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March for Our Lives Meeting Minutes: December 8​th​, 2018

MEETING START: 1:40 PM Introductions 2019 Plans and focuses 1. Fundraising 2. Lobbying for legislation, phone banking a. H.2093: Same day voter registration b. H.3704: Healthy Youth Act c. H.119: Commission relative to gender-responsive programming d. H.120L: Social Status of Black Men and Boys 3. Broad lobbying a. Executive board talked to national representatives about the MASS Act 4. Convention with Stop Handgun Violence Talking and/or creating a coalition of groups ● Finding groups that are willing to collaborate in advocating for goals and concerns ● Mass Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence o Western Mass Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence ● Pioneer Valley Projects ● Moms Demand Action o Springfield as well as in other chapters Other Social Issues and Projects ● Immigration o Welcoming Community Ordinance Act ▪ MFOL Springfield Press Release ▪ Will post that on our website ● Education programs/workshops in schools o Aiming on how to teach students/addressing gun violence

March for Our Lives Meeting Minutes: December 8​th​, 2018 o Reaching out to other Springfield-based schools to advocate for MFOL Springfield o Looking into other groups that do similar work, YWCA Questions, Comments, and Concerns ● Creating clubs and organizations in high schools? o Sarah talked to some students about creating clubs in high schools, most said that they were interested but never followed through o Something that is possible so long as it is feasible ▪ Phone banking, lobbying from clubs Follow-Up Action with Smith & Wesson ● Is there a S&W labor union? ● Re-visiting demands and publishing them ● Annual Stockholders meeting o Focusing on that? Billboards, similar to SHV Town hall w/ newly elected officials Phone-banking Sessions ● ● ● ●

Saturdays, later in the evenings Sundays, 2-4, 3-5, other times n’ stuff Eric Lesser Postcard writing

Community Violence Workshops ● ● ● ●

In health classes, but consistency is needed Lack of funding for resource counselors, lack of resource allocation Stop Handgun Violence advocacy toolkit Youth seats on school committees o Getting a seat on the Springfield School Committee, youth seat

Adjournment: 3:11 PM

MFOL Meeting Minutes 12-8  
MFOL Meeting Minutes 12-8