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Obsessed by Creation

Our mission is creation

A bag is a bag A bag is a tag A bag is a sign A bag is a story A bag is a home A bag is a place A bag is your space

Your bag is for carrying, keeping, hiding and organizing. In your bag you carry whatever you like. A bag is a solution – efficient and useful. A bag is full of meaning – it makes sense. A bag is a bag. Your bag carries not only your things – it carries your identity. A bag is a tag of identification. Your bag leaves a mark, a sign. You show the world who you are, and you communicate your statement of style.

You have a story. Your bag carries your story. It is a baggage room of past and almost forgotten events, a backpack of everyday life, adventures and experiences. In your bag the new beginnings wait to unfold. And your bag has a story. A global story: It is designed in Denmark. Handsewn in Warszaw with the old, strong, Polish tradition for workmanship. It is made

of hand-carved leather from Santa Croce and finally provided with zippers, buckles, chains and appendages manufactured in our own workshops. A global bag. The Adax bag originates from a family tradition of creating bags. For more than 25 years we have designed and made bags for people all over the world. For us each and every bag is a new bag – and a recreation, a rediscovery,

a reinvention of what a bag is. Each and every bag is a challenge. Whenever we create a bag we build on the history of bags – while dreaming of creating the ultimate bag! The art of Adax is the art of creating bags. Our mission is creation. Your bag is a home for the nomad, a safe where you keep your life, your stories, your secrets and memories. A bag is a diary - if it is open,

it reveals your dreams and thoughts. It is a life-container. Your bag is a way to make a place. In a world where borders fly between home and work, between countries and functions you are a nomad – moving around, building, creating and exchanging life stories. You make yourself visible by constructing your own place. A bag is a place. And a bag is a space. Adax

creates your space. You capture it. You can move into your bag, possess it and hold on to it. You decide what your space contains. We frame life – you live life. Your bag is your space for pleasure. Enjoy the space – we enjoy creating it. We are obsessed. Obsession is to be carried away – to get lost in a universe not wanting ever to leave it again. We are obsessed by creation.

Obsessed about creating bags to obsess you. A bag is an obsession. A bag is a bag, a tag, a sign and a story. A bag is a home, and a bag is a place. Your bag is your space.

Obsessed by Creation

Adax is an international House of Creation. We create bags, belts, scarves, shoes and much more to obsess you. Around the world, people are dedicated to working on designing, producing, storing, selling and developing the Adax creations. Find us We have offices in Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Russia, the UK and Switzerland.

Adax´s Head Office is located in Denmark Vestre Hedevej 18 DK 4000 Roskilde Phone us Tel. +45 4344 4410 Fax. +45 4344 4420 Email us Email: Web: Join us Become a member of our club, The Adax Institute. Sign up at

Take good care of your bag Your Adax bag is handmade from the finest Italian leather. The full grain leather is treated in accordance with traditional organic tanning methods, which guarantee the unique quality and appearance of your bag. Regular care with a quality leather cream will keep the leather in peak condition and prolong the life of your Adax bag. No harmful chemicals have been used in the production of this natural product.

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2 years guarantee 2 Jahre Garantie

Guarantee card

Garantie 2 ans 2 lata gwatancji Takuu 2 vuotta

Bag book  

The bag bok is a small bog tha was develop for live inside og each Adax bag

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