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The Ugly, the Gross, and the Delicious You know that delicious cheeseburger you ate? To many foreigners, it might not be such an amazing meal. WHY FOOD IS THE WAY IT IS All over the world people are eating different foods in some cases those meals might seem disgusting to you and me but be a delicacy where it is from. A great example of this is Cabeza de Cordero from Spain. It is a dish ser ed i a la ’s head that i ludes the rai , tongue, and eyes all intact. You might be thinking , e disgusti g, ut to the it is a great eal so much so that it is considered rude not to accept the eyeballs if they are offered to you. A lot of times this is the case because of how different cultures evolved and adapted so that they can live off what is available. Another good example of this is in Sweden where they eat a lot of reindeer meat because it is very easy to get in their country so to them it is like cows in America. Another food enjoyed in Sweden is pickled herring.

is from Mexico is the stink bug. In some regions of Mexico they are called Jumil and are eaten alive. Another dish they enjoy is escamoles. They are the eggs of ants they are treasured because of their cottage cheese like consistency and buttery flavor (Stranan).

Caption provided by (Setchfield) This is the Mexican delicacy Escamoles If you go to Belize, you might end up enjoying bamboo chicken which despite the name is not actually chicken it is Igua a eat, ut I ould ’t re o end this dish because the animal it comes from is critically endangered.

caption provided by (Wood) The picture above is of pickled herring popular dish in Sweden. It is a fairly self-explanatory dish it is herring that has been pickled the way this came to be is because they have access to a lot of herring, and they needed it to last longer, so they pickled it, and now it is revered as an amazing food choice. FOOD FROM OTHER COUNTRIES There are many different foods from all over the world, and I am going to tell you a few of them. One dish that

Caption provided by (Zoo) This is a picture of an Iguana or bamboo chicken would you really want to eat this beautiful creature. In Asia, you might have an amazing meal of camel tendons. It is a boiled gelatinous mixture that is popular in Asia (Stranan).


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The ugly, the gross, and the delicous