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On the

Far Side

of the

Fire Jessica Wilbanks

“When the world gets filthy, people will try to find a way to clean it up again.”




Weekend Colin Winnette

“I couldn’t say more.”


the only mark we have not considered is the question mark. Any questions? Any questions?



essay Angela Woodward

Time and Temperature Adam Peterson

“In the town where I grew up there was a line you could call that told you everything except how it would feel to know.”

Dispatches from War Adam Peterson

“I don’t know who the enemy is or if I can run all the way back to you before they get me.”

Ariel Lewiton


“Everything is cold and sharp: the air now that the sun’s gone down, the salt wind rolling in off the harbor, this thing caught at the back of my throat, whatever it is.”


The Dilemma

Robyn Joy Leff

“So what else did I forget?”

“Still, if I could hold onto it I would.”

The Instructor’s Discretion Robyn Carter


Katherine Colin Winnette

“She was already seeping down into the planks and spreading across the floor, broadening strong along the wood and becoming the lamps and books, the walls, the door.�

A Dictionary

of Xinjiang Shen Wei

“The first man is

prejudice, the second

sentimentality, and the third


Provenance; Or, Notes to a Vanquished Archive Robyn Carter

“Wëli Kishku! Wëli Kishku!” (“Today is a beautiful day!“)

“Not in the graceful arc of a dive— though, it was kind of like that, your body becoming a knife and then disappearing.”

The Adirondacks David Welch

A Scatology Jessamyn Schnackenberg

“Zero —the shape that comes to mind — in its most common, most practical functions makes everything the same as or equal to itself.”



Day Caitlin O’Neil

“Reality, she thinks, is what goes on behind the scenes, in rooms like this one, where love is stolen when no one else is looking, where people leave evidence of their desire.�

You Are



Good Nalini Jones

“For now I enjoy being not quite beautiful but fresh, my skin tender and mottled as an infant’s, and I walk back the way I have come, along Indian streets, newborn.”

A Formula

for Infinity

Toast A Birthday

between Two Seas Krasimira Zafirova

“the world has no end except it always burns the toast in this pre - Columbian spring�

“weighted by their marrow— flightless birds want the sky freed from the fabric of his skull”


Sacrum R.A. Villanueva

Three Expressions of El Tío Zoey Farber

Five Characteristics of the Genus Tragelaphus Zoey Farber

Monique Marchwiany This is the limited Plan B edition of Ninth Let ter vol. 10.2. The only text used in this edition are the last lines of the oringal prose and peotry. Champaign, IL Fall 2013

Ninth Letter: Plan B  

This is my alternative version of the Fall 2013 Ninth Letter literary publication.

Ninth Letter: Plan B  

This is my alternative version of the Fall 2013 Ninth Letter literary publication.