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In 2017 students embarked on a new A Level Graphic design course, providing an opportunity for these young designers to explore and create individual art work that develop solutions to visual questions. The project briefs are designed to ecncourage understanding and skills in a structured way but also offer the opportunity for students to explore a wide range of techniques and genre that they may have an personal affinity with. These student designers are encouraged to develop their own personal responses to a range design problems. Both the evolvement of ideas and production of final art work are a result of their developing self confidence and understanding.

This site is not designed as a portfolio of their final art work but as a showcase of a journey. It contains visuals that are experimental, ideas and thoughts that reflect their personal responses, exerts from project briefs and of course a selection of final design solutions.

Not every image or piece of design has to come from a carefully crafted and ordered source. Accidental, chaotic and random marks can provide inspiration for design wherever they can be found.

Students were asked to experiment with a range of media and markmaking techniques to create a collection of a random and arbirtary images. These marks would then form the basis for further development whereby students could add more control and text to the process. Finally we asked them to produce a logo that would reflect the nature of a brand, however the nature of the design work had to reflect the nature of their experimentation.



primary source.

original; not derived or subordinate; fundamental; basic.

(in scholarly studies) pertaining to or being a firsthand account, original data, visual recording etc., or based on direct knowledge, as in primary source; primary research.

Observational drawing Photography

Promotional Poster

Perspective Copyright issues Commercial Colour Repro Styles and Influences Pallett Introduction to Type Photoshop Illustrator Scamps and Visuals

restricted colour pallet for print

research the work of others

explore a range of techniques

Artwork produced by year 12 students enrolled on the A Level Graphic Design course.

Christopher Whitehead Language College and Sixth Form Š 2018