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Education 2004-2012 Fényi Gyula Jesuits High School art-history faculty other course: Avasi High School– graphicdesigner studies, drawing and painting teacher: Homonna György (fine artist) Miskolci Galéria – painting/drawning teacher: Fata György (iparművész) 2012- 2015 Eszterházy Károly College - Visual Art Department graphic designer Work Experience 2015

- Cut out Darkness w/ Behance Japan × Panasonic - Team Experience Iconset & identity - Palm Beach surf & skate identity 2014 - X.MAGYAR TÁNCFESZTIVÁL – exhibition with my new identity idea of this festival - THE SHOWCREW- abum cover- t-shirt design, webdesign - Stylewalker Day & Night (Design week) Budapest, Insitu w/Drez - Pécs Portfolio Review, Pécs 2013 - Szentendrei „street art” art camp – by Partium Katolikus Egyetem /Nagyvárad/ - Typotex Book cover competition 2nd award - Streetfashionbudapest - fashion archive - new identity – 1st award - Eszterházy Károly College - Club of Student - flyer designs - Owner of Scarecrow design - Vagus Comic Book – guest illustrating 2012-13-Grindrise Clothing - t-shirt design 2012 - Vermifuge Comic Book – guest illustrating - Martyr Clothing - t-shirt design Exhibitions - Reakció VOL1. &VOL 2. - 2015. March - Szeged, Eger - SCARECOROW exhibition - 2015. February, Budapest - Stylewalker Day & Night exhibition - Insitu, Budapest 2015. September - ”Vad” Group Exhibiton in Jogjakarta (my installation, namely “The Cave” is in the indonesian public collection of fine arts)- 2014. June - “megemészTETT” exhibiton in Eger at Gallery of Student - 2014. April, Eger Awards - Bebas-tam font 3rd place in 2015 of free fonts by Designpots - Stephen King book cover was in the 25 Inspiring Book Cover Designs by Theultralinx





X. HUNGARIAN DANCE FESTIVAL 2013 - identity, dynamic logo /Eger)


A concept of this logotype is based on the movement of the picture below what is shaping a letter M. The variants I hade came up later gave the final concept. First I kept the curles of the balette skirt, after I selected a fixed point and used it as a focal point. The logo is a metaphore of different kinds of balette movements, steps. The logo could work without the border shapes as well. The identity follow the rules of dynamic logo, Every part gets one version of logo, and in the webdesign show the menu acts and works as a logo.


DONE - EKF DIPLOMA IDENTITY 2014 - identity (Eger)

elektronikus ábrázolás


képi ábrázolás

plasztikai ábrázolás


JIZZ TV 2015 - identity (Eger)



SCARECROW (OWN IDENTITY) 2015 - identity (Eger)

The Scarecrow name was based on the most formidable character from Batman, he changed the perpective of each and every area of the life, just like my haracters too. My identity is not just a graphic studio, it’s an opportunity to fight with the gaps between the contemporary art and the old fashion from the 90’s.


It may sound complicated, but we try to mix the old style illustrations with the modern typography. My illustrations are like the old cartoon characters with some brutality and flabbergasting or sometimes scaryness.

naive polite spirited subservient hard-working hissy

naive polite spirited subservient hard-working hissy

HAUG - # BADMOTHERFUCKER - 2014 illustration & poster



Dekoratio - Believe in Better 2014 - posters (Eger)

The title of this poster competition is “Believe in Better’ from the Dekoratio brand studio. My concept based on a lot of people ‘s social life and they don’t care about anyone, just their phone, MP3 player and that’s it. Our main character tries to ask some kind of help, but the black characters don’t really take care about him.


The negative terms symbolize the rude behavior, but in the background we can find our way to be better. The other white character with a board with Dekoratio written on it is symbolize the hope in the gray weekdays.

posters - International Compost Awareness Week Poster Contest 2015 (Eger)

The little ghosts rising from the coffin symbolize a religious ritual. In order to represent the compost and to fulfill this ritual I used scrapings and different kinds of seeds and created a coffin shape. This represents a special world which for me is a metaphor for both recycling and respecting Mother Earth.

I usually create illustrations so I thought I would make profit of this gift in this case. Also, I could use my design typography. The compost itself means a whole new opportunity for showing my art skills through the disintegrating and ugly process of the different materials.


# 426

ABC FREE FONT 2014 - fonts (Eger)

This font is based on my handwriting. I’ve chosen the “ABC “ as a name, because there is an illustration book also with all the character. a=ananász (pineapple in Hungarian) I tried to illustrate the weird words, like bomb, chicken. The kids didn’t know these words when they began to

speak. The advantage of this font shows itself when it comes to using it for illustration books, using it as a display font or in cases of onomatopic words in comics. The capital and small letters can be mixed because of the fact that the font is very dynamic.


BEBAS-TAM FREE FONT FAMILY 2014 - fonts (Eger)


The foundation of my whole project was well-chosen font which can easily be modified in a way how it gets a brand new meaning. As a result, I have used the Bebas font of Riochi Tsunekawa (Dharma Type Foundry). I have already met the Bebas characters before (as it was used on flyers, banners, headers of websites and other advertising surfaces). I had to face a very complex challenge when I started the redesigning process. I was paying extra attention on keeping the font characteristics as untouched as possible although I have rotated all the letters by 15




degrees. The other important thing for me me was to have a product which can also be used as a display font. I have produced an inverse italic version which came handy when I was giving a name to my font. The Bebas-tam (I’m drunk in Hungarian) was my choose since the rotation and connecting illustrations of the letters can all easily be associated with drinking and being drunk. The content of the font family: Regular, Bold , Light , Book


Bebas-Tam Beer 2014 - packaging (Eger)

This beer packaging based on the title of my free font. It’s called Bebas-tam. It means “I got drunk” in hungarian, that’s why I made a beer packaging. The packaging shape is following the the font trasformed parameters. ( -15°) The packaging contents also the illsutrations from the presentation of Bebas-tam free font. The taste of beer is disgusting. The point is that, if you drink you will take a vomit or something crazy thing. The alcohol volume is 6,66 % like 666. It’ s just a number mysticism, It’ s symbolized something dark or against nature.


TSC-THESHOWCREW 2014 - album cover (BP)


For my good friends ‘TheShowCrew’ from Hungary! The album cover is based on the mixed suoerheroes from Marvel and DC comics too. The superheros’ abilities are symbolized the most important features of music. The T-shirs are symbols of the self-portraits of the band members. I had lots of fun because of the style of this project.

GRINDRISE CLOTHING 2014 - textil design (BP)

I have participated in two spring and summer series of Grindrise Clothing. First time, the main topic, famous films and charachters. So I adopted from the Pulp Fiction movie. Later, I join the world of videogames, that’s why I’ve choosen the most popular videogame charachter: Super Mario!




I created a new cover and layot design for those main events what can easily the three wellknown bestseller. Stephen epxress the story of book by some visually King is my all-time-favourite writer, interesting typographic solutions. This inspired me a lot since my childhood. I’ ve is how the dog, the connection between chosen the Cujo, Cell and the It, as the first the ears or the clowns character can three piece of the series. I chosed the Cujo, symbolize the actual book. because it was my first experience in the world of Stephen King. The main part of the design base on the keycharacters, and


TALAJ 2015 - comic book (Eger)

I have been thinking about the idea of giving a new approach to my illustrations for a long time. That is why I have chosen the comic style. Given the situation that my brother established a comic publisher, the afterlife of my work was already resolved. I work in black-and-white style so that I asked for a very depressing story which shows the destruction of the illusion of an idyllic family and career. The base of the whole story is an inner monologue in which the protagonist has real and


nominal thoughts. Our “hero� is placed deep down into the society, where he switches spaces, times, dimensions and his own symbol system created by me. The plot is very confused so it is based on a short and grotesque nub. Because of the fact that comic style is on the cutting edge of graphic design, in order to create a more complex project I have created a package design. It is covered with a special pattern where some items show up in the story as well.

THE CAVE installations - 2014 (INDONESIA,JOGJAKARTA)

The name (CAVE) is based on the ancient painting of a cave, because my illustrations’ textures on these wooden boards are about the same. The illustration’s topics are about my own world (my own space) and the characters were personal experiences too. The first board is about my SEL F- E X PRE SSION illustration, symbolizing my style and the topic of my illustrations.


The ‘Coraline’ character is the most important milestone for me, as a character as a story. The last board is about the elephant, as the most important symbol of the Indonesian culture. The technique used here was acrilyc on 3 boards.The 4th board is empty, because of thevisitors, they have an opportunity topaint something personal too. (SIZE: 240 × 120 cm /piece.)

SHITTING GORILLA 2014 - installations (Tiszafüred)

I had an opportunity to spent a whole week in an art camp at Tiszafüred. As a result I made a shitting gorilla as a guardian of the camp (size:about 220×170 cm). It’s made of about 20 meters of wire and 400-500 meters of leaf.

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