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Keeping You From Overspending

“Why am I always broke?� With debit cards, carrying cash is a thing of the past. But it also makes it easier to spend blindly. Our goal is to visually make you aware of your spending habits.

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Online Banking Statement Date



Map Your Statement

12/02/09 $253.00

Purchase Kroger Grocery Atlanta, GA 5362985898514 11/28/09

“Where Did My Money Go?”

12/03/09 $175.06

Purchase Exxon Gas Athens, GA 2145124528796 12/01/09

12/03/09 $358.04

Purchase Urban Outfitters Los Angeles, CA 9815726589322 12/01/09

12/04/09 $165.06

Purchase Apres Diem Atlanta, GA 6585658974512 12/02/09

12/06/09 $200.00

Withdrawal South Termin Atlanta, GA 2152487854698 12/06/09

12/06/09 $75.00

Purchase Roger’s Atlanta, GA 5465856856884 12/04/09

12/07/09 $86.03

Purchase Noche Atlanta, GA 2125478956565

Just about everyone recieves a bank statement in the mail. It can be hard to recognize all the places you’ve been. Teaming up with Google Maps shows you exactly where you’ve spent your money. The total you’ve spent that month and year is displayed under the image.

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12/2009: $165.06 Year-To-Date : $1,204.09

QR Coded Sign

“Clipping Coupons is So Last Century� QR coded signs are hung in restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores and other hotspots. By taking a snapshot of the sign with your smart phone, a list of coupons will appear on your screen.

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When your Check Card is swiped, the coupon code is processed along with your card number. The amount of money you save from your coupons is then displayed on your online account.

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sarah Social Advertising is eating a free appetizer @ Outback Steakhouse. 6 minutes ago from web

“I just got free stuff!” When you accept a coupon, it’s automatically uploaded to your Twitter and Facebook pages so you can tell all your friends.

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Interactive, QR Codes

SunTrust Bank  

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