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Creative Media Practice I am here to present to you my concept video in response to Assessment Task 1 – Individual Artefact. I will discuss the following subjects; •






Final Artefact Triptych QR Codes Isadora Annotations !

Previous Work

In camera effects using a mirrored prism

Legends of Flight Here is the device I created mounted on a tripod. I initially thought about continuing to work in this medium. Opening up new ways to use reflections and create a triptych with no post production work effects.

Influences My first thoughts were to revisited past influences such as Soviet era filmmaker Dziga Vertov. Expanding on this idea was to research other photographers and filmmakers who have mirrors in other creative ways. Some of key examples you will find on my blog.

 Seokmin Ko (1984-) Korean Photographer work stood out. Reminded me of an album I owned using geometric shapes.


Brothomstates - Claro (2002) Warp Records


U2 - Horizon (2009)

Inspired •

Possible locations.




New Brighton

West Kirby


Gower Peninsula Caswell Bay, Langland Bay


Popular summer resort with a strong surfing community. 
 I wanted to document the offseason activities and the
 relationship between tide and coast line.

Delivery Gallery Space

Aspect Ratio After various experimentation with still photos before filming I decided to go with a collection of three16x9 screens. As it offered a cinematic feel even wider than 2:35.1.

Composition Benefits working in this format. •

Post framing and adjusting composition.

The ability to add vertical motion.

Drawbacks included •

difficulty in finding narrow subjects and wide angle lens.

Deaf Center Norway (2003 – present) Deaf Center are collaborators Erik Skodvin (AKA Svarte Greiner, Xhale, Solitaire Albread) and Otto Totland (AKA Supine, Nest), operating out of Norway since 2003. • • • • •

Ambient Modern Classical Electronic Experimental Idm

Owl Splinters (2011) Type Records

Aims & Objects •

Visually Cinematic

Atmospheric Music Video

Building Tension & Suspense

Narrative of the Tides changing



Triptych effect not becoming tiresome


Did not interfere with narrative

Screening Allow me to present my concept video. !


duration 6:20

(rough cut)

requires some further editing, sharpening and some shots to be graded. !

It should hopefully give you the impression of what it aims to achieve.


Adobe Premiere Pro Plug-ins Magic Bullet, FX Studio, Boris Effects

Post-Production Using Various methods •

Allowed for quick experimentation

Easy manipulate

Unexpected results. !

These included…

Op-Tile effect Difficult to find balance in effect becoming distracting when overused and sticks out when appears only one or two times in a 6 minute video.

Overlaying Masks Interesting effect patch work effect. It would need to be applied to the whole video or majority of parts to work together.

Mirror Distracting when overused, sticks out when appears one or two times in a 6 minute video.

Cinematography Ultimately decided that the footage I shot was visually strong enough to stand on it’s own once graded.

Enhancements So not to become overbearing in the 6:20 length duration use the form triptych sporadically.

Waveform At certain events within the timeline to pick out times when it was appropriate to provoke the audience.

Colour Grading Un Flic - Jean-Pierre Melville (1972)

Future Development I would further develop my final artefact.

Faster pace during action montages

Tighter editing to the music

Explore adding effects such as mist and fog

Additional Footage The project has lots of unused footage I have yet to review and utilise. Further potential.


New Beginnings  

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