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CREATIVITY, AUTONOMY, FUNCTION IN ARCHITECTURE ARCHTHEO ’13 Conference Proceedings December 4-6, 2013 Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University



The Creative Process of Art and Architecture Meets in The PublicSpace Marcella Bellistri

This paper aims to highlight how the design of urban public space, in the contemporary history of art and architecture, has united the creative experience of artists and architects. On the one hand, since the 60s, there has been a progressive tendency by some artists for creative experimentation in open “three- dimensional space”, outside the confines of art galleries. And in fact, the work of some artists such as Richard Long, Christo and Devid Oppenheim, exponents of Minimal Art and Land-Art, has resulted in experiments that have taken action in the field of “external environment”. Through the use of primary forms, these artists have operated with the main purpose of critically modifying the reading of outside space. On the other hand, architects, called upon to intervene to restore the centrality of public spaces at the margins of social life, are pushed ever closer to reconsider the creative process of their projects and to use art as a meta-language of communication between social-behaviour and architecture. Since the 80s there has been a real tendency for architects to redevelop city spaces through a new interest in the poetic charge of the design. Just the need to redevelop the existing city, with the increasing speed in which we are witnessing the disposal of areas, the project of public urban space is called to improve the physical quality of the old and degraded quarters.

Abstract Archteo 2013 / III  
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