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All rights reserved © 1993 - 1999 B-Boy Gear® by Ballarin Bros

Since 1993 (Catalog cover)


Started out as a printed t-shirts (early collection 1994-95)

Tees various designs


Street croissant (1996)

Early studios and shop (1993 - 95)

Fashion fair (1995)

First collection - Ghetto soul train (1994)

Early Old skool designs (1995)

Cuba and Daily Life collection (1996)

"Wildstyle" B design (1995)

Kungfu design (1995)

Argh Shit design (1995)

Sax and Funky Drummer design (1995)

Mood board (1997)

Mood Collage (1997)

Tees (1997)

Early shop display (1995)

Shop display (1995)

Early punk mixed hiphop design (1996)

Superhero collection prints (1996)

Daily Life print (1997)

Space print logo (1997)

Police horse print

Socks design (1995)



Assesories Belt


Hooded sweat Embroided Breakdancer (1998)

Jeans design (1998)

Jeans (1999)

Jeans back detail

Jeans details

printed SL1200 tee

Track suit (1999)

Track suit front (grey-red pipelines embroidery)

Track suit back (Velour-fur-golden embroidery)

Trainers (1999)

Various production sketches

Cuba collection sketch

The eyeball with hat (outline)

Eyeball with hat (1996)

Various logos 1


Color codes sketch

Various logos 2

Space collection design

Color codes

Sl 1200 design (1995)

The sax (1994)

Living in a box (daily life design 1996)

The Sonic Balm (1996)

Rocky Space (1996)

Las Vegas style (1997)

Scratch letters (1998)

Funky scratsh huh! (sketch design 1998)

Daily Life collection (catalog cover)

Foreword (Daily Life collection 1997)

Production design

Production design 2

Production design jacket, model Cinema

Workwear jacket

Early jacket design

Catalog back agent

B-Boy Gear 1993 -1999 (RIP)

B- Boy gear retrospective (1993 1999)  

Streetwear designs from Copenhagen , Denmark. 1993 to 1999. Made by the Ballarin Bros.

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