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March town council The Town Hall, Market Place, March, PE15 9JF Tel 01354 653709 Fax 01354657786 Email Office Hours

Mon-Wed 8am - 4pm Fri 8:30am - noon

March North Councillors Cllr. Mike Cornwell

Cllr. Malcolm George

07732 558290

01354 655768 / 07855 829341

Cllr. Stephen Court

Cllr. Trevor Quince

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01354 653761

March east Councillors Cllr. Bernard Keane

Cllr. Andrew Pugh

07941 113536

07951 735446

Cllr. Gavin Philpott

Cllr. Mark Purser

07971 810352

01354 652519 / 07732 654535

March west Councillors Cllr. Steve Count

Cllr. Kit Owen

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Cllr. Jan French

Cllr. Robert Skoulding

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01354 657640 / 07733 008448

Prize draw As a thank you for completing this questionnaire, March Town Council will be giving a ÂŁ50 cash prize to the first three completed responses drawn from a hat. The draw will take place at 10am on Christmas Eve on March Market Place. In order to be entered, simply fill in your details opposite when completing your questionnaire.

What is a Town Plan?

Government policy, implemented in Fenland District Councils' Core Strategy, has identified March as a core centre for growth in the area over the next 20 years. Over this time, March will have to accommodate up to 4200 new homes (currently we have just under 11000 homes and business premises). A Town Plan allows you, the people of March, to have your say in how these houses, along with other key infrastructure such as Schools & Leisure Facilities are developed. Once adopted, the Town Plan will become a key part of the legal planning framework, and FDC will have to give significant consideration to it when making any planning decisions in March. Why do we need the March Town Plan?

We have already seen with the Estover development proposal that Fenland District Councils' Core Strategy looks at March in a far too simplistic way, considering what is best for Fenland as a whole and not the particular needs of March. The March Town Plan will redress this balance, putting the future development of our Town firmly in the hands of all of us who live here. Why should you care?

As a Town, we have a legal requirement to make provision for up to 4200 new homes over the next 20 years. That doesn't mean they will all necessarily be built, but we need to show where they will go if needed. This is your chance to help make that decision, along with what other essential services March should give priority to as our Town expands. The more responses to this questionnaire we receive, the better the March Town Plan can reflect the wishes of the people who matter most: You - the March Town People.

Your details


Name Address

Contact Tel. No. Your details will only be used for the purpose of administering the prize draw and will not be shared with any external organisation.

About You 1.

How long have you lived in March? (tick one year group) 0-5 Years


6 - 10 Years

21 - 25 Years

Over 25 Years


How many people of each age group live at your address?

Under 5 Years


16 - 20 Years

Are You? Male


11 - 15 Years

6 - 12 Years

13 - 18 Years

19 - 30 Years

31 - 50 Years

51 - 65 Years

Over 65 Years

What is the Post Code of your home address?

Housing priorities 5.

Over the next 20 years, March will need up to 4200 more homes. In order to achieve this, what priority would you give to the following type of locations? High

Small developments of 1-5 dwellings within existing housing estates throughout the Town. Groups of up to 25 dwellings spread across a wide variety of sites. Large developments of up to 100 dwellings within or adjacent to existing Town boundaries. Larger developments of several hundred dwellings adjacent to, or just outside existing Town boundaries. Very large developments of 1000+ dwellings outside of existing Town boundaries. (e.g. West of bypass) Isolated developments of single dwellings in rural areas. (e.g. Farmhouses)



Don’t Know

Housing needs 6.

Considering current local availability & needs, what priority should be given to the following types of housing? High



Don’t Know

Executive Homes Family Homes Starter Homes Flats Affordable (rental / shared ownership) Housing Association Homes Retirement Housing Sheltered Housing Any other type of housing?


Might you, a family member, or anyone else you know be looking for alternative accommodation in March over the next 5 years? (tick one box) Yes



Don’t Know

If ‘Yes’, What type of accommodation would be required? (tick one box on each line)


Single Person








1 Bedroom

2 Bedrooms

3 Bedrooms

4 or more Bedrooms


Housing Association

Shared Ownership

Private Rental

Open Market Sale


Do you believe the March Town Plan should encourage developments of housing with more amenity space? (larger gardens, off street parking, bin storage etc.) Yes


Don’t Know

Business & employment 10. With regards to the future development of Employment / Business facilities in March, what priority would you give to the following? High



Don’t Know

Development within the Town Centre area. Development of dedicated employment / business / retail sites outside the Town Centre. Development of employment via leisure facilities. Development of subtle employment / business / retail sites within future housing developments. Development of industrial sites on the outskirts of March.

11. Considering current local availability & needs, what priority should be given to the following types of Employment / Business development? High



Don’t Know

Offices premises for small to medium sized businesses Large office premises. Small to medium sized retail space. Large retail units or Supermarkets. Small to medium sized industrial units or warehousing. Large industrial units or warehousing.

Town centre & shopping 12. Where do you currently do the majority of your shopping? (tick one box) Town Centre

Edge of Town Retail or Supermarket

Nearby Towns

Nearby Cities


13. Considering March Town Centre, what priority should be given to the following types of usage? High



Don’t Know

Retail Food - Restaurants Food - Takeaways Financial Services Health, Hair & Beauty Leisure Facilities Charities

14. What would encourage you to do more of your shopping in March Town Centre?

15. Should shops on the outskirts of March Town Centre be allowed to be converted into housing in order to keep the core Town Centre vibrant and fully occupied? Yes


Don’t Know

Traffic & transport 16. Where do you currently travel for the following? (tick all that apply) Town Centre Work / Education Weekly food shop Daily food essentials Other shopping Pubs, Restaurants etc. Leisure Facilities (e.g. Cinema) Active Leisure (e.g. Gym) Medical Appointments

Edge Of Town

Nearby Towns




17. What type of transport do you use the most often for the following purposed? (tick one box on each line) Private Vehicle

Bus /



Community Transport

Walk / Mobility Scooter

Lift / Taxi

Work / Education Weekly food shop Daily food essentials Other shopping Pubs, Restaurants etc. Leisure Facilities (e.g. Cinema) Active Leisure (e.g. Gym) Medical Appointments

18. Should the March Town Plan encourage the provision of any of the following types of public transport as part of any new development? Yes


Don’t Know

New bus routes to more population centres. New bus stops included as part of new developments. Increased frequency of busses. Bus links to the railway station.

19. Should the March Town Plan encourage the preservation of public rights of way and access to the countryside? Yes


Don’t Know

20. Should the March Town Plan encourage the following types of road safety and traffic management initiatives? Yes Speed reduction measures at Town entrances. Speed reduction measures within new developments. More off-street parking facilities. Safer routes to schools initiatives. More dedicated cycle routes.


Don’t Know

community facilities 21. Bearing in mind March may grow by up to 4200 homes over the next 20 years, do you feel the following facilities and services would need to be improved / enhanced alongside any future developments? Significantly Primary Schools Secondary Schools Further / Adult Education Doctors Surgeries NHS Dentists Other Medical Services Library Leisure (e.g. Cinema, Bowling) Active Leisure (e.g. Swim, Gym) Sports Venues Food Outlets / Restaurants Cultural Facilities (e.g. Theatre) Shopping Facilities Police Service Fire Service Ambulance Service Youth Facilities Community Buildings Places of Worship Waste Recycling Sites Fast Broadband Access Mobile Network Coverage Power / Gas Supply Water / Sewerage Any other facilities?


Not At All

Don’t Know

Sport & active leisure 22. As part of any major new developments, significant funding may be available to develop leisure facilities within March. What priority would you give to the following? High



Don’t Know

Swimming Pool Gym Cycling Routes Outdoor Sports Pitches Athletics Facilities Courts (e.g. Squash, Tennis) Parks & Open Spaces Countryside Paths & Tracks Riverside (e.g. Fishing, Boating) Bowling Skate Park / Street Sports Golf Courses Any other facilities?

23. In general, where should sport & active leisure developments be located? Close to Town Centre with easy access by foot or public transport

Edge Of Town / Out Of Town sites with more parking facilities

Don’t Know

Education 24. As March grows by up to 4200 houses over the next 20 years, an additional Secondary School will be required. What order would you rank the following three potential locations in? (rank 1 for most suitable, 3 for least suitable) To the North of March around the Estover / Creek area. To the West of March near the bypass. To the South of March, near to the existing Neale-Wade Academy

25. Facilities will also be required for younger children. Where would be the best location for the following? (tick one in each column) Child Care / Nursery


Infant Schools

Primary Schools

Town Centre Within existing housing areas. As part of new housing areas. Edge of Town sites.

Open spaces & the environment 26. Are there any publically accessible open spaces in or around March that you value for Leisure & Recreation (e.g. relaxing, walking, running, playing sport etc.)? Yes


If ‘Yes’ please specify where:

27. Are there any publically accessible open spaces in or around March that you value for their Visual Amenity (e.g. the view within, of, or from the Town)? Yes


If ‘Yes’ please specify where:

28. What priority should the March Town Plan give to encouraging the following forms of renewable energy? High Solar Electricity Solar Hot Water Ground / Air Source Heat Pumps Domestic Wind Turbines Large Scale Wind Turbines Biomass / Anaerobic Digestion



Don’t Know

29. As part of new developments, what priority should the March Town Plan give to the following environmental concerns? High



Don’t Know

Protection & improvement of existing habitats for wildlife in and around the Town. Creation and protection of new areas in and around the Town to promote wildlife & biodiversity. New developments designed to maintain and enhance wildlife & biodiversity. Enhanced opportunities to walk, run and cycle off-road in and around the Town. Creation of more publically accessible open space (e.g. parks, recreation grounds)

flooding 30. Has your household been directly affected by flooding in March over the last 12 months? Yes


31. If ‘Yes’, was this caused by? Failure to control surface run-off of water.

Failure of drains / sewers / pumps.

32. If ‘Yes’, has flooding affected you by? Damage to property.

Damage to vehicles.

Prevention of vehicular access.


33. Are there any specific sites in or around March that you consider to be at particular risk of flooding (either current or following future development)? Yes If ‘Yes’ please specify where:


Locations for future development The next 4 pages cover one of the most crucial components of the March Town Plan - the locations in which future development may take place. Inclusion of any area in the proposed development map is no guarantee that any development will take place there. Any developer wanting to build will still have to seek full planning permission and demonstrate that their proposal is worthy and meets all necessary regulations, contributions to infrastructure etc. The purpose of this development map is for you - the people of March - to have your say in how March should grow over the next 20 years. We need to make provision for appropriate locations for up to 4200 new homes, but there is also a need to include areas for education, leisure & recreation, business & industry. Some areas may be better left undeveloped, either because they are unsuitable through lack of access / infrastructure, or because they have particular amenity value as open space. Please take the time to consider each block and give your opinion to what the best use for it may be. If you have any particular comments about any of the proposed areas, or feel there is an area that has been missed out, please record these under question 35. The map to the left shows the current proposals for new housing locations under Fenland District Council’s Core Strategy (highlighted pink). No inclusion is made for other land uses. This is YOUR chance to give your opinion on how our Town should look in 20 years time.

Locations for future deve 34. Looking at the map overleaf, what do you consider the best use Business


Area west of Elm Road Creek Fen, south of Flaggrass Hill Road Area North of Estover Road Creek Fen, south of Creek Road Badgeney Fen, east of the Railway Line Area north of Upwell Road, west of the Railway Line Area south of Upwell Road Area east of Wimblington Road Area between Knights End Road & Wimblington Road Area north of Knights End Road Site of former Kingswood Park & surroundings Area between Gaul Road & Burrowmoor Road Area south west of bypass adjacent to Golf Course Area west of bypass between Grange Road & Burrowmoor Road Area west of bypass between Burrowmoor Road & River Nene Areas north and south of Whittlesey (Turves) road Area north of the Railway Line and west of Westry Area north of Hostmoor Trading Estate & west of Hundred Road


lopment for each of the areas potential development is? (tick one box in each row) Education

Active Leisure

Open Space



Don’t Know













And finally… 35. Do you have any further comments or suggestions that may be used to improve the March Town Plan?

How to return your questionnaire Once you have completed this questionnaire please detach the cover and return the inside part to any of the following locations.

Don’t forget, in order to be considered, all responses must be received by 5pm on Monday 16th December 2013. • • • • • • • • • •

March Town Hall, Council Office Wisbech Road Post Office County Road Stores Norwood Road Newsagent Station Road Newsagent March Railway Station Badgeney Road Co-Op Elwyn Road Newsagent Ellingham Avenue Newsagent Robin Hood Filling Station Alternatively, you can complete the questionnaire online at Please note that each household may only complete a paper OR online entry. Duplicate responses will be rejected.

March town plan timescale March Town Council submits notice to Fenland District Council of their intention to create a Neighbourhood Plan

12th Sep 2013

Fenland District Council launches a 6 week consultation on the proposed area and remit for the March Town Plan

30th Sep - 11th Nov 2013

Questionnaires (this book) distributed to every household in the March Town Plan area

12th - 17th Nov 2013

Final date for return of March Town Plan questionnaires

5pm Monday 16th Dec 2013

Data analysis of questionnaires and formulation of a draft March Town Plan takes place.

Dec 2013 Feb 2014

Public exhibitions and consultations for the draft March Town Plan held at various locations throughout the Town

Mar - May 2014

Results of consultation analysed and final version of the March Town Plan completed

Jun 2014

March Town Plan submitted to an Independent Examiner for scrutiny

Jul - Aug 2014

Referendum held for all residents of March to approve or reject the March Town Plan

Autumn 2014

March Town Plan Approved The plan becomes part of the legal planning framework and must be given strong consideration in any planning decisions affecting March

End of 2014

Forthcoming Community events

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Christmas Lights Christmas Market OAP Party St. George’s Fayre Summer Festival Band Concerts Weekly Markets

Alternatively, back cover could feature the consultation dates / locations if these will be known in time

March town plan questionaire v2 2 print  
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