Sustainability Improvement Measures in the Oil and Gas Industry

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Marcel Kooter


Circular Economy

SUSTAINABILITY IMPROVEMENT MEASURES IN THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY Oil and gas are non-renewable natural resources. As such, the oil and gas industry is under pressure to introduce sustainability measures to ensure future production while also working to

help clean up the environment. In recent years, technology has helped to provide environmental protection and production viability.

Increased Transparency Some of the larger oil and gas companies that have previously come under scrutiny for their environmental policies have now adopted increased transparency strategies in regard to their operations. Companies such as Pioneer and ExxonMobil have recently begun to publish sustainability reports, sharing data on carbon emissions and investment in renewables.

Recycling Initiatives Another area in which oil and gas companies are working to help protect the environment is through recycling. This includes converting used oil into diesel fuel and recycling waste water.

Environmental Management Systems Some oil and gas companies have come together with governments to introduce environmental management systems, whereby industrial development plans are created with a focus on the potential impact on the environment, including the impact on water, soil and ecosystems in areas around new planned operations.

Marcel Kooter

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