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To act, naturally!


Marcello Bosschar presents his new workshop: “To act, naturally!� An exploration on the art of Naturalism on stage.

=< Copenhagen, Autumn 2013 >=

Curriculum In this new workshop we will investigate tools available for actors, when constructing a character or preparing for an audition/play. Such tools are: •


“Emotional memory”

“Personalization on the characterization process”

Body/space awareness

The study of naturalism

The “What if” approach

“Voice at the service of the performance”

“The elements” and the chemistry on stage.

The Power of the present on stage

The objectives of this workshop are to: -

Investigate Stanislavski, Stella Adler, Peter Brook and Ivanna Chubbuck’s studies


Unlock the voice of the actor: Strengthening and clearing the voice from unwanted blockages


Understand the importance of exchanging on stage: Being affected by your partner, the text, etc.


Open up actor’s the creative mind


Introduce the thoughts of great Theater Masters on the art of acting


Turn a performance into something special and powerful: As opposed to fake and superficial.

Some examples of the authors/theater Masters we will be investigating are: Stanislavski Rudolf laban Peter Brook Ivana Chubbuck Ariane Mnouchkine

The workshop combines theoretical preparation with supervised scenes / scenarios / training / exercise. Each session will be inspired by one or more themes. Some examples of themes that will be explored in this workshop are:  "The art of listening"  "The art of 'being'”  "The art of personalizing a character"  "The art of pretending (what if)"  "The art of playing"  "The art of speaking" The experience of this workshop will help participants to / develop the following skills / provide tools to: ●

Understand the complexities of composing a character

Control her/his feelings on stage

Control her/his physical expressions on stage

Allow her/himself to enjoy the experience of being on stage

“Play” with her/his partners (in life, on stage, at work)

“Bring home” a series of exercises which should be used as part of their personal development

Get to know in depths about some of the greatest Theater Masters of our time.

Instructor: Marcello Bosschar Educational head (coordination, methods, techniques, teaching) email: For the past 8 years Bosschar has taught at The Commedia School and runs Private workshops within a diverse range of themes, connected to The Art of Acting both in Europe and Brazil. He is frequently invited to offer workshops in Companies such as Novo Nordisk and has Directed Plays in West Africa, Brazil, Copenhagen, Finland and Sweden. In Brazil, he won an award for Best Contemporary Production of 2003 with his Play “The Year of the Rabbit” and currently works with Kim Fupz on his Screenplay “Høj og Lav”.

Learning methods and materials: ●

On-site curriculum leaded by Marcello Bosschar in a two hour class (kl.19-21) of every session;

Eventual Homework ○

The participants will receive photocopied/scanned text with enough time in advance. The texts will be a diverse mix of both contemporary and classic approaches to acting. The text will define the theme of the upcoming session

The text needs to be read before the upcoming session.

Prerequisites: •

A deep curiosity and willingness to dive into the investigation on the art of acting is a must.

This workshop is designed to accommodate participants with previous education/experience in theater.

Practical details/registration: •

The workshop will run in 8 Wednesdays from September 25thth to November 13th kl.1921.

Venue: Still to be confirmed, depending on the number of participants.

Number of participants: 13-17.

Participation cost: 1,200 kroner

For registration: o Please contact Marcello Bosschar on 45- 31568611 or o Registrations close September 11th. Or whenever the maximum number of

participants has been reached. o Please note that a deposit of Dkr.500.00 will be asked upfront to reserve your

space and the rest of the payment must be completed by September 11th

Looking forward to seeing you all again!

///End of document & CU soon! ////

To act, naturally!  

A new workshop investigating naturalism, from Stanislavski to Ivanna Chubbuck. By Marcello Bosschar

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