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ing south of Boston, was on the hunt for a farm to homestead in New England. The family thought it had found just the right place in Maine, but when that sale fell through, Shane went back on his hunt. He found Aldworth Manor on Zillow, in a town he had visited once, a stop at Harrisville Country Store. Shane, who has a masters in choral conducting, had been spending summers in Italy, and when he saw the manor, it reminded him of the Italian countryside. “I fell in love with Italy and its rich history and culture,” he says. “Had I not found Aldworth, I quite possibly would have moved there. The farms and old villages always just felt right to me deep down, and Aldworth and Harrisville are very similar in this respect. When I drove up the hill for the first time, even in its diminished state, I knew that this place was what I had been waiting on and was the perfect match for me here in the States.” “When Shane first came up here, it was like a war zone,” says Tammy, who in addition to having a doctorate in educational leadership, is also an accomplished pianist. “But the second he saw it, he was like ‘This is it.’ And the second the other three of us saw it, we all knew it, too. We had been looking for three or four years at all kinds of farms and properties, but this changed everything.” Roger adds that they had looked at many farms in New England over several years while visiting Shane when he was living south of Boston. “None of them seemed to be the right fit until we found Aldworth,” says Roger. “Once we saw it, even though it was in disrepair, we knew this was the place we had been searching for all these years.”


Page 11: An aerial view of The Aldworth Manor taken at sunset; inset: left to right, co-owners of the manor, Shane, Tammy, Roger and Jorden Long. Page 12: A renovated room at the manor This page, above: The Aldworth Manor hosts elegant weddings and other events Next page: Renovation details at the Aldworth Manor

Tammy says the prospect of the family working together to rehabilitate the manor and return it to its former glory was exciting. “Before finding the manor,” she says, “Shane’s dream Continued on next page.

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