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Green Card Allows You To Settle Permanently In USA

Methods To Obtain Green Card For foreign nationals to settle permanently in US, green card is the official permit. US immigration processes can be lengthy and cumbersome, without assistance of immigration lawyers. To avoid delays, you should hire the services of experienced attorney who has the expertise and skills to successfully get visa approvals in the first go.

They advise clients on important legal matters and represent them in the court of law. They help immigrants in obtaining carte verte (green card). Green card holders retain the citizenship of the home country as well. Green card is granted for 10 years and it can be renewed by filing renewal application. There are different methods to obtain green card and your immigration lawyer can best assist you with the type of category, you are most eligible for.

Importance Of Carte Verte Carte Verte (green card) allows immigrants to reside in the US and work for any employer of their choice. It can be obtained by marrying an American citizen or through family ties with a green card holder or through the lottery, or by investing one million dollars and employing 10 American citizens or permanent residents.

As immigration laws are complex and have showcased constant changes, assistance of seasoned immigration lawyer helps you to obtain green card They help immigrants at each step of the process and successfully handle requests for visas on behalf of their clients. They follow a clear work approach and keep the clients well informed about the immigration laws.

About Visa Investisseur Investor visa is the type of visa that is increasingly in demand by people who want to make their dream of living in US a reality. 

The professional approach to work of immigration lawyers help you to get visa investisseur (investor visa) with least discomfort. 

Investor visas require individuals to invest a substantial amount of money in an active business and this amount must be equivalent to at least 50% of the monies required to establish the business. 

The investment must create employment for American citizens.

Marcelle Poirier - Expert Immigration Attorney Immigration lawyers remain updated about the latest changes in the immigration laws and how these updates can affect your status, thus providing expert help. 

Marcelle Poirier has been working as an immigration attorney for many years. She provides excellent assistance to clients and guides them throughout the process. 

She and her team work with complete dedication and have a highly success track record of visa approvals. 

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Green Card Allows You To Settle Permanently In USA  

To Get Green Card and Visa Investisseur, hire the services of experienced immigration attorney. Contact Marcelle Poirier today!

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