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For over 30 years, we have been manufacturing natural leather products which originate from renewable sources by adopting low environmental impact production processes. We are proud of being part of this industrial sector which provides a clever and efficient reuse of the global meat industry by-products. Tanning is a true example of human genius in utilising waste products in order to obtain a unique, versatile, durable, strong and comfortable material: LEATHER. Our responsibility toward the environment and our stakeholders is our first and foremost priority and this responsibility and duty guides all our decisions.


We are highly aware of the importance of a rational use of natural resources and our company has been engaged in several activities related to environmental sustainability.



We owe an ETP- Effluent Treatment Plant, thus we do not use the public purifier system. Our ETP uses cutting-edge technology to treat every kind of wastewater. It has been further improved with a new system of micro-filtering membranes to eliminate the use of CO2 from the purification process.

The quantity required per m2 of hide has been reduced, due to several factors: new tanning recipes, a more efficient management of the stocks plus innovations made to the purification plant have allowed a reduction in chemical products for water treatment.



We have achieved, over the last three years, a result of

We replaced most of the traditional light bulbs with longer-lasting, energy efficient LED lights.  Walls and ceilings have been repainted in bright colours in order to improve the appearance and brightness of the work environment.

+2% of recycled waste This is the result of continuous improvements in waste reduction, in the recycling process and in the identification of alternative waste treatment methods to avoid landfill.


In 2012, we invested in a co-generation system powered by renewable sources to produce the energy required for the entire production plant. A heat recovery system connected to the co-generator generates the thermal energy required to heat the water which is used in the entire industrial premises. Fuel used for the co-generation system is pure vegetable oil and is not chemically modified. It allows energy to be produced with minimal environmental impact has low emissions, thereby reducing carbon dioxide: the main cause of global warming. Today we produce 100% of our energy requirements, both electrical and thermal. We supply the surplus green energy to our community.

OUR GOALS in 2017-2019 We produced 19.763.109 kWh of green energy We produced 4.020.240 kWh of thermal heating, saving 675.670 Liters of LPG The total amount of CO2 saved in 3 years was 7685 Tons


SUPPORTING THE HEALTH SYSTEM & CHARITABLE INITIATIVES We have been supporting the public health system over the years with several charitable initiatives. These are usually undertaken before Christmas and continue through the middle of the following year.




We donated our Christmas gifts budget for the purchase of a minivan worth 60,000 euros to support a project promoted by the Cooperativa Moby Dick. They are an association who provide services to disabled people.

We donated to the Veneto Institute of Oncology and publicly involved our partners and clients in an awareness campaign about the institute activities to tackle this terrible disease.

We promoted a fundraising event for the BAMBIMBULANZA, an ambulance specifically designed for kids, organised by the Vicenza for Children Association. The aim of the association is to create an environment suitable for a child even when hospitalized.

SUPPORTING YOUTH SPORTS We financially support two local football teams and consider youth sport as a way to educate young people and help guide them towards a satisfactory social life. Through unified sport and teamwork young people are able to share values and knowledge and to develop socially and positively.

COMPANY WELFARE INITIATIVES We believe that we have a huge role to play in sustaining our employees and their families.



We have introduced pre-paid cards for employees to use in authorised bars, restaurants and local shops. This much appreciated initiative is a real and easily expendable contribution to all our workers for the daily shopping. Â It is determined based on the number of days worked and is also used as an incentive against absenteeism.

We have taken out an insurance and assistance policy for our employees in response to the Covid-19 emergency. It offers a package of benefits following a confirmed diagnosis of the infection: a daily and convalescence allowance and a package of guarantees of post-hospitalization assistance to help with the recovery of health and with the family household management.


From quality to safety, we believe system certifications are a tool to improve our work management. We hold the following certifications and are dedicated to maintaining these standards.

ISO 9001 Certification of the quality management system.

ISO 14001 Certification of the quality management system. Expected for Y2020

ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems. Expected fot Y2021

MARCHETTO PELLAMI SPA Via Quinta Strada 19/21 36071 Arzignano (VI) ITALY Tel. +39 0444 450977 info@marchettopellami.com www.marchettopellami.com

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Marchetto Pellami. Our goals for sustainability  

Tanning is a true example oh human genius in utilising meat industry by-products in order to obtain a unique, versatile, durable, strong and...

Marchetto Pellami. Our goals for sustainability  

Tanning is a true example oh human genius in utilising meat industry by-products in order to obtain a unique, versatile, durable, strong and...


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