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27 July – 24 August 2014

Abruzzo (Italy)


of Archaeology

The summer school of archaeology in Abruzzo is an academic program offered by University of Pisa in collaboration with Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici dell’Abruzzo.

OBJECTIVES The aim of this programme is to increase awareness and competencies about archaeological and methodological issue. The school will provide all participant a deep Knowledge of European archaeology with particular focus on Italian archaeology.

THE PROGRAMME The course will be 4 week and it will be articulated in three main parts to provides students with theoretical knowledge and methodological tools: Lectures, Laboratory, Field-activity.

Lectures will focus on : method and techniques of archaeology geomorphological and landscape

analysis of sites Itc applications on archaeological data archeometry  prehistoric archaeology roman archaeology Experimental archaeology Laboratory activities will allow students to develop their competence on : Procedures

for cleaning, consolidation, restoration, labeling, inventory and cataloguing of materials Graphic, photographic and written documentation the digital processing of the acquired data

Field-activities will be carried out in two different sites S.Stefano (5800-5400 b.C.) is an open air site, situated in the north-west corner of Fucino basin. Materials and radiocarbon dating allow to collocate the site in the Impressed Wear culture of Adriatic early Neolithic.

Alba Fucens was an ancient Italic town at the foot of Monte Velino. The site was occupied by a Roman colony (304 BC) owing to its strategic importance.

housed in a guest-

FEES AND INFO The Summer School lasts 4 weeks. From 27 July to 24 August Fees : 2150 Euro. Cost includes the school activity, accommodation and meals. International travel and all other than not specified are not included.

Please fill the application form for the registration at: -abruzzo/. Deadline 20 Jun 2014

CREDITS: ďƒ˜ Certificate of participation ďƒ˜ Overall load of 280 hours of activities corresponding to 10 ECTS


Summer Schhol Of Archaeology In Abruzzo

Students will be house.


Summer school - Unipi  
Summer school - Unipi