinical  Advances  of  Dental  Biomaterials.       Speakers:       15.00-­‐15.20     Prof.    Dr.  Arlinda  Luzi  (Spain)   Professor  of  Pathology  and  Therapeutic  Dentistry  University  CEU  Cardenal   Herrera   Talk  title:  Root  canal  irrigation:  state  of  the  art     15.20-­‐15.40     Prof.  Paulo  H.  P.  D’Alpino  (Brazil)   Universidade  Anhanguera  de  São  Paulo,  San  Paulo,  Brazil   Talk  title:  Cytotoxicity  and  odontoblast-­‐initiated  mineralization  induced  by   sodium  trimetaphosphate  in  vitro     15.40  –  16.00     Coffee  break     16.00-­‐16.20       Prof.  James  Tsoi  (Hong  Kong)   Assistant  Professor  in  Dental  Materials  Science,  University  of  Hong  Kong  Faculty  of   Dentistry's  Assistant  Dean,  Research  group  convenor,  Hong  Kong     Talk  Title:  Computer  simulation  in  dental  research  and  dentistry       16.20-­‐16.40       Prof.  Maha  Daou  (Lebanon)   Assistant  Professor,  Member  of  the  academy  of  dental  materials,  Member  of  the   SFBD  “Société  Francophone  de  Biomatériaux  Dentaires”,  Course  Director  –   Biomaterials,  St  Joseph  University  Beirut,  Lebanon,  Pediatric  Dentist  –  Private   Practice,  Lebanon   Talk  Title:    Biological  safety  of  resin  composite       16.40-­‐17.00       Prof.  Vinisha  Pandey    (India)     Department  of  Conservative  dentistry  and  Endodontics,  Institute  of  Dental  studies   and  Technologies,  Delhi     Talk  Title:  To  compare  and  evaluate  the  strength  of  commonly  used  esthetic   composite  restorative  materials  after  conditioning  in  dietary  solvents       17.00-­‐17.20     Dr.  Kun  V.  Tian  (Italy)   Department  of  Chemical  Science  and  Technologies,  University  of  Rome  Tor   Vergata,  Rome,  Italy;    NAST  centre,  University  of  Rome  Tor  Vergata,  Rome,  Italy   11

Talk Title:    Revealing  Orthodontic  Industrial  Secrets  with  Neutron   Spectroscopy       POSTER  SESSION:  18.00  –  18.30  


October 10th  Wednesday       Chairs:  A.  Mata,  M.  Vallet-­‐Regí       SESSION  8:     3D  Systems     Speakers:   9.00-­‐9.15     Dr.  Matteo  Moretti  (Switzerland)   Cell  and  Tissue  Engineering  Laboratory,  IRCCS  Istituto  Ortopedico  Galeazzi,   Milano  (IT)   Regenerative  Medicine  Technologies  Lab,  Ente  Ospedaliero  Cantonale,  Lugano     Swiss  Institute  of  Regenerative  Medicine,  Lugano  (CH)   Fondazione  Cardiocentro  Ticino,  Lugano  (CH)   Talk  Title:    Engineering  3D  Human  Vascularized  Bone  and  Muscle  Models  as  a   Drug  Screening  Platform  for  Antimetastatic  Drugs     9.15-­‐9.30     Dr.  Eduard  Ciuca  (Romania)   University  of  Medicine  and  Pharmacy  Craiova,  Romania   Talk  Title:    The  technological  variant  of  producing  miniplates  used  in  facial   skeleton  reconstruction       9.30-­‐9.45     PhD  Vera  Bednarzig  (Germany)   Friedrich-­‐Alexander-­‐Universität  Erlangen-­‐Nürnberg;  Lehrstuhl  für  Biomaterialien,   Department  Werkstoffwissenschaften   Talk  Title:    3D  bioplotting  for  the  recovery  of  cranial  bone  defects  on  the  base  of   titanium  and  hydrogel  composites       9.45-­‐10.00     Dr.  Marco  Girolami  (Italy)   Department  of  Oncological  and  Degenerative  Spine  Surgery,  Istituto  Ortopedico   Rizzoli,  Bologna   Talk  Title:    Update  on  custom  made  3D  printed  titanium  implants  for  anterior   column  reconstruction  following  en  bloc  resection  for  spinal  tumours   10.00-­‐10.15   Dr.    Eduardo  Pérez  del  Río  (Spain)   Institute  of  Materials  Science  of  Barcelona  (ICMAB-­‐CSIC),  Campus  UAB,  Bellaterra   Networking  Research  Center  on  Bioengineering,  Biomaterials  and  Nanomedicine   (CIBER-­‐BBN),  Campus  UAB,  Bellaterra   Talk  Title:    Artificial  3D  culture  systems  for  T  cell  expansion         10.15  –  10.45     Coffee  break     10.45-­‐11.00   Prof.  Behrooz  Movahedi  (Iran)   13

Department of  Nanotechnology  Engineering,  Faculty  of  Advanced  Sciences  and   Technologies,  University  of  Isfahan   Talk  Title:    On  the  prospect  to  fabrication  of  Cs/Bg/CNT  nanocomposite  scaffold   and  evaluation  of  its  properties     11.00-­‐11.15   Prof.  Antonietta  Pepe  (Italy)   Dipartimento  di  Scienze,  Università  della  Basilicata,  Via  dell'Ateneo  Lucano,   Potenza   Talk  Title:    Electrospun  PDLLA-­‐Gelatin-­‐RKKP  tricomponent  nanofibrous     scaffold  for  bone  tissue  engineering     11.15-­‐11.30   Dr.  Svetlana  Shkarina  (Russia)   Research  School  of  Chemistry  &  Applied  Biomedical  Sciences,  National  Research   Tomsk  Polytechnic  University,  Tomsk   Talk  Title:    Electrospun  composite  scaffolds  of  polycaprolactone  and  silicate-­‐ substituted  hydroxyapatite  microparticles  for  bone  tissue  engineering:  a  high-­‐ resolution  tomography  study       11.30-­‐11.45   Dr.  Maziar  Montazerian  (Brazil)   Department  of  Materials  Engineering  (DEMa),  Center  for  Research,  Technology,   and  Education  in  Vitreous  Materials  (CeRTEV),  Federal  University  of  São  Carlos   (UFSCar),  São  Carlos,  SP,  Brazil   Talk  Title:    Past,  present,  and  future  of  bioactive  glass-­‐ceramics   11.45-­‐12.00     Prof.  Nitin  Sahai  (India)     Department  of  Biomedical  Engineering,  North  Eastern  Hill  University,  Shillong   Talk  Title:    Computational  Modeling  and  Analysis  of  Knee  Articulating  Cartilage   for  Development  of  its  Biodegradable  Chitosan  Tissue  Scaffold       12.00-­‐12.15   Dr.  Deepshikha  Shrivastava  (India)     Department  of  Information  Technology,  North  Eastern  Hill  University,  Shillong   Talk  Title:    3D  Model  Generation  and  3D  printing  of  Bone  CT  Image  using  Image   processing  Techniques     12.15-­‐12.30   Dr.  Elisabetta  Sieni  (Italy)   University  of  Padova,  Department  of  Industrial  Engineering,  Padova,  Italy   Talk  Title:    Electroporation:  novel  scaffolds  for  in  vitro  tumor  tissue  models       12.30-­‐12.45     Dr.  Sumeer  Dhar     SCREEN  Europe   Talk  Title:  C ell3iMager   E stier:   a  n ovel  l abel-­‐free,   3 D   t omographic   i maging   tool   f or   S pheroid   a nd   T ubular   S tructures   a nalysis     14

12.45-­‐13.00 Dr.  Francesco  Capitelli  (Italy)   Institute  of  Crystallography,  Italian  National  Research  Council,  Monterotondo   (Rome)   Talk  Title:  Tricalcium  phosphate  biomaterials  and  their  applications     13.00  –  14.00     LUNCH   SESSION  1  (continued):  Advanced  Biomaterials  for  Tissue  Engineering   Chairs:  M.  Alini,  A.R.  Boccaccini     14.00-­‐14.30   Prof.  María  Vallet-­‐Regí  (Spain)     Universidad  Complutense  de  Madrid  (UCM),  leader  of  the  Smart  Biomaterials   Research  Group,  Group  leader  of  the  Biomedical  Research  Networking  centre  in   Bioengineering,  Biomaterials  and  Nanomedicine  (CIBER-­‐BBN),  and  of  the   Research  Institute  of  the  Hospital  12  de  Octubre   Talk  title:  Design  of  drug  nanocarriers       SESSION  9:  Gel  Matrixes  Platforms     Chairs:  M.  Alini,  A.R.  Boccaccini     Invited  Speaker:       14.30-­‐15.00     Prof.  Nicola  Tirelli  (Italy)   Laboratory  of  Polymers  and  Biomaterials,  Italian  Institute  of  Technology,  Genova   Talk  Title:    Fibrin  engineering  through  knob-­‐hole  interactions:  a  versatile   platform  of  in  situ  gelling  matrices.     Speakers:     15.00-­‐15.15     Prof.  Aldo  R.  Boccaccini  (Germany)   Friedrich-­‐Alexander  University  of  Erlangen-­‐Nuremberg  (FAU),     Institute  of  Biomaterials,  Department  of  Materials  Science  and  Engineering     Talk  Title:    Biofabrication  with  Alginate  di-­‐Aldehyde/Gelatine  (ADA/Gel)   Hydrogels:  Progress,  Applications  and  Challenges     15.15-­‐15.30     Dr.  Cyril  Chaput  (Canada)   Oligo  Medic  Inc.,  500  Blvd  Cartier  W.,  Laval,  Quebec,  H7V  5B7  Canada   Talk  Title:    A  New  Poly-­‐D-­‐glucosamine/D-­‐Glucosamine  Carbonate  (PGGC)   Composition  as  Injectable  Hydrogel-­‐forming  Biomaterial   15.30-­‐15.45 Dr.  Nikolay  Orlov  (Russia)     Department  of  Materials  Science,  Lomonosov  Moscow  State  University,  Russia   15

Talk Title:  Osteoconductive  hydrogels  filled  with  calcium  phosphates  for  bone   grafting     15.45  –  16.00  Coffee  break                   16.00  –  19.00     Social  Program     19.30  –  23.00   Social  dinner  “La  vecchia  Frasca”  restaurant  (with  typical   Rome  surroundings  food)        


October 10th  Wednesday       Sala  degli  Specchi     PARALLEL  SESSION  10:       DENTISTRY         Chair:  S.  Sauro       Speakers:       9.00-­‐9.20     Dr.  Julietta  V.  Rau  (Italy)   BioMaH  chair,  Researcher,  group  leader  and  lab  head,  Institute  of  Structure  of   Matter,  Italian  National  Research  Council,  Rome,  Italy   Talk  Title:  Novel  doped  cements  and  coatings  for  dental  implant  applications         9.20-­‐9.40     Prof.  Bruno  Pelissier  (France)   Professor  and  past  head  of  restorative  department  of  Montpellier  dental  School  of   Montpellier  University,  France   Talk  Title:    The  Condorscan  Technology  from  fundamental  researches  to   Clinical  applications     9.40-­‐10.00     Prof.  John  C  Comisi  (USA)   DDS,  MAGD,  James  B.  Edwards  College  of  Dental  Medicine,  the  Medical  University   of  South  Carolina,  Charleston,  South  Carolina,  USA   Talk  Title:    The  Possibility  of  Dentin  Regeneration  with  Currently  available   Commercial  Products    

10.00-­‐10.20 Dr.  George    A.  Katikarides  (Greece)   General  Dentist  at  Airforce  Hospital  in  Periodontics  Department  and  Private       Dentist  in  Nea  Ionia,  Athens,  Greece   Talk  Title:    Endosseous  implants  surface  modifications     10.20  –  10.40     Coffee  break     10.40-­‐11.00   Dr.  Giacomo  Derchi  (Italy)   Researcher  at  the  University  of  Pisa,  Private  practice  in  La  Spezia   Talk  Title:  The  Restoration  Guided  Creeping  Attachment  (RGCA)  technique  for   the  treatment  of  non-­‐carious  cervical  lesions     11.00-­‐11.20   Dr.  Larry  Clark  (USA)   Director  of  Clinical  Affairs  and  Marketing  PULPDENT  Corporation   Talk  Title:    How  can  a  resin  be  bioactive?   17

11.20 –  11.40 Dr.  Marta  Aleksandra  Maciak  (Poland)   Specialist  in  Restorative  Dentistry  and  Endodontic  Treatment,  Alfa  Dental-­‐Private   Healthcare  Institution,  Kraków   Talk  Title:    New  possibilities  of  using  bioactive  resins  in  dental  surgery  and   endodontics     11.40-­‐12.00   Dr.  Gianni  Pertici  (Switzerland)   Industrie  Biomediche  Insubri  SA,  Mezzovico-­‐Vira,  Switzerland   Talk  Title:    Innovative  Bone  Substitute  for  Dental  and  Maxillo-­‐Facial   Applications     12.00-­‐12.20      Dr.  Andrei  C.  Ionescu  (Italy)   Post-­‐doc  research  fellow  and  tutor,  Department  of  Biomedical,  Surgical  and  Dental   Sciences,  University  of  Milan,  Milan  Italy.   Talk  Title:  New  generation  restorative  dental  biomaterials  that  modulate   biofilm  formation   12.20-­‐12.40   Dr.  D.  Papadogiannis  (Greece)   Department  of  Biomaterials,  School  of  Dentistry,  National  and  KApodistrian   University  of  Athens   Talk  Title:    Film  properties  of  dental  universal  adhesives     Invited  Speaker:     12.40-­‐13.10     Dr.  Gaetano  Paolone  (Italy)   Associate   Professor   of   Restorative   Dentistry,   University   Vita   Salute   San   Raffaele,   Milano,  Italy   Talk  Title:  Esthetic  adhesive  restorations       13.10  –  14.00     LUNCH          


October 11th  Thursday       SESSION  11:       Spectroscopy  based  technologies  for  clinics     Chairs:  L.  Avaldi,  F.  Pavone     Invited  Speakers:     9.00  -­‐  9.30            Prof.  Francesco  Pavone  (Italy)   Director  of  LENS  -­‐  European  Laboratory  for  Non-­‐Linear  Spectroscopy,  University   of  Florence,  Physics  department   Talk  Title:  Optical  early  diagnosis  of  tissue  disease       9.30  –  10.00   Prof.  Pedro  Luis  Fernandez  (Spain)   Chairman  Dept.  of  Pathology  Hospital  Germans  Trias  i  Pujol,  Badalona   Universidad  Autónoma  de  Barcelona     Talk  Title:    Beyond  conventional  microscopy:  challenges  and  needs  in   histopathology       10.00  –  10.20     Coffee  break     Speakers:     10.20-­‐10.35   Luigi  Ciani  (Italy)   Thermofisher  Scientific  Italy   Talk  Title:    How  advanced  Raman  technology  can  help  you  fastly  and  easily  to   get  results     10.35-­‐10.50     Dr.  Julietta  V.  Rau  (Italy)   Institut  of  the  Structure  of  Matter,  Italian  National  Research  Council   Talk  Title:  Raman  based  diagnostics  of  thyroid,  parathyroid  and  lymph  node   pathologies     10.50-­‐11.05   Dr.  Antonio  Cricenti  (Italy)   Institut  of  the  Structure  of  Matter,  Italian  National  Research  Council   Talk  Title:    Optical  Nanospectroscopy  for  Tissue  Imaging  and  Early  Cancer   Diagnostics     11.05-­‐11.20   Dr.  Pellegrino  Musto  (Italy)   National  Research  Council  of  Italy,  Institute  for  Polymers,  Composites  and   Biomaterials,  Pozzuoli  (Napoli)   19

Talk Title:  Functionalized  Gold  Nanoparticles  as  Hypersensitive  Biosensors       11.20-­‐11.35   Dr.  Roman  Chernozem  (Belgium,  Russia)   Ghent  University,  9000  Ghent,  Belgium   Tomsk  Polytechnic  University,  634034  Tomsk,  Russia   Talk  Title:  Hybrid  nanoplasmonic  fibrous  biocomposite  for  surface-­‐enhanced   Raman  spectroscopy  platform     11.35-­‐11.50   Dr.  Caterina  Credi  (Italy)   European  Laboratory  for  Non-­‐Linear  Spectroscopy,  Sesto  Fiorentino,  Italy   Department  of  Informatics,  University  of  Florence,  Firenze,  Italy   Talk  Title:  Disposable  elastomeric  caps  for  in  liquid  SERS  detection     11.50-­‐12.05   Dr.  Silvia  Caponi  (Italy)     Istituto  Officina  dei  Materiali  del  CNR  (CNR-­‐IOM)  -­‐  Unità  di  Perugia   Talk  Title:  C orrelative  µ-­‐Brillouin  and  µ-­‐Raman  spectroscopy:  emerging   tool  for  simultaneous  mechanical  and  chemical  analysis  of  cells  and   tissues       12.05-­‐12.20     Dr.  Annalisa  D’Arco  (Italy)   Italian  National  Institute  for  Nuclear  Physics  -­‐INFN,  Rome1  section   Talk  Title:  Combined  THz  -­‐NIR  spectroscopic  imaging  for  Bioclinical   recognition       12.20-­‐12.35   Dr.  Massimo  Zucco  (Italy)   Italian  National  Institute  for  Metrology  Research  -­‐  INRIM   Talk  Title:  Non-­‐invasive  monitoring  of  stem  cells  and  regenerative  medicine   processes  using  multimodal  nonlinear  optical  microscopy     12.35-­‐12.50   Dr.  Maria  Aurora  Vincenti  (Italy)   Fusion  and  Technologies  for  Nuclear  Safety  and  Security  Department,  ENEA  C.R.   Frascati   Talk  Title:  Photoluminescence  of  radiation-­‐induced  defects  in  lithium  fluoride   for  dosemeters  in  radiotherapy         13.00       Closing  Remarks.  Closing  Ceremony.     AWARD  for  Best  Young  Scientist  ORAL  presentation  and  Best   POSTER  sponsored  by  the  Bioactive  Materials  journal         20

POSTER SESSION:     October  8th  Monday     17.20-­‐18.00    


N1 N.  Orlova,  c,  P.  Milkina,  P.  Evdokimova  ,b,  V.  Putlayeva,b,  J.  Günsterc,  D.   Nicolaidesc  

aDepartment of  Materials  Science,  Lomonosov  Moscow  State  University,  Moscow,  Russia,  119991   bDepartment  of  Chemistry,  Lomonosov  Moscow  State  University,  Moscow,  Russia,  119991   cFederal  Institute  for  Materials  Research  and  Testing  (BAM),  Berlin,  Germany,  12203  

Bioceramics from  Ca3(PO4)2  -­‐  CaKPO4  -­‐  CaNaPO4  system  for  bone   replacement  and  grafting    

N2   F.  Capitelli  

Istituto di  Cristallografia  –  CNR,  Via  Salaria  Km  29.300,  00016  Monterotondo  (Rome),  Italy  

Crystal-­‐chemical investigation  of  rare  earths  tricalcium  phosphates      

N3 Pedro  Ideiaa,  André  Marquesb,  Joana  Pintoa,  Rui  Ferreiraa,  Leandro   Figueiredoa,  Carmo  Barretob,  Michael  Caldeirab,  Helena  Tomása,  Miguel   Cardosob  and  Paula  C.  Castilhoa  

aCQM-­‐Centro de  Química  da  Madeira,  Universidade  da  Madeira,  Campus  da  Penteada,  9020-­‐

105 Funchal,  Portugal   bMadeBiotech,  Zona  Franca  Industrial  Plataforma  28,  Pavilhão  Industrial  K-­‐  Módulo  2,  9200-­‐ 047  Caniçal,  Portugal  

Extraction and  characterization  of  hydroxyapatite  from  Madeira  Island   fish  transforming  industry  by-­‐products     N4   Joana  Pintoa,  Leandro  Figueiredoa,  Pedro  Ideiaa,  Rui  Ferreiraa,  Carmo   Barretob,  Michael  Caldeirab,  Miguel  Cardosob  and  Paula  Castilhoa  

aCQM-­‐Centro de  Química  da  Madeira,  Universidade  da  Madeira,  Campus  da  Penteada,  9020-­‐05  

Funchal, Portugal   b  MadeBiotech,  Zona  Franca  Industrial  Plataforma  28,  Pavilhão  Industrial  K-­‐  Módulo  2,  9200-­‐ 047  Caniçal,  Portugal  

From waste  towards  valuable  applications–  marine  residues  as  collagen   natural  sources    

N5 A.S.  Fomina,  I.V.  Fadeeva*a,  N.S.  Sergeevab,  I.K.  Sviridovab,  S.A.  Akhmedovab,     21

S.M. Barinova,  J.V.  Rauc,  A.V.  Knotkod   aA.A.Baikov  IMET  RAS,  Leninsky  avenue,  49,  Moscow,  119334,  Russia  

bMoscow P.A.  Gerzen  Research  Oncological  Institute–  branch  of  the  Federal  State  Budgetary  

Scientific Institution  "National  Medical  Research  Center  of  Radiology"  Ministry  of  Healthcare  of   the  Russian  Federation,  2-­‐nd  Botkinsky  pass.,  3,  Moscow,  125284,  Russia;   cISM-­‐CNR  Istituto  di  Struttura  della  Materia,  Consiglio  Nazionale  delle  Ricerche,  Via  del  Fosso  del   Cavaliere,  100,  00133  Roma,  Italy   dDepartment  of  chemistry,  Lomonosov  MSU,  Vorobievi  Gory,  1,  Moscow,  119334,  Russia  

Alpha-­‐Tricalcium Phosphate  Based  Brushite  Cement  For  Osteoplastics  –   Some  Physicochemical  And  Biological  Characteristics  In  Vitro    

N6 M.  Leoa,  B.  Ranjkeshb,  G.  Pasquantonio  a,  R.  Condo  a,  H.  Løvschall  b  

aDepartment of  Clinical  Sciences  and  Translational  Medicine,  University  of  Rome  Tor  Vergata   bInstitute  of  Dentistry,  Health,  Aarhus  University,  Aarhus  C,  Denmark  

An in-­‐vitro  Comparative  Study  of  Shear  Bond  Strength  of  New  Developed   Hydraulic  Calcium-­‐Silicate  Versus  Conventional  Cements      

N7 L.  Degli  Espostia  ,  F.  Carellaa  ,  J.  Gomez  Moralezb  ,  E.  Brambillac  ,  A.  C.   Ionescuc  ,  G.  B.  Ramirez-­‐Rodriguezd  ,  J.  M.  Delgado-­‐Lopézd  ,  A.  Tampieria  ,  M.   Iafiscoa   a  Institute  of  Science  and  Technology  for  Ceramics  (ISTEC),  National  Research  Council  (CNR),   Faenza  (Italy)   b  Laboratorio  de  Estudios  Cristalográficos,  Instituto  Andaluz  de  Ciencias  de  la  Tierra,  IACT   (CSIC-­‐UGR)  Armilla  (Spain)   c  Oral  Microbiology  Laboratory,  Galeazzi  Orthopedic  Institute,  Department  of  Biomedical,   Surgical  and  Dental  sciences,  University  of  Milan,  Milan  (Italy)   d  Department  of  Inorganic  Chemistry,  University  of  Granada,  Granada  (Spain)    

Citrate-­‐stabilized amorphous  calcium  phosphate  doped  with  fluoride  ions:   a  new  biomimetic  nanomaterial  in  dentistry    

N8 Piotr  Piszczek1,2  Aleksandra  Radtke1,2   1  Nano-­‐implant  Ltd.,  Gagarina  5/102,  87-­‐100  Toruń,  Poland   2  Faculty  of  Chemistry,  Nicolaus  Copernicus  University  in  Toruń,  Gagarina  7,  87-­‐ 100  Toruń,  Polan     Silver  nanograins  enrichment  of  implants  surface       N9   Aleksandra  Radtke1,2,  Piotr  Piszczek1,2   1  Nano-­‐implant  Ltd.,  Gagarina  5/102,  87-­‐100  Toruń,  Poland   2  Faculty  of  Chemistry,  Nicolaus  Copernicus  University  in  Toruń,  Gagarina  7,  87-­‐ 100  Toruń,  Poland   Customized  implants  with  biologically  active  surface       22

N10 U.  Piotrowska*ab,  M.  Sobczak  ab  

a Department  of  Biomaterials  Chemistry,  Chair  of  Analytical  Chemistry  and  Biomaterials,  Faculty  

of Pharmacy  with  the  Laboratory  Medicine  Division,  Medical  University  of  Warsaw,  Banacha  1   St.,  02-­‐097  Warsaw,  Poland   b  Department  of  Organic  Chemistry  and  Biochemistry,  Faculty  of  Materials  Science  and  Design,   Kazimierz  Pulaski  University  of  Technology  and  Humanities  in  Radom,  27  Chrobrego  St.,  26-­‐600   Radom,  Poland  

Preparation and  characterization  of  poly(ε-­‐caprolactone)  microparticles   containing  antimicrobial  peptides  for  treatment  of  local  infections       N11   Ö.  D.  Oğuza,  D.  Egea   a  Boğaziçi  University,  Institute  of  Biomedical  Engineering,  Istanbul,  34684,  Turkey  

Synthesis and  Characterization  of  Graphene  Oxide  Reinforced  Injectable   Bone  Substitutes    

N12 Asghar  Taheri-­‐Kafrania,  Hadi  Zare-­‐Zardinia   aDepartment  of  Biotechnology,  Faculty  of  Advanced  Sciences  and  Technologies,  University  

of Isfahan,  Isfahan,  81746-­‐73441,  Iran  

Ginsenoside Rh2-­‐,  Lysine-­‐  and  Arginine-­‐treated  highly  porous  graphene   oxide  nanosheests:  novel  drug  delivery  systems  with  improved  anticancer   activity   N13   Maziar  Montazerian  

a Department  of  Materials  Engineering  (DEMa),  Center  for  Research,  Technology  and  Education  

in Vitreous  Materials  (CeRTEV),  Federal  University  of  São  Carlos  (UFSCar),  São  Carlos,  SP,   13.565-­‐905,  Brazil  

Development and  Characterization  of  Enstatite-­‐Zirconia  Glass-­‐ceramic      

N14 M.  Kh.  Aripovaa,  J.  V.  Raub,  T.  O.  Namc,  J.  D.  Aripovd  

a Tashkent  Chemical  Technological  Institute,  32,  Navoiy  street,  100011,  Tashkent,  Uzbekistan   b  Istituto  di  Struttura  della  Materia,  Consiglio  Nazionale  delle  Ricerche,  Via  del  Fosso  del  

Cavaliere 100,  00133  Rome,  Italy   c  Tashkent  Chemical  Technological  Institute,  32,  Navoiy  street,  100011,  Tashkent,  Uzbekistan   d  Tashkent  Chemical  Technological  Institute,  32,  Navoiy  street,  100011,  Tashkent,  Uzbekistan  

Glass-­‐ceramic materials  of  R2O-­‐RO-­‐CaF2-­‐P2O5-­‐Al2O3-­‐SiO2  composition  for   biomedical  implant  applications    

N15 R.  De  Santisa,  A.  Gloriaa,  G.  Millaurob,  L.  Ambrosioa,  J.V.  Rauc   aIPCB-­‐CNR  Institute  of  Polymers,  Composites  and  Biomaterials,  Naples,  Italy.  


bBIOCAD Srl  Cranioplastiche  su  misura,  Rome,  Italy   cISM-­‐CNR  Istituto  di  Struttura  della  Materia,  Rome,  Italy  

The effect  of  bioactive  particles  on  mechanical  properties  of  PMMA  based   cements  for  cranioplasty    

N16 Alex  Sălana,  Mădălina  Mateia,  Laurentiu  Mogoantăa,  Iulian  Antoniacb,  Maria   Magdalena  Manoleaa,  Eduard  Ciucăa,  Horia  Manoleaa   aUniversity  of  Medicine  and  Pharmacy  Craiova,  Romania   b  University  of  Politehnica  București,  Romania  

Biodegradation evaluation  of  some  experimental  magnesium  alloys     N17   Adnan  Kosea,  Pinar  Gultekina,  Baris  Yavasb,  Gultekin  Gollerb,  Deniz  Sena   aDepartment  of  Prosthodontics,  Faculty  of  Dentistry,  Istanbul  University,  Istanbul,  Turkey   bDepartment  of  Metallurgical  and  Materials  Engineering,  Istanbul  Technical  University,  

Istanbul, Turkey  

The effects  of  different  framework  designs  and  different  materials  on   fracture  load  of  implant-­‐supported  single  crowns  after  aging   N18   Eray  Bala,  Baris  Yavasb,  Gultekin  Gollerb,  Deniz  Sena     aDepartment  of  Prosthodontics,  Faculty  of  Dentistry,  Istanbul  University,  Istanbul,   Turkey     bDepartment  of  Metallurgical  Materials  and  Engineering,  Istanbul  Technical   University,  Istanbul,  Turkey   Effects  of  Different  Sintering  Times  and  Temperatures  on  Strength  and   Adhesion  of  Zirconia  Ceramic       N19   G.  Graziania,  M.  De  Carolisa,  A.  Gambardellaa,  M.Boia,  D.  Dallarib,  L.Vivarellib,   M.  Govonib,  M.  Bernia,  M.C.  Maltarelloc,  M.Bianchia   a  Rizzoli  Orthopaedic  Institute  (IOR),  NanoBiotechnology  Laboratory  (NaBi),  Bologna,  Italy   b  Rizzoli  Orthopaedic  Institute  (IOR),  Reconstructive  Orthopaedic  Surgery  Innovative  

Techniques -­‐  Musculoskeletal  Tissue  Bank,  Bologna,  Italy   c  Rizzoli  Orthopaedic  Institute  (IOR),  Laboratory  of  Musculoskeletal  cell  biology,  Bologna,  Italy  

Nanostructured Biomimetic  Coatings  for  Orthopaedic  Implants     N20   Je  Seon  Song,a,b  Byurira  Kim,a  Yooseok  Shinc   a  Department  of  Pediatric  Dentistry,  College  of  Dentistry,  Yonsei  University,  Seoul,  Republic  of   Korea     b  Oral  Science  Research  Center,  College  of  Dentistry,  Yonsei  University,  Seoul,  Republic  of  Korea   c  Department  of  Conservative  Dentistry,  College  of  Dentistry,  Yonsei  University,  Seoul,  Republic   of  Korea   24

Comparative Study  of  Histologic  Responses  to  Pulpectomy  with  Metapex,   Metapaste,  and  Vitapex  in  Dogs'  Teeth       N21   F.  Canonicia,  A.  Zepparonib,  A.  Altigerib,  A.  Cersinib,  C.  Cocumellib,  E.   Galvanob,  A.  Fagiolob,  C.  Roncoronib,  V.  Antognettib,  G.  Pietrellab,  P.   Ghisellinic,d,  C.  Randoc,  S.L.  Torchiad,  P.  Canonicia,  F.  Di  Egidiob,  A.  Amaddeob,   R.  Eggenhöffnerc,d,  K.  Barbarob,d   aEquine  Practice  srl,  Campagnano,  Roma,  Italy.    

bIstituto Zooprofilattico  Sperimentale  Lazio  e  Toscana  “M.  Aleandri”,  Roma,  Italy     cUniversità  di  Genova,  Facoltà  di  Medicina,  Dipartimento  di  Scienze  Chirurgiche  e  Diagnostiche  

Integrate (DISC),  Genova,  Italy   dConsorzio  Interuniversitario  INBB  –  Viale  delle  Medaglie  d’Oro,  305,  00136  Roma,  Italy.    Regeneration  of  Large  Articular  Subchondral  defects  using  Adipose-­‐

derived Stem  Cells  and  Platelet-­‐Rich  Plasma      

N22 Thi  Van  Nguyen  a,  Irene  Tessaro  a,  Giuseppe  M.  Peretti  a,b,  Laura  Mangiavini     a  IRCCS  Istituto  Ortopedico  Galeazzi,  Milano,  Italy  

b Department  of  Biomedical  Sciences  for  Health,  University  of  Milan,  Milano,  Italy  

Does the  harvesting  site  influence  the  osteogenic  potential  of  MSCs?     N23   E.  Nicolaia,  S.  Frattegiani,  G.  Motoleseb,  C.  D’Agostinic,  C.  Favallic,  N.  Rosatoa  

aDepartment of  Experimental  Medicine  and  Surgery,  University  of  Rome  Tor  Vergata,  Rome,  Italy   bASI-­‐Apparecchiature  Scientifiche  Innovative,  srl  Milan,  Italy  

cClinical Micorbiology  Laboratories,  Tor  Vergata  Policlinic  Foundation,  Rome,  Italy  

New medical  device  for  a  rapid  and  benchless  methodology  for  batteriuria   screening      

N24 M.Fadda  a,  G.Guidi  a,  M.Cesarini  a   a  COMECER  spa,  Castel  Bolognese,  RA  

New Technologies  for  Aseptic  Production  of  Tissue  Engineering  Products