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IrfanView User Guide Introduction: IrfanView is an image editing program available on the network and also free to download at It has a number of features such as basic image/video editing, image manipulation and image correction but its main benefit is the ability to batch convert and rename images.

Location: IrfanView is accessible by opening Start -> All Programs -> Core Programs -> IrfanView.

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Batch Conversion There are times when images are taken from cameras in resolutions that are not needed and take up unnecessary space. Batch conversion can be used to quickly convert these images to file types such as jpegs/Gifs that are smaller in size and in most cases the quality is unnoticeable. Before conversion it’s recommended to do the following steps to make the process as smooth as possible.

Make sure you have: 1. Images are taken off the source such as camera or website. 2. Have all current images in their own folder ie: Camera Photo’s 3. A newly created empty folder such as Converted Photos.

Batch Conversion Process 1. First step to converting a file is accessing the Batch conversion window this is done by navigating to File -> Batch conversion/rename.

2. Before adding the pictures to the input files on the left hand side the folder containing the images will need to be opened in the explorer window located on the right.

3. After this the user can use the Add all button to list the files to be modified. The images names and locations will then be shown on the left hand side, it’s useful to check this now to save time and make any adjustments that may be needed such as removing unnecessarily images/duplicates etc.

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Before the files can be converted its recommended to adjust some settings. Using the browse radio button next to Output Directory, select the empty folder created previously. The Output Directory will need to be changed each time IrfanView is opened otherwise the default directory C:\redminds will be used.

5. Other settings that are useful to modify is the save options for the specified file type. JPEG is a recommended file type to use due its small size and compatibility. Using the Options radio button in Output format will show the current quality of the image when converted. The bigger the quality the larger the overall size will be and vice versa. Other advanced settings can be changed in this window but it’s recommended to leave the default values.

6. Using the Start radio button on the left hand side will start the process but before clicking this button double check Batch Conversion is selected in the Work As menu.

Tips: 

Advanced Options ticking the use advanced options box will enable the advanced options window. Settings for all images can be changed here with some useful features such as Delete Original Files after Conversion and Overwrite Existing files to think about. Individual Files highlighting a selection of images using windows commands such as ctrl + click and shift + click. Then using the Add button to quickly add and convert a selection of images if needed.

Batch Rename Process

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1. Follow steps 1 to 3 on the Batch Conversion Process and add all files that need renaming to the left hand column.

2. Select the Batch Rename selection in Work As to enable the Set Rename options.

3. Using the Batch Rename Settings window input a name pattern that will be used for all pictures when renaming. “###” shown at the end of the pattern by default will allow IrfanView to use a 3 digit numbered scheme.

4. Leaving the default selection “Copy input files to output directory” will leave the current selected images with the their original names and create a copy of them in the output directory/folder, these will then have the naming pattern provided.

5. After all the settings have been configured using the Start radio button on the left will start and complete the process for you.

Tips: 

Batch rename Settings – Selecting the Rename input files and Overwrite Existing files may be useful for folders that have fewer images. Using these features will edit the current images instead of creating new separate ones.

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