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Project Brief

I have been asked to complete a project relationed to portraiture. My initial idea was to take photos of people in a landscape and create a powerpoint presentation with lots of these photos and explaining what they mean one by one. However, when I found out that the school’s christmas festival was taking place, I didn’t doubt it for a second, I decided to make a project on elian’s and its christmas festivals by taking photos to the children in a nice environment and dressed up with their costumes. I really liked this idea because I will be able to take lots of colourfull pictures and from different angles because I am lucky enough to have a seet in the first row. This will permit me to move around the stage ant take photos of every situation and angle. These are the reasons that convinced me of selecting this project instead of the landscape-person project. Also, other than the festivals, I am going to promote elian´s as a school so I will focus on primary students while playing in the patio or playing any sports while they are in their P.E lessons. In conclusion, this project will be based on a promotional booklet showing costumers how students at Elian’s learn and have fun while being at school.

Specification– Produce a promotional leaflet/booklet on Elian’s and its Christmas festivals

I decided to produce and create a booklet promoting elian’s as a school and its christmas festivals. In order to be succesfull, I have decided to search for other promotional booklets or leaflets regarding christmas so that I can be inspired on other projects. From this, I could gather different ideas from different booklets so that they can be used by me in the project. My booklet has to show these specifications: •Lots of photographs •Has to be coulourfull (various colours around the booklet) •Has to have christmas decoration/layout •Research about the photographicall techniques I am going to use . •Decide how I am going to take the photos. •Has to clearly show where the Christmas section starts.

Use of description Macro

Atmosphere of photograph

Rule of thirds



Golden section

Composition Font

Using objects to change identity


Portraiture Teers Feelings


Editing RAW



Photoshop Normal situations


First person

Rain of ideas •Reserve some pages just to show a whole page of photographs. •Clearly show where each section starts. •Write a brief explenation below each photograph •Use font to create the layout of the booklet. •Use different font colours to attract the readers attention and to make it pleasant for the costumer’s eye. •Use an appropiate image for the front page. •Again, make the front page attractive. •Use an appropiate background (maybe a light gray background for

These are some images I could use for the Academic & Elian’s sports section

These are some images I could use for the Elian’s Christmas Festival.

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