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CTP de San Isidro de Heredia


Topic: Idiomatic expressions

Student: Marcela Gutiérrez Méndez

Teacher: Karla Rivera

Section: 12-5

Year: 2018

1. Hold your tongue Meaning: It means that you shouldn’t talk. Translation: “Aguanta tu lengua” Examples:  

Hold your tongue when I tell you something. Elisa Hold her tongue and she don´t tell the secret

2. Tickled pink: Meaning: Made very happy. Translation: La hace feliz Example:  

She was Tickled pink by the good news He was Tickled pink when he see his girlfriend

3. A piece of cake: Meaning: Very easy Translation: Algo está muy fácil. Example:  

This assignment is a piece of cake The exam is a piece of cake

4. Hands Down: Meaning: There was no competition Translation: No hay competencia Examples: 

You were hands down the best player on the team

5. An arm and a leg: Meaning: It is extremely expensive Translation: Es extremadamente caro. Example:  

This shirt costs an arm and a leg This Tv costs an arm and a leg

6. Pulling your leg: Meaning: Just joking Translation: Solo una broma Examples: 

No, I was just pulling your leg

7. When pigs fly: Meaning: Never Translating: Algo que nunca va a pasar Examples: 

I will clean my room when pigs fly

8. Greek to me: Meaning: I don’t understand Translation: No entender algo Example: 

It’s greek to me

9. In the same boat: Meaning: All of us are in the same position. Translation: Ponernos en la misma posición. Examples: 

We’re all in the same boat

10. Close, but no cigar: Meaning: You were very close, but you did not make it. Translation: Estar muy cerca de algo, pero no lograrlo Examples: 

Casi ganas la carrera, estuviste cerca, pero no lo lograste.

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