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W Somerset Maugham Rain Introduction in the following proposal, we will present a story related with love, religion and value problems that can be seen daily. the following story is based on the second war period, when U.S. send some missionaries and military forces to occupy different islands for evangelizing and take under control of them. The story hooks you, in terms of the plot, the way it is narrated. We think this could be a good movie because of the following criteria: 1) The story: The story is well written, it contains interesting drama with some serious topics that can teach the audience about history, love, values, commitment, etc. 2) The audience: People will feel hook about the story. It contains an old english vocabulary and you can understand some customs people had. 3)

Characters Dr Macphail: that he had very red hair,with a bald patch on the crown, and the red, freckled skin which accompanies red hair; he was a man of forty, thin, with a pinched face, precise and rather pedantic; and he spoke with a Scots accent in a very low, quiet voice. Mrs Dadivson: she was a little woman,,with brown,dull hair, elaborately arranged, and she has prominent blue eyes. she has a high tone of voice. Mr Horn: he s the trader that rented some rooms for the visitor. Miss Sadie Thompson: She is a young prostitute. She is 27 years old. She is going to Apia,because she has got a job as a cashier in a restaurant.(we Don’t know it that was real)

Setting The story is based on the period when Americans sent christian missionaries and military forces to take control of some islands in south pacific. They all are going to Apia with a stop in PagoPago. They were travelling in a ship called Schooner when suddenly a epidemic of measles forced them to land and spend some days at Pago-Pago. After this, the story is centered in the house of a trader where Miss Thompson and Mister Davidson start to develop the story. Plot

It was on of the rainiest periods on the island of Pago-pago. The Macphails and the Davidsons were christian missionaries. They have travelled around different island, and after twelve moths on sailing they will land at PAGO-PAGO. When they disembark, they were informed there is an epidemic of measles in the Schooner (name of the ship) . The man was put in hospital. They thought they will have to stay in the island for 10 days during this Quarantine. there is no hotel in the island, but they are informed about a trader with some rooms available which was 5 minutes from the wharf. After the Davidsons and Macphails prepared their rooms, while, the quartermaster asked the trader for another room for a second-class passenger, miss Thompson. Sadie Thompson is a young prostitute on the ship and she is also travelling to Apia. After that, the Davidsons and Macphails were having a chat when suddenly a sound came from the first floor, Mr Davidson felt weird about it. Next morning, they all were in the first floor when miss Thompson showed up. At first sight,Mrs Davidson thought she was not suitable dressed; they only exchanged a few words when they all decided to go upstairs. That evening Mr Davidson saw the young lady was sitting with some sailors, and the thought about how she could get such a “friendship” if they had just arrived. The music is loud, men were laughing, they were all having a good time with Miss Thompson. all this was strange for Mr Davidson, and he realized what she was and the duty he had with her, to “save” her soul. He thought about having a chat with her, even when Dr Macphails recommended not to do it.

Audience The story is recommended for adults and older people (18s and above) or younger teenagers under parental control. It contains explicit language and situations.


Why you should read it ! This story, as we said before, is related to redemption. It shows that is not possible for all people. People never change, even if you try. In this case, Sadie was not able to change her lifestyle. Love and hope are the biggest influences of the story. If there is any moral, it is to look for your own well-being. Also, it shows a reality that was common in that years.

Conclusion The idea to do the movie is to do a remake of the book. The story will be in the present year, with

a prostitute and a catholic couple in New York.

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