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SpongeBob SquarePants Origins

10,25,2013 By: Aaron Aguilar

Do you ever wonder why the show ͞SpongeBob SquarePants͟ is so interesting no matter how many times you watch the episode, then you can learn about SpongeBob and his origins below!

ABOUT NICKELODEON: Nickelodeon is now in its 34th year of entertaining children with much more joyful years to come. Nickelodeon has made a worldwide television system by putting kids first in everything it does. Nickelodeon is watched in more than one hundred million households, and is the number one television show on a basic cable network for SIXTEEN YEARS (Hampp)! SpongeBob SquarePants origins go back to 1993, and was created by Stephen Hillenburg a Cartoon Worker/Marine Biologist who was also the producer of a show called Rocko’s Modern Life at this time. When Rocko’s Modern Life was discontinued in 1996 he began working on SpongeBob and partnered up with a director named Derek Drymon. He worked on lots of entertaining shows like Hey Arnold! . In 1999 Stephen Hillenburg along with other workers that made Rocko’s Modern Life switched to SpongeBob (Hillenburg)! In 1999, May, 1 the first episode Help Wanted/Reef Blower aired right after the 1999 Nick Kids Choice Awards. During this time Rugrats was the show with all the popularity at the time. It had that kind of comedy that people really liked, and it was a good show. When SpongeBob was aired it was expected to be one of those shows that would just come and go in a flash. After a year of it airing it became the highest rated show on Nickelodeon. SpongeBob became so successful because of the way it was presented. SpongeBob made adults and children both laugh. Both kids and adults would understand the quirky jokes and dialogue. In 2000 SpongeBob opened up the way for more shows like Fairly OddParents . The show focused on humor like SpongeBob only making the plot of the show much more intense and dramatic. Despite their try SpongeBob still stayed in the top ratings, but it’s second in the highest rated shows.

2003 through 2004 was the worst time for SpongeBob. Constant re-takes made people impatient, and they left. This all caused SpongeBob to have some of its lowest ratings ever. Many fans began thinking that the show would end. Once the SpongeBob movie was released it was a hit, and pulled in eighty-six MILLION DOLLARS. After the movie it was announced that the show would continue. (Heintjes) SpongeBob continued with a season five for all the fans asking for it. Since then SpongeBob’s appearance and voice changed, but most fans have come to appreciate it. SpongeBob has a great career that will do better with the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 2 coming to theaters late 2014 (Tibbit).

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Spongebob sqarepants origins  
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