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The Majestic Gummy Bear

ed yet another spree for candy in Germany and soon enough, other countries. His licorice wheels became Did you know that gummy bears can actually help yet another favorite sweet from Hans. Not only did your teeth rather than destroy them? Recent studies they taste delicious, but they also helped your teeth show that gummy bears contain xylitol that help pre- by helping them fight enamel using xylitol preventvent tooth decay and cavities. As you might know, ing them from getting cavities and from rotting! Its the gelatinous confectionary named the, gummy almost like eating McDonalds without getting fat! bear, is a candy that is liked by many people all over Well, I hope that you learned something interesting the world. But what you might not know is its histo- from this article about the yummy sweet. Thanks for ry in the making. The first gummy bear was created reading! by a German candy maker toying around with different ingredients in his backyard laundry room/kitchen by the name of Hans Riegel. Hans was born in Friesdorf, Germany in 1893. After WW1 ended, he partnered with a company named Heinen in BonnKessench which inspired him to want to open up a company of his own. So in 1920, he did. He bought a house in Bergstrasse, Kennich which was a suburb at the time in Bonn. He had made candy already so after a while, he was ready to name his company. He used the first two letters of his first and last name and also the first two of the place he live, Bonn. So he took the HA in Hans, the RI in Riegel and BO from Bonn. Putting the initials together they spelled HARIBO which he then took to the trade registry and that became the company name. Two years later in 1922, Hans created the first gummy product, the Dancing Bear. Inspired by the trained bears in many festivities, these gummies were larger than today’s Gold-Bears, Haribo’s most popular sweet. Quickly following, he created the Sweet Devils and they became almost as popular as the Dancing Bears! After a while, they decided it was time to invest on a new way to make money. So in 1923, (1 year after he created the Dancing Bear) he bought the first company car. Him and his wife, Gertrud, would tour around Kessench selling his yummy product to people who would want to buy them. Before they bought their car, his wife Gertrud (who was also the first employee in his business) would tour around on a bicycle selling candy like a newspaper boy. Production and money was going up higher day after day, and then he created something that blew many people’s minds…licorice! His licorice creation start-

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History of the majestic gummy bear