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"Be a traveler, not a tourist" Authentic traveling experiences in local community hoseholds.

Why traveling with UPE Places

UPE places “Be a traveler, not a tourist” Why we do what we do? In UPE we create connections between world´s travelers and local communities, to generate social impact and shared value. What is UPE? UPE is an Enterprise focused in generating valuable connections between travelers and local community people, fostering development through coexistence and collaboration. Our Social model 80% of the generated income is destined to the households. By doing this, they can support their own endeavors for income making.

UPE places EXPERIENCES (Traveling options index)

Sustainability in Providencia de Dota About the community It is a small community based in the mountains of Costa Rica, were country households practice environment-friendly agriculture. You can find the Parque Nacional los Quetzales (Quetzals National Park), home of a great variety of birds and one of the cleanest rivers in the world. Providencia is the perfect place to relax and experience a sustainable life style.

Adventure in Monteverde About the community A place where it´s possible to live in the middle of the cloud forest. An impressive biodiversity which is palpable at its reserves and so in its household´s estate. Here it´s possible to get full of good health, relax and practice adventure sports, while supporting the national environment preservation.

SUSTAINABILITY IN PROVIDENCIA DE DOTA Description The community environment is calm, people are warm and cordial ÂĄProvidencia is also an impressive sustainability example! Almost everything that is consumed here is also produced here. This zone is perfect for forest hiking, river swimming and learning about organic culturing.

Recommended Stay: 3 days, 2 nights.


$75 per night, accommodation.






Traveling time from San JosĂŠ 2 hours 30 minutes


The majority of the houses are built using wood from the area; they are simple and comfortable houses.


3 meals and 2 snacks. Diet has lots of variety, fruits, vegetables produced in the local farms, white meat and coffee from the area. It is very common to find organic produce and the vegetarian option is available to choose.


Suggested Schedule: Bird watching tour From hummingbirds to quetzals, More than 300 bird species can be observed in their natural environs. River fishing experience Live the fishing experience learning the local people fishing techniques, in the middle of the cleanest river in Central America. Coffee Tour (December-March) Starting with the coffee bean harvest, continuing with the drying and grounding process of the beans and finishing with the preparation of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Note: The Price does transportation expenses.



Leader Family Mora family will always welcome you with a warm hug. While lunching together they will talk to you about Armonía Ambiental (environmental Harmony), a sustainable Project where almost everything is produced in their farm, organically; the house construction was made with ecological bricks and their clothes are cotton made, this way, when it´s shelf life expires it can go directly to the compost bin.

ADVENTURE IN MONTEVERDE Description Life in Monteverde is calm, linked to the nature and agriculture. Here you can travel around the forest while watching birds and small mammals from the hanging bridges, in the treetops or sailing in the river.

Recommended stay: : 4 days, 3 nights


$85 per night per person includes accommodations and food.

Traveling time from San José 3 hours


It has a wide variety of houses. Some of them are located in the middle of the forest, some others in the community downtown. There is Access to many services and internet connection.


3 meals and 2 snacks are offered. Costa Rican breakfast with fruit, gallopinto and Monteverde coffee. Lunch consists of the local famous “casado”: Meat with rice, beans plantain and green salad as siding.


Suggested Schedule Forest Hike Paths that allow you to appreciate the zone biodiversity, crossing the forest´s natural bridges. Costa Rican Cuisine Learn how to prepare gallopinto, homemade tortillas and the traditional “casado”. Bird Watching A chance to watch over 500 bird species from the reserve. Adittional tours you can book: • Canopy • Rafting • Horse back ridin Leader Family Doña Mireya´s family is the main driver of the Santuario Ecológico (Ecologic Sanctuary), an estate found at the forest boundaries, from here you can walk on the river´s canyon and cross natural bridges, watch birds and exotic plants until you reach the Pacific Ocean viewpoint.

“Be a traveler not a tourist�

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