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Grand Canyon South Rim Helicopter Coupons By Marc Gaspian | Need Grand Canyon South Rim helicopter promo codes or coupons? Believe it or not, the companies that operate the tours have the best ones. Some up to 35 percent off! Here's how you find them and secure that discount price. The key to getting the best deal is to understand the very odd relationship between tour operators and the middlemen who represent them. Examples of middlemen include travel specialists, hotel concierges, and locally based ticket re-sellers. Tour operators contract these folks in order to get their products in front of more people. The agreement is straightforward: Brokers get tours at wholesale prices and have to sell them at a suggested retail price. In actuality, the broker is free to sell the ticket at the highest price he can get as long as he doesn't go below retail. Brokers are also free to market tours as they see fit. Examples of this include: 1. Bundling the tour with other offers like food, entertainment, and timeshares. 2. Promising special seating (impossible - helicopter seating depends upon weight). 3. Upselling you to a higher priced tour (higher commissions). 4. Charging you their "service" fees. How do you beat these pitfalls? Buy direct from the tour operator, the company that actually owns and operates the helicopters and hires and pays the pilots. Take Papillon Helicopters. They are the biggest Grand Canyon helicopter sightseeing company in the world. They're also the leader in low prices. Here are examples of them offering incredibly low promotional pricing on their website: 1. North Canyon Tour. Basic South Rim flight. Leaves from Grand Canyon Airport. Flight takes you to the North Rim and Back. Lists for $169. Web promotional price: $133.

2. The Majestic. This is the upgrade version of the North Canyon. Fly aboard a state-ofthe-art EcoStar 130 (stadium seats, Fenestron quiet-flight technology, 25% larger cabin). Retails for $191. Sells online for $158. 3. Grand Canyon Deluxe with Helicopter. There are no direct helicopter flights from Las Vegas to the South Rim. You've got to board a fixed-wing airplane and take a 45-minute flight to the South Rim. Retails for $458. Sells online for $360. 4. South Rim Bus w/ Helicopter. The other option for Las Vegas travelers. Bus departs each morning and arrives at Grand Canyon Airport before noon. Retails for $289. Sells online for $190. No broker I researched comes close to Papillon's online deals. Similarly for Maverick and Sundance, the other big companies that form the helicopter tour market triumvirate. It's clear to me: Tour operators want your travel dollar. Buy from them and you'll be rewarded with deep discounts. Before you book, here are some quick facts you should know about South Rim helicopter tours: - They depart from Grand Canyon Airport in Tusayan, AZ, which is 10 miles south from the National Park's main entrance. - Flights run all year including holidays. - Do your best to secure a flight in the morning as you may have to reschedule due to prevailing weather conditions. - Typical South Rim flights start over the Kaibab Plateau and beeline into the Dragoon Corridor, the widest, deepest part of the Canyon, before looping back at the North Rim. - Flights last around 30 minutes. - Charter flights are available. If you've read this far you now have a good idea how to find and redeem coupons for Grand Canyon helicopter flights to the South Rim. And remember: Buy direct from the tour operator and book it online. Let these easy steps guide you and you'll get a quality helicopter tour at a ridiculously low price. #30#

Grand Canyon South Rim Helicopter Coupons  

Never pay full price for helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon's South Rim. Operators want your business and will reward you with cheap fligh...

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