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What makes the Volkswagen vehicles famous? Initially introduced as a just another transporter, the VW transporter T2, has gone on to become one of the widely and conventionally used vehicle, for long distance journeys. This model was derived from the Volkswagen first type; it instantly went on to become one of the popularly used vehicles in daily life. What are the best things about this car? This car, which is manufactured by the Volkswagen Company, is modified according to high-tech technicians. The best thing about this vehicle is that not only is it spacious, but it also runs on bio-fuel. It is well within one’s budget, and it is because it is built very economically.      

This car is available in both 4 seater and 5 seater types. A water-cooled power vehicle is provided and the fuel used is unleaded. The exterior of the car has a great paint finish. The seating is very modern and it has got a hand-built interior Choice of customization is also provided The design is timeless and it has been liked over generations

What is the VW Festival? This is the largest international bus festival in the world. This festival takes place every year in UK. In this festival, owners, enthusiasts and lovers of Volkswagen assemble to celebrate their favorite car company. A lot of festivity, celebrations, people, and trade can be found in this occasion. In short there is everything that can amuse a car lover. A very comprehensive entertainment program is arranged for the people and it is celebrated for three days.     

The best show ground and the top facilities have been used. Excellent indoor and outdoor facilities are provided, so that the staged event can become an instant success. Great drainage facilities are provided and the roadways are cleared and made commutable. This event showcases the best vehicle display ever. Display of at least 400 vehicles is carried out.

Therefore, this is the one of the greatest shows ever. It is a privilege being there during this period. People from distant places also try to make it to the festival during these three days and enjoy it with friends and family. The event is larger than life and it is the celebration of the successful years of glory of Volkswagen. An absolutely massive vehicle display is arranged. This also provides a very spacious sales area. The prices and booking system are arranged beforehand. The crowd multiplies with every passing year and the exquisite features of new and old Volkswagen cars are displayed. Fun at the festival It is also a great place to buy car parts, accessories and even the vehicles. Rides, entertainment and fun elements are numerous. Thus, one can have the time of his life. Arranged for both young and adults, this festival is a success every year. This year, it occurred in august. So, for those who have missed it, the videos of the event are available on certain websites. It is a place for all and it welcomes all. Special arrangement for security is made, so that total uninhibited entertainment can be enjoyed. This is where



every Volkswagen lover wants to be and therefore, the grandeur of the place cannot go unnoticed. Tickets and dates should be kept track of from a much earlier period.

VW bus-fest, an unending trail for automobile fans You are an automobile crazy freak and nothing gets you as excited as zooming vehicles, then is absolutely the event for you. Currently known to be the largest International Bus-fest in the world especially for those who are VolksWagen loyalist, takes place every once a year in UK. Making its debut in the year 1994, as a Vanfest in Malven Show ground in UK, this event soon garnered more interest among owners, visitors of the event and people who generally love automobile shows. So why exactly is the busfest such a big event and why would it gather so much interest among people? The answer to that is, it is known to be the only fest in the world that can host 400 VW vehicles or more at a time. This 3 day event unlike many others is sure to enthrall people of ages, with an additional evening entertainment which is free even today since the last 20 years. Boasting about the best indoor and outdoor facilities to host such a large event, this event is surely going to keep you hooked to your seats. Tarmac roads that have been well maintained especially for the event is almost the highlight of this show. To see plenty of VW owners, dime a dozen vehicles, tourists and enthusiast all gathered under one roof is a sight in itself. This premiere fest is in fact a great avenue for people looking to buy a VW bus, as purchasing one here will give you a complete insight by experts and owners of VW. While picking your own car can be a very challenging thing, what with your wife wanting something else, while your child dreams of a something else. The busfest provisional program comprises of various sub categories. Its 300 trade stands, Auto jumble, vehicle sales, charity auction, cooking in a camper, children’s entertainers, crèche, evening entertainment, show and shine, model show and shine, vehicle displays, well-travelled transporters, alternative engines, club displays, split screen alley, 50 shades of bay, wedge street, bus-fest cinema, tuning workshop, vancy dress (all known as fancy dress in common man’s language), games, treasure hunt and synchro obstacle course and off road trail are among the things you can expect at this event. Whether you are looking for a day to spend with your out of town friend, or for a complete family day out filled with entertainment, then this would be a wonderful place for you to go to. If you have kids that are quite a handful, there is also the facility of leaving your kids at the crèche at the event, while they have a good time playing around you can have a look at everything and come back to check at them. Cooking food at the camper is a spectacular event for those who love to whip out stuff at the kitchen. It gives you a glimpse into how owning a VW bus, is not just a luxury but a way of life. If you thought your children will get bored at an event like this, you will be surprised how thrilled and occupied your kids are once they get involved with children’s entertainers. While this show is all about automobiles, the evening entertainment is a good way to finish the event for the day. However, walking into this event requires a wee bit of planning. Considering how packed this event is, you are required to purchase your tickets much in advance.


BUSFEST Experience Great Britain the right way, be at the Three Counties Showground!

You are into gardening and you can never kill the enthusiasm in you when you look at a different species of flower and herb you haven’t come across earlier? Then this is something that will get you super excited. The three counties showground is a huge platform for those who love showcasing their talent and exhibiting what they have mastered. You are a traveler and every year you scratch out the place you have already visited from your bucket list, then you must by all means re-consider this year to witness among the greatest event in the Britain country side. This event will not only give you an opportunity to be a part of it but will also give the chance to explore the remote country side that is normally never talked about in most travel shows. Often there is very little coverage for cities that so not fall in the list of the top metropolitan cities in the world. It in fact in the country side which consists of small town ships in the countries of the world where with little modern advancements and facilities that they still maintain their rich traditional value and form a union to keep their culture alive and kicking. As you are reading yourself for attending the Three Counties Showground, it will do you a lot of good by surfing the internet to purchase the tickets online before you reach the destination. This event is normally jam packed and promises to keep every visitor amused throughout the day with the many colors of this show. Known for its celebration of the British farming world and the entertainment it has to offer, this event garners an interest in people from all over the world. It’s a fun show not only for adults looking for some tips on farming but also for youngsters and children as there is plenty for everyone. If you are a family and you are simply looking for a way to spend your day in exciting company of others, along with a chance to learn so much more than you already know in an array of subjects, this is definitely the thing for you. The entertainment show at held at the main arena, comprises of a dog show, Royal signals white helmet motor bike show and plenty of Jumping and jousting by the devils horsemen. Your eyes will be glued at those lovely well pedigree horses you have seen in a very long time. The livestock competition and sheep shearing, lifestyle farming and the sheep show will get you interested especially if you are a city girl and don’t know much about it. The beer and honey sections also features competition classes for honey and can give you a crash course on forgotten skills that our ancestors used in the early ages. There is also a wide range of antiques that one could be interested in if you like collecting old arty-facts. If you are a connoisseur, a food critic or simply a foodie the cookery theatre, cheese and cider along with a farmers market to pick the most fresh and organic item s to pick from, are among the things that will keep you satisfied all day long. This also gives many such people living in the country side to come out with their family secrets and show what only they know, there by shining in such shows and receiving plenty of accolades for their hard work and interest.

VW Festival Busfest Malvern



Over the years VW Festival has converted from a small time event to the largest global bus festival. Have a look at what it has to offer? It all started way back in the year 1994 at Malvern Show ground. The event at that point of time came to be known as the VANFEST. After 19 years today, it has turned out to be the largest among all the BUSFESTIVALs held across the globe. Event Location and Time Held annually, this year’s event took place at the place of its origin; Malvern for three full days during the second week of September. It was a gala event with over eight thousand vehicles and three hundred trade stands with around 25,000 participants from all parts of the planet earth. For spectators, the show offered everything they could expect in an international BUSFEST of repute. Best part of it was that they all got a chance to deal with VW transporters in the way they desired to. Popularity of the Event It goes without saying that the event in popular both in the spectators and in the trading circles. Reasons that contribute to such popularity are –  Spectators have views of multiple top class vehicles and have a feel of their performances.  The trade show provides a platform for traders to reach out to huge numbers of potential buyers.  It is a moment to savour for users of transport vehicles. The immense popularity of the festival is manifest in the announcement that delighted every VW Camper that a similar show would be organized next year again. Reasons to Visit Busfest What the reasons for visiting the Busfest trade fare could be?  It is one of the best; if not the very best; event for all transport lovers.  The VW festival is meant not only for individuals but for their families as well.  You will experience some of the best as well as comprehensive entertainment programs in the festival.  Not only are there entertainment programs for people of all ages but they are also provided free of cost for the viewers.  Facilities offered by the organizers for both participants as well as the viewers are great and fits with their requirements and budget as tailor made.  Facilities provided are highlighted by some of the best fixed indoor and outdoor facilities. Drainage system is nice and tarmac roads are provided for the participants and visitors. Upcoming Event Promises A number of promises are made by the organizers for the upcoming festival scheduled to be held next year at the same venue. There will be incentives not only for VW camper but for all concerned. Some of the promises are –    

Spescial display of vehicles besides traditional display. VW display will commence with no less than 400 vehicles. Trade show will take place with largest display area for such events greater than anywhere else on the globe. Icing on the cake would be a very large sales area that will certainly attract transport enthusiasts.

On their part the organizers make it clear that the promises made are meant to be fulfilled and not made for the sake of publicity stunts. They also request the prospective visitors to check their program itinerary if they do not have any previous experience of being present in the event. Such announcements are likely to boost the confidence levels of prospective visitors and participants to the event.

What makes the Volkswagen vehicles famous?  

Initially introduced as a just another transporter, the VW transporter T2, has gone on to become one of the widely and conventionally used v...

What makes the Volkswagen vehicles famous?  

Initially introduced as a just another transporter, the VW transporter T2, has gone on to become one of the widely and conventionally used v...