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Š 2014 by Dennis Heine

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Prerequisites Before you are being able to broadcast yourself on Youtube, you will need four things: 1.) A Webcam Logitech B910 USB HD Webcam OEM 2.) Webcam Recording Software DawnArk WebCam Recorder 3.) A good microphone Philips SBC ME 570/00 4.) A Youtube Account

Recording the video Recording your video using WebCam Recorder is really easy. First, start DawnArk WebCam Recorder and hit the „Record“ button (1). Now video recording will start. After you have finished, click on „Stop“ (2) Click on „Open Folder“ (3) to open the folder your video has been saved to. Note down the file path and file name for later use.

Uploading to Youtube 1) Login to your Youtube account and hit „Upload“

2) Click „Select Files to Upload“

3) Select the file you have recorded before and hit „Open“ Your video will be uploaded now.

4) Now you will have to enter your video details. -enter your video caption at (1) -enter a description at (2) -enter some search terms at (3) -Copy the URL at (4) and note it down. This is the adress your video will be available at. -Finally hit „Publish“ (5) to save your video.

That's it! You have successfully created your Youtube video :)

Broadcast yourself on youtube  
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