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Welcome to Henbury

‘‘It used to be quite a scary place, we were on tv a lot. Things have mega improved since then though’’

There’s lots of help for the older generation like lunch clubs and walk in groups. There are painting classes I think and they also organise coach trips.

There are lots of things to do, I’m just busy with all my walking and vounteering here.

I think the reason kids do hang around on the street is because there isn’t really a lot to for them. There’s the youth club, not many go though and if they do they are around 11 or 12. It’s the older ones that need more to do.

Yeah Henbury never used to be a very nice place at all, it has got a lot better though. A lot of the community have tried really hard to improve it. Now it’s just a few people that aren’t helping that.

The shop does get busy, people like coming in and seeing all the animals. I judge the annaul flower show. It will be the 24th Henbury flower show this year. I think it is very important to have a strong sense of community and to have annaul events like this

Youth forum they created the BS10 pledges mosaic and also a calender celebrating all the great things about Henbury

The Libary is great. You can go in there and us the computers. Yeah we run clubs here, benefit and rent help on Tuesdays. We also do story times and link age which is help for young and old people. So help is available for everyone really. It does get quite busy, once the school kids finish school the computers get quite busy.

The shops on Crow lane are ok, you can get all your basics there. I think there are too many food places though. But the buses are quite frequent and the stop is close to where I live so it’s very easy to travel to do shopping.

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A small book created to show what people of Henbury in Bristol thought of the place they lived

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